Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Back Looking Forward

Went out to watch Slum Dog Millionaire yesterday afternoon, embarrassed Gman like anything as I bawled through the movie (and would close my eyes through anything traumatic the "Gangajal" inspired scene... all the while asking him in a loud voice to let me know when its over). Oh the movie is sweet...and yes detractors might point out that Danny Boy(le) used all the clich├ęs (and some more)) about desis but frankly I think that is THE VERY REASON the movie works. I was crying because so much was familair and though there is nothing similar about our lives (so far!) I could identify with the young protagonist.Tell me how many of you wouldnt have taken the "leap of faith" when the Big B helicopter came abuzzing?!! I was laughing and crying and telling everyone "I SO UNDERSTAND".

And I see parallels in Jamal's journey with my year so far,the movie (and the year's) ability to "wrench" out every emotion from us, . Never has an year literally "taken it out of me", a rollercoaster of emotions, I look back at it exhausted. I know I cannot be ungrateful for the year has blessed me with happiness beyond my comprehension, there is a new nest and hearth (the GREAT middle-class dream eh)and an opportunity to expand our eccentric gene pool hee hee...but all this while I fall helter skelter into the lives of my grandparents as fate (and a fair bit of human evil) erases all the markers of my life.
Melbourne mornings, Pesho looks out in the night.

Pesho's brother visits and the three musketeers watch some tele.

Travel, travel, travel and meeting in airport lounges as 'ships/planes that pass in the night'.

Aspirations mine and the city's, Lower Parel's 'enterprising entrepreneur' who lapped up the fruits of the information revolution while a certain section of the population will not grow beyond passive 'milestones' on the Haji Ali causeway

Balcony with a view, Bare Miyan and a self portrait--giddy with glee and high on kebabs a 'memory bundle' for a moment that did come true.

Visits dust...and OBCD Aneela will document EVERYTHING.

They say that when Shakespeare referred to the Winter of Discontent he meant the silencing of dissent rather than its expression. Perhaps when there are no exit strategies, and a populace simmers in hate, the gardens of Wah no more grow flowers. Deserted shoes line its avenues. And where a spring of sweet water once enraptured a Mughal king, now lies drenched with the blood of poor laborers.
Like Lahiri's Ashima and Ashoke I feel I live the lives of the 'extremely aged'...'those for whom everyone they once knew and loved are lost'...Marriott lunches, Gakhar plaza DVDs, Taj evenings.

Closing the door on 2008 with a hope and prayer that I open it to a new, bright tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stop Being So Rigid

Pesho's Gem of the Day: In our quest to be 'politically correct' our do-gooder spirit of purging all that is 'alien' to our culture...are we doing more harm than good? Shouldn't we in today's troubled times welcome ANY opportunity to celebrate peace and goodwill on earth? If in a "gesture of inclusivity" mosques and minarets are included in the nativity scene, celebrate it rather than getting "puritan" about sullying the 'ancient traditions of Christmas' (Pesho is happy that Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Patriarch of Venice has been more gracious in his statement).

And as a wise soul once said "Beshaq mandir masjid todo
Bulleshah ve kehta Par pyaar bhara dil kabhi na todo
Is dil mein dilbar rehta"

Hey even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has got into the spirit of Live a Merry Christmas to Creatures Big and Small!! AND HEY IVE BEEN A BLOODY GOOD CAT ALL THIS YEAR AND NO RELIGIOUS GRINCH IS GOING TO STEAL MY CHRISTMAS

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Live a Little, Yara!

I never knew it would be such a daunting task to go out to watch the new Shahrukh (well not so new, it was released ten days ago...and usually Shahrukh has yet to wash off the greasepaint and Im elbowing my way through the crowd to catch the first day first show...khair not so lucky this time around)...

Let me tell you that though the Rab was willing ...not so other people around me..and there was many a road block before I could settle down in my seat.
First one had to avoid making eye contact with Pesho before leaving the house..She has been seriously miffed that we have been out all week--it has been a nightmare finishing work, finalizing the moving (before the baby arrives on us), the doctor's appointments and catching up with people as the festive season is upon us.

Pesho JUST doesnt get it that ALL THIS IS VERY stressful and this was the first time I was doing something I WANTED...maybe she is preparing us for all the 'emotional blackmailing' the site under development will be subjecting us to eventually.

"Bahaney sab Bahaney" (excuses just excuses)

Ok, so Im finally in the theatre and the walk to my seat...major WALK OF SHAME...this time I have to avoid eye contact with all the Punjoo aunties who are whispering to each other "Vekh, vekh shameless pregnant woman watching a movie in her condition". I stare ahead steely eyed and wish I did have the "essetial pregnant woman accessory" --the knitting needles--just so I could stick them into their fat thighs for a second.

