Friday, November 21, 2008

Why One Should Give Charity

and not just for a tax break.
Trust me...yesterday for three hours my life literally flashed in front of me..due to something very silly I did. Getting off the train, juggling my bags and my ungainly body...the doors close on me and I realise that my handbag is still on the seat. Which has ALL my life, and more. The ubiquitous credit and bank cards, house keys, health insurance card, anything that could serve as photo id, office keys, flash drive, granny's ear rings, mobile and well I slowly remember a document that has my Tax File Number...and a bank transfer with my signature and details. Yup, when we @$$ up we ROYALLY @%^ up. Rush to report to lost property as I know which train its on....then to the bank across the road to put a stop on the cards and the police station...and then the long walk home as I curse myself and feel very very low. I head to the land lord office next door (the office has my spare set of keys) and the office staff tells me that I just missed a call for me...someone had found the bag and wanted me to pick it up...and guess how they found me. Yup, I had transferred some money for the earthquake relief the other day, which had the home address, and the good gentleman had made an inquiry for the telephone number and got the Mission next door (mine is unlisted). So a happy happy aneela at the end of the day, and a prayer to the Gods that it didnt get to anyone less scrupulous.
Tip of the day: The constable at the Police Station this time around was one sweet I knew they couldn't do much rather than file a missing property report for all my identification, insurance and photo ID...but the first question she had was "do you have a facebook account?" "Um I do but never frequent it" "I would advice all of you that you do as many a time people return it to you through a message on facebook"... "Um OK".
so stay safe, keep your bag close and your facebook account closer...AND GIVE CHARITY and save the receipts!!


  1. Maybe it IS true, one good turn deserves another..

    Facebook for returning lost property? Guess even the inventors never advertised this as one of the benefits!

  2. Lucky you!

    And I loved that tip by the police officer... Never thought facebook could be so useful!

  3. Oh yes Face Book is a treasure house of information on people. A student from an American University sent an email request - she wanted me do some questionnaire for a project, so I googled her name, and found her on Face Book, as a student of the said University :)

    I agree with Does it Matter, one good turn deserves another :)


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