Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Grin and Bear It

Well when it rains it pours eh...the recent update from Casa Flinders is that I have no idea know for how long I will be blogging from here...I return from the bank Friday morning( you do remember that the previous evening I had the whole handbag left on the train-reunited a while later episode)and am confronted by a bumbling landlord 'so how do I put it, Ive been trying to say this for a while...but to put it short, you guys have to vacate this place by Jan end.'

What the @#$%%?

This guy knew that the site under development will be "launched" to the world end of Feb (Ok let me just say it Gman and me are pregnant and due end of Feb), that we had asked him for and were getting some renovations done in the place for the baby,that Melbourne is heading towards Christmas and summer when the whole world and their cousin goes into hibernation or is barbecuing on the beach so when/how do you buy/rent a new place, and that we had just leased the place we had bought and had been doing up for six months so its going to be IMPOSSIBLE to ask those people to move now

and he waits for this moment to break the news to me..of course Gman had to be away in bloody Geneva...that guy has an inbuilt radar to avoid all of life's calamities, and to return when I have had time to fume, digest, and plan an exit strategy. Khair, so I was very calm and cool and returned home to bawl my eyes out in the privacy of my space (and to call up Gman, mom and sis and to see if some way it could be THEIR fault!!)

I guess its the timing of the announcement that got my goat, the semester finally over, we were done with renting out our house, I was planning on spending the next three months FINALLY concentrating on the baby to come, on Gman and me preparing had been a crazy year for us, and we were finally getting on the program.

My sister and some friends thought it was very unchristian of the landlord (our landlord is the local Diocese) but I think it was very Biblical in a way to turn a pregnant woman plus cat out on the eve of Christmas...I guess this is what happens if you keep on reciting Surah Maryam (please dont slap a blasphemy case on me now)at some stage you go through some of her ordeal.

Anyways Ive recovered my sense of humour, Gman should be back soon and we are now looking for property that can turn into an 'investment nest egg' or worst case scenario rent. My mother thinks the baby wanted something 'new' (she was never a fan of the place we were renting) hence it conspiring for a new place...i think the baby should have had better sense and wished for smarter baby gear rather than a mommy who is debating clothing and diapering it in hemp.

I dont know whether it is a dose of sentimental poetry courtesy Grade 10 Urdu "muskhiley itnee parhee mujh par kay asaan hogayee' (so many kicks in the butt that it all seems OK now)...or the Bollywood philosophy of 'kahani may twist tau hoga'..or as Gman keeps on reminding me of my personal mantra "phir hum khush hojaynegey (then we will be happy) and how can we be happy..we will only be happy in heaven" but Im in a calmer place this afternoon and well what will be will be. See you on the other side of this crisis!! And umm if you know of a manger when I have to deliver come Feb just let me know where was that star again..Three Magi? Anyone?


  1. Hey, you take care! I hope everything turns out fine. The timing of this crisis does seem very bad but perhaps there's some good in it that you'll be able see in retrospect.

  2. LOL you definitely have got your sense of humour back, loved the translation (so many kicks in the butt that it all seems OK now).

    The baby will only be fine when the mother can find strength to smile through this.
    Take care. All the best, Hugs, IHM


  3. Heyyy...Im really grateful for all the prayers and hugs...mucho appreciated. Well Gman came back last night and we do acknowledge that its just the timing that sucks and there are many out there who have it worse than us...please continue sending 'good thoughts' towards me and mine!!

  4. awwwwwwww..sending u lots of positive vibes..hope u find a place soon...and hope that place will be just perfect..ofcourse,if u need any help,just holler..

  5. oh ho!!!

    I am sure u'll come on top of all this crisis just fine!

    pleased to hear the news about the baby coming in :)

    Hang in ther! And I bet the new place u move in to will be supernice and make u feel it was all worth the effort!


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