But SRK/Suri ji made up for all that and more-sigh!! For detractors who continue to pooh pooh the film (the film is the Surinder Sahni of movies...unassuming, humble, heart of gold, and lambee race ka ghoda--think the well meaning turtle which will pip everyone at the post) why cant you think beyond the question "Couldnt the wife tell?"...Arey baba, didnt you pay attention...SRK declares na "Rab willed it so" (that there were all these divine coincidences and that Tani could not see through his disguise) if you believe in the Rab in the Heavens and Shahrukh on earth ANYTHING can happen. And well Tani doesnt ever make eye contact with her husband so I doubt it whether she registered the famous dimples. So EVERYONE relax (and this includes the YRF crew, who are shouting themselves hoarse regarding how they looked through SRK in his Sahni avtaar the first day on the set, we get it!!)

Ok confession time...and yes I do realise that this pregnancy has been very Oprah-ish, "let the TRUE aneela out" at the moment. Ok my question is, arent we a wee bit too superstitious...I admit that I have done a fair bit of googling regarding "auspicious dates", "birth stars", consulted with people for "suitable names" and have this morbid fear of subscribing to pregnancy/birth newsletters as that would tempt the evil eye...I would rather just visit the site directly thank you, no e-letters in my inbox...and my friends do tease me about my liberal use of the phrase "nazar na lagey" (my excuse, try to understand where Im coming from...knowing what we do through 'proximity politics', where one false step can return us to starting point saanp seedhi style, life is one never ending "Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200" card). But I realized how our silly fears do run the risk of taking over our lives, of making murky the life paths of young souls who have yet to take their first breath, and the inanity of the mental maths involved. Case in point, I ventured to the desi version of the Babycentre website (rather than the local Aussie version) and was confronted with questions regarding timing Cesareans to suit a "suitable time" on the home page....other pages had questions on rashes caused by the 'black thread' that babies wear to ward off the evil eye, and well the list went on. And I guess it was one community board exchange about how a birth at 5 minutes past a particular hour meant losses to the father, 5 minutes to the hour sufferings for the mom, 10 minutes past to the child in question, siblings, and similar problematic configurations and their repercussions for grandparents et al. Well, that was my as she puts it O! minute ...and I felt so shallow.

What is it with us? Have we really let our obsessions become the very evil demons that we want to avoid? Or did it strike me because I had some other 'portals to the world' for comparison?
Why cant we just live a little? Why do we have to fret so much? And why cant we enjoy the life changes, good and bad, that are to come?

You Are All Stars!!

Santa came a little early this year. The lovely D has sent this my way.

This is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Well if I have to be honest (and have I ever been anything but?)...that bit about 'not being interested in prizes' SO NOT TRUE!! Arey, Im no Aamir 'I dont believe in awards, juries' Khan...I love all my trophies, if there is ANYONE out there thinking "hey she is much too 'self-content' and unconcerned to be bothered about all this award shaward business" so NOT true.

Now for the friends I have made courtesy my entry into the blog world.

Leaving 1302 aka Jammie,Parul,Mad Momma and Kiran Manral the dynamic posse who have been responsible for sending MAJOR baby dust my way...and who have made me rethink my lack of interest in little boys.

Jammie has been the cyber Dial-a-Mom over the past couple of months and has never been fazed by my inane queries,

Parul for friendship beyond the call of duty and making sense of my email/chat ramblings,

Mad Momma who like Lata Mangeshkar will "declare" her innings and refuse to accept awards/nominations pretty soon THOUGH SHE WILL ALWAYS BE NUMERO UNO IN OUR LIST

and Kiran M --our paths have been so similar, she is hands down my soul sister.

MayG and Mimi--my princesses, I guess the lines "sugar and spice and everything nice" were written JUST for them.

IHM --things are never dull in this household, she has rectified years of damage caused to the fair name of home makers everywhere by Desperate Housewives and the Saas Bahu serials.

and Unmana who has provided great insights into the Assamese mindset.

So go ahead...spread some good cheer...and for all the Doubting Thomas es out there, ne'er a mention of your bank account details.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Lucknow " Scam"!!

Disclaimer: The title of the post is not meant to cast any aspersions on, or degrade persons (living or dead), business groups or social organizations in UP or the greater Lucknow area. It is only used in good humour and in the spirit of the text of the post.

