Saturday, November 15, 2008

Goldilocks revisited

So this weekend I could finally host a mini-blogger meet of my own (I have been reading enviously of all the meets fellow bloggers have been hosting in Karachi, Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai) know the kind... happy pics, little in-jokes while envious Aneela would read and fret...well not any more, the precocious Pipette and her lovely mom were here to spend the day, and much fun was had. Of course having no bub of my own my 'mini-me contribution' was Pesho and the site under construction, but no one was keeping count.
Pesho did her best 'Baby Bear' from Goldilocks impression...roused from her cat nap to see a little girl sleeping in her day time couch, she was visibly shocked...her horrors increased when Pipette insisted on sitting in her chair and playing with her it was one long litany of "Who has been playing with my toys...sitting in my chair...sleeping in my couch...watching my TV and NO ONE IS PAYING ME ANY ATTENTION...HELLOOOOO."

Pipette's mom was a delight and her dad who joined us later very patient as two women indulged in pregnancy notes, tips about babies, fellow bloggers, Melbourne life, baby poop,the state of the world...he had his own observations which was very helpful.

Which reminds me of this other exchange and Dads of Another Kind from a fortnight before. Someone we knew had had a baby and we had been over to meet, greet the new baby et al. The mom and me went through an hour's marathon session while she briefed me about her pregnancy, the labour, early days with the baby, her fears, the roller coaster ride of emotions, the good, the bad, the ugly. Gman was cloistered with the father all this while (and I was hoping was getting a similar prep course). So in the car ride home we were exchanging notes and I was bringing him up to speed about all that I had learnt and all that the new mom was going through and how it all seems so overwhelming to her but still so magical...and I ask him about his evening and what the New Dad had to say, so he tells me about what the father is working on, and I correct him and ask him 'No what did he have to say about the baby'...and he replies 'Oh key woh khush hai (that he is happy)'...Really...thats it? In one hour I know all that there is to know about the inner and outer plumbing of the new mom, her dreams, aspirations, guilt, and a million things for me to think about...and all the dads have to share is that yah the baby is good....but this is what is REALLY happening with me and my work life. I dont know what Gman learnt after my tirade but at least he is working on a nice one hour spiel to regale visitors when they come avisiting...people should be clapping their hands and to quote Mad Momma declare "is (ki) kahaani mein romance hai, action hai, drama hai, feel to it" .

What do you think? while you mull over this Im going to try my new 'scare tactic' on Pesho...every time she misbehaves I holler for Pipette to come and take Pesho's chew toy away.

What, that little tyke will be back?


  1. hahahaa :) poor baby Pesho.:D
    We had a blast..looking fwd to seeing u on thursday.

  2. Wow - a blog meet! I'm still envious and part of no blog meet :(

  3. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Your cat's reaction cracked me up.


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