Monday, October 06, 2008

Tagged-Obsessions and Confessions

So IHM has tagged me regards my 'obsessions'..ummm do I need tell? For what has all the evidence been pointing towards over the years:
*Ive been said to declare when friends congratulated me on my new purchase "it aint a TV if Urmila isnt dancing on it" (this when I bought my first TV and realised that the satellite connection in my BKK apartment didnt allow Indian channels).
* The only reason I finished the Phd was to prove to mom and disapproving relatives that a lifetime of watching Bollywood and TV does AMOUNT to something (Ive sneaked that somewhere in the acknowledgments ) proudest moment when an aunt finally sidled up and asked me "how I did it" know my "achievements" so which I smugly said Oh EVERYTHING I have learnt in life was courtesy Bollywood, only topped by said aunt lining up the grand children in front of the tele "now go memorize John Abraham's filmography".
* I am the one who googles for every little bit of film trivia...when Goldie Behl inferred that Karisma and Kareena were his cousins at the Drona premiere...that was me googling for the precise connection. I also have a "standing" agreement with my sister that we can wake each other up at ANY time of the night for the niggling questions of (film related) life (Neeley Neeley Amber Par is the soundtrack to ?, who went "Pallo" in a movie and ruined three years of a good crush, which one was Anita Raj and which one Amrita Singh) know the drill...what is remarkable about the "pact" is that it has survived the "great sister wars" as well...yup three weeks of ignoring each other and you can call up at 2am and get an answer to the Baazigar catchphrase.
* When someone asks me whether I want a boy or a girl...or whether I want my 'prospective children' to think of themselves as South Asians first or Aussies, all I have to say is "I wish they are healthy and really LOVE Bollywood...and yes good-mannered". They can streak their hair blonde, tattoo themselves silly and support the Aus cricket team but I will be heart broken if they shrug their shoulders and say "we really dont know what the big deal about SRK is"..
Phew and the list goes on.

When Im not watching/dreaming/living Bollywood I obsess myself with political know the magazine supplements that come out at the time of elections listing political constituencies and voting trends, they are for me. I can debate till the cows come home about small town India and shifting political alliances, why PPP is going to lose that seat in Vehari-1, and whether Sheikh Rashid and Laloo Yadav share a speech writer.

I also spend a fair amount of time deciphering my cat's facial expressions...a recent email tells me that most women actually do Im not alone.

Read my lips...I am not vacating the sofa any time soon.

And I have this funny quirk about straightening carpet tassels and putting down carpets et rugs at an angle.

Now I am supposed to pass on this tag to 8 people...I think Kiran has already done this,
so its Unmana,
Parul (if she has not already posted on this),
and the other Kiran in my life.

IHM does assure us that:
Tags are not compulsory, feel free to ignore if you don't wish to do one. But tags are also a fun & easy way to know more about your blogging friends:)


  1. The Bollywood bonding is so cool :) I am laughing. I only grew to enjoy Bollywood when my daughter dragged us to a Multiplex.
    Love 'Neeley neeley amber pe...'
    LOL @ calling your sister at 2 am, we do that too.
    WOW you enjoy political trivia!!! I read mainly about those I hate :)

    You know my kids wanted me to write my cat was my obsession! He follows me around the house and only relaxes when I pick the lap top, because that means some time of peace for him :)
    Your cat's expression in the picture is very familiar :)

  2. the pallo tragedy would be lamhe na? :)

  3. Pallo also spelt the doom of mouse-voiced Deepak Malhotra who took the name Dino fucking Martelli of all things to bury his past :D

    I am all zen here, no obsessions at all.


  4. Oh and is that your cat? Name? Adorable little fluff-ball!

  5. Heh! That was a good bollywood laugh! :)

  6. done!!!

    and OMG.
    i do that too.
    deciphering my cat's facial expressions that is!!!
    seriously.i actually feel like i can understand what he's

  7. IHM: Tut tut you waited till the arrival of the 'multiplexes' to catch on to Bollywood? My first trip to mother was aghast, here she was quizzing me which tourist icon I would be visiting first, would it be the 'ubiquitous' Jantar Mantar-Taj Mahal-Red Fort...or something off the tourist track..and I was like the cinemas watch Bolly on the big screen,oh I had tears in my eyes, Hero Number One, Gaiety (?) never forget your first time!!

    Jammie and Parul: Haan yara, Lamhe...why couldnt they have dubbed for him? Or given him testosterone shots to treat that voice!!

    Parul: Her name is Pesho (Pushto for cat...yup we have no imagination)...she is the only Aussie in a house of desis and will not let us forget it. She will obviously be banned from the living room during the Aus cricket tour of India.

    Rohini: Thanks...we aim to please!

    Khizzy: Of course...cats are intelligent creatures and speak a number of languages, it is not that difficult to understand them even if you dont speak cat.

  8. Will do it soon. Loved reading about the Bollywood bit! And hey, isn't that header picture of Guwahati?

  9. Unmana: Any compliments on my Bollywood addiction are veryyy welcome!
    Nopes, that is not GHY...its the the blog, there are pics of GHY, Shillong and Bara Pani around..somewhere.

  10. okay..i am totally with you on bollywood- although if i ever woke my sister up in the middle of the night to ask her if it was "john jaani janaDHAN or is it jonathan?" she would punch the lights out of me.

    i hate cats. no i LIKE cats.. i hate my cat. so no love for cats from me! :)
    will do this obsession thing...check tmmrw :)

  11. aneela, I guess then I haven't done too badly with Jai and Vir who are following in your and my footsteps of total commitment to SRK. Although me thinks Vir has leanings towards Deepika Padukone too and thats wny our OSO disc has burnt holes into itself

    ps: I'm back on the blog

  12. OMG: You're bollywood queen :D. Now I know where to coem for my bit of bollywood trivia. :)

    hey...your cat say: "I am bollywood queen meeoooww, NOT aneela" :D

  13. Just Call Me 'A': No, the cat has a major attitude problem and does not want to watch anything 'desi'...she does like cricket though and was up all night watching the series...Aus lost 4 wickets so I didnt mind that!!
    Rads: Haan bhai, kudos to you...raised the kids well!!!

  14. Call anytime for Bollywood trivia. Plus with you on the carpet thing.

  15. The Bollywood obsession is truly a quirk. So is the political trivia bit. The lists we've all been coming up with seem so not quirky before yours!

  16. Kiran: there was a reason I thought you were smart. Yes, it is very difficult to explain the carpet quirk to drives me absolutely nuts and I actually wake up nights to get the carpet et tassles JUST RIGHT.

    D: yes, I am certified quirky. I am a bit like Bush (bite my tongue) on this..either you are with us (Bolly) or against us.


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