Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conversations that just MIGHT have taken place

IHM was amused as I looked forward to a ' cricket free' day at Casa Flinders Street...considering it meant that I could get Gman's undivided attention when it came to chores around the house (rather than the glazed folding laundry in the air) or the standard "nahee may sun raha hoon" response to all life changing discussions (which can only be conducted during tea break while he is still fiddling with discovering all the 'special features' the sports channel offers him)...but seriously why do you think Mrs Kumble was grinning so much while Anil K announced his retirement (30 years of laundry to be brought in and folded to start with...attending the Parent Teacher meetings) and Anil Kumble holding out his injured fingers to the camera (Umm the doctor has said that I cant help around the house for AT LEAST an year)....and to Kumble declaring that he would be spending his first days (of life after captaincy) following the team to Nagpur a tight-lipped Mrs Kumble could have been muttering " We will see" .

Meanwhile in Wasilla, Alaska I am pretty sure Political Prisoner No:1 (Levi Johnston) might have broken into a jig as he comprehended what the success of the Obama campaign meant for him (and his personal liberties)....HOME FREE, little redneck boy HOME FREE!!


  1. hahaha this is a funny post..:D And flinder's street did ring a bell...:) yes yes i am in Melbourne too..with the Bubba and the Pipette..Congratulations on your "site under construction"..I would love to meet ..and soon.

  2. ha ha ha ha...i wonder what would Mrs. Kumble say to the eogo behind the little finger :D

  3. :) Why didn't we think of Mrs. Kumble before? Selfish us, focussing so much on cricket and Kumble!

  4. LOL :)) And nice to see me mentioned here!!!

    This 'nahen mein sun raha hoon' sounds most familiar, so does all life discussions during tea breaks :)

    lol @ Ms Kumble's 30 years of laundry waiting to be folded :)


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