The lovely "D" from Lucknow has in the spirit of the season of giving and good cheer bestowed on this blog the award of PROXIMITY (more on this, my acceptance speech, my never ending gratitude to D and the "charming blogs" of my life tomorrow). It has to wait for the news of this award generated a maha interesting exchange at Casa Flinders Street which JUST could not be overshadowed by any acceptance speech.

So I log into my email account and receive news of my " blog award"...excitedly I call out to Gman and share my good news with him.

" Yeaahhh, my blog has just received an award, isn't that great news?"

" You didn't give them our bank account details did you?" he replies, visibly worried.

" Huh? Come again."

" You didn't give them your bank information yara, you dont know these scam artists" he repeats.

" Arey, its a blog a 'badge of honour' given by your collegial networks in the blog world" I tick him off.

" Nahee baba, you don't know...this is all a Nigerian conspiracy"...ever the voice of caution. " Acha, tell me the website address"...some five minutes later he emerges a trifle embarrassed, but even then I could hear mutterings of " one can never be too careful in today's times" and even a " Yeh Chandni tau number 1 hai in the list, you try harder next time OK".Sorrrryyy Chandni!!


Thanks a million "D" might never have thought of all the intrigues et conspiracies generated in the minds of mere mortals when you first thought of sending this award my way!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pesho Ko Ghussa Kiyoo Aata Hai

1) She is mad for she has been hearing talk about this new movie out "Marley & Me" that celebrates the love of a family for a dog..this young couple brings in a puppy and it basically chronicles their growth, life, love and tears over the years as the young couple grows into a family and how Marley 'ties' them all together.
Pesho thinks her kind has been doing ALL that and more over the years but they have not seen Hollywood acknowledging their contribution (and if any film studio is in production about her story Pesho wants Scarlett Johanssen to play her).

2) Pesho is bugged as her human (aneela) has had her wisdom tooth removed and has been mumbling instructions which is very disorienting...aneela has also been curled up on the sofa nursing her "war wounds" and the service has been verrryyy slow since then.

3)And that the humans have taken away the cordless phone since it was discovered that Pesho was jumping on it every time the phone rang while they were away, thus leading to major squabbles with their family "someone did answer the phone and kept quiet when they heard my voice..we know you are hiding there, OK"...and Aneela was left scratching her head as why everytime she and Gman were away the call history read as calls being made lasting EIGHT HOURS!!

Pesho also tried "befriending" our terracotta cat as it has been raining for the past week and she was at a loss for company...but soon realised that her new friend tasted eek when she tried grooming it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Shoe-bomber Lives On

The past two days I have been walking around the house humming "Joota Laga" (to the tune of Kaanta Laga) and frankly marvelling at Georgie Boy's reflexes...when he smirked a couple of minutes later in the press conference was he thinking, Oye yeh tau roz hota hai ghar may (this is an every day story at home)...a lifetime of dodging Laura Bush's sandals?

This morning I received the following in the email...and it was too good not to share pronto.

Read onnnnnn...

Preliminary investigations: shoe tossed by Iraqi journalist at George Bush has been linked to Pakistan. It is said to have been made in a factory in Lahore.

Preliminary denial ; Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore ( Lahore's Large-Hearted) have no hand in manufacturing the shoe,or it would not have missed the TARGET.

President Zardari legislates that all future Press Conferences will be held inside the mosque at the Presidency, since shoes cannot be worn or carried inside mosques

Monday, December 15, 2008

Aneela Ko Ghussa Kiyoo Aata Hai

Aneela is mad because she was stuck for three hours with the Desi Aunty From Hell...being lectured on how "sons are best"...maybe its something in the air, I am just back visiting Chandni's blog where there have been a couple of exchanges in the comments section about whether its moms and grandmoms that are responsible for female infanticide. I can understand the dynamics in place that drive them to articulating their “preference” for the "little prince"...their insurance for old age for they know how their world is structured(how many of you were betting Ms Rajo Devi trying for a boy next year...Bala Ram didnt look THAT happy in the pics) ? Plus as I commented on Chandni's blog I have come across moms who declared they were glad they had sons, for they wouldnt wish their sad lives on any daughter. Even then, every time a woman expresses her desire for a son or when you are confronted by the Desi Aunty From Hell who will pooh-pooh anything you have to say about little girls---for a minute you do contemplate doing some time for cold murder.

I think it is the inanity of the situation that gets to is a woman, with the benefit of age, experience and (I was hoping) wisdom in conversation with another woman who is all dewy eyed about the future and her's (and her child-to-be) place in the world and all that the horrible crone has to offer is pure venom about her own gender? And to be so self-righteous about not staying at a daughter's place even when there was a family emergency. That doesnt merit for brownie points in anyone's book any more...does it?

I have never thought of my mom's summer breaks or when my aunts visit their daughters as something EXCEPTIONAL...I take it as FINALLY some mom-daughter bonding time now that the trials and tribulations of mopping up after childhood spills , long years of putting up with teenage drama queens and twenty-something "what am I doing with my life, mother" queries are over. I dont want to be robbed of the best years of the mother-daughter relationship just because my mother will miss out on some medal for being a 'virtous mom'.

So the Desi Aunty dribbled and dribbled some more patented desi vitriol...the kind of bak-bak we do best...and all this within hearing range of a dad who was fussing over his two daughters perched on his baby-to-be was kicking like anything, DUNK MEAN AUNTY IN THE CURRY POT NOW, MOTHER!! Sadly, mother didnt and was hoping her words could do what her fists couldnt.

And Desi Aunty didnt have an opinion about XY better than XX alone...her other fav topic was asking me why I thought people left India (in her case) for Melbourne (or elsewhere)...I was tempted to say "to get away from you, woman" ...see I cant answer for others--when it comes to Gman and me, it has been more "wherever our jobs have taken us" rather than a conscious decision to pack up and leave...and do you actually LEAVE? khair, that is another post in the making...coming back to the Aunty, she was pretty passionate about her idea of the quality of life and the value of the dollar, and I wish she could just HEAR herself for a minute.
"Dekho Aneela, what can I get for a dollar here when I can get so much for a rupee in Delhi"

(and at this stage let me clarify this is not a comment on Aunties from Delhi...Ive heard equally ridiculous comments out of the mouths of women from Lahore, LalaMusa, Peshawar, Calcutta and Chennai)...and I replied "Im pretty sure that inflation has hit the markets of Delhi and it is difficult for the poor and not-so-poor to meet the proverbial two ends meet"...

and she is pretty vehement "No for one rupee I can buy so much, I can buy a comb, I can buy a reel of thread, can you for a dollar" ...

"Umm, cliched though it or an aunty cannot live on a comb some stage you need some decent carbs et proteins and that you are not getting on your one rupee"

Listen, this is not a simple-lets decide over a dinner- argument, and the Aunty in question has grown up children, so I cannot get into the aspirations-for-children and how its getting more and more expensive in South the state has more or less stepped back and we see "privatization" of security, family for one can "buy" their electricity courtesy generators otherwise a growing powerless Islamabad is in a state of darkness in more ways than one. Anyways, for the next couple of months Im having dinner at home and not stepping out of the house if I can avoid it...frankly, I dont need the hormones are driving me crazy as it is. And I would like my baby to be delivered in a nice hospital room and not a maximum security prison block, where I will end up if I have to share a table with one more crazy uncle/aunty.

And Im frustrated as we still fail to understand that ITS CLASS STUPID (and not religion) that drives all that you find problematic in my part of the world...for the last couple of years my work has allowed me to interact with young Pakistan that is embroiled in the "well not so silent" revolution and I am constantly exposed to them espousing their version of Marx (and not so much of religious dogma that the world accuses them of)...yes in the end they think that a hodge-podge of Shariah and culture/religion/civilization will get them through but what REALLY gets them going is a macabre version of Six Degrees of Separation what links a sullen teenager screaming at a father who cannot buy him new clothes on Eid with Tehelka's strategic advisor dying in a pool of blood in a hotel in South Mumbai? And as we continue to think that our civic duty is done with disposing of our qurbani ki khaal to a "good cause" and our political and military elite worries over the numbers (money and head count) rather than REAL structural reforms Im sure we havent seen the end of this nightmare...

And Aneela was VERY MAD that she had to stare at the "How Deepika got her Chinky Eyes" headline on the Times Of India website (yes I should not venture beyond good ol' The Hindu, however Im a media-entertainment whore and will trawl anywhere for a my daily fix of Bollywood goss) for a good week till some sense (and a sustained hate mail campaign) made them change it to Chinese eyes...not good enough as they still speak of using sticky tape to get the necessary slant.

Aneela will now go to bed..and hopes she is in a better mood this evening.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wish this guy had learnt how to " ratta" his lines better in school

Ummm karachi sey kahan jaa rahey hai, sir?


Weapon of (Bush) Mass Destruction

Finally Bush can go back to his ranch in peace...too bad that all this while, all that the Iraqis were hiding were Size 10 shoes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting on the Program

To this day I surprise myself...I swear. Sounds tragic, considering my "other job" is to be