Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Green and Black Of It

So what is black? I hear it is my tongue for as we say in South Asia (kalee zaban hoon) I am not the best person to have around if anyone is engrossed in a cricket match. Case in point, yesterday the commentator announces Ganguly entering the field and gives us the following trivia
"Has never scored less than 40 in a Test"..

a waspish Aneela declares "Hoga @## out duck par"..when he is (SORRRYYYY) out for a duck and quickly followed by Tendulkar, a visibly hurt Gman turns around and accuses me that I should be sooo happy"Khush tau bahut hogee". As if!! It is if Krejza turns to me each time before he is ready to bowl "Madam if you are finished cursing the gentleman padding up ?"

OK...quick belief in non-violence notwithstanding, how many of you want a slight change in cricketing rules and rather than Ponting being banned for a test for not keeping to the 'overs quota of the day', they get Harbhajan ' slapper' Singh deliver a thraaakh on his gum chewing face? Aren't there days when Ponting just gets to you with his irritating demeanour?

Now to get to the 'green' in our life...we are proud to say that ever since the arrival of Pesho, the advent of the fly season in Melbourne has not seen us reaching out for the bug spray. Pesho chases after every housefly and bug that crosses our threshold and manages to swat, snap or squash each one of them. Of course the death (or devouring) of each one of them is followed by a pitiful meow, wake up wake up I can still chase you..until the next hapless soul flies in.'re it.

Yes, Ms Maneka Gandhi. I'm not vegetarian, I kill members of the living world for sport and am god damned proud of it.


  1. LOL at your kalee zuban :)) I remember I was advised to support the wrong team because everybody believes the team I support would lose :)

    And my dogs love to chase flies and devour them too. The cat only stares at birds and bird shadows :)

  2. LOL!!! i love the splat.... you are it comment.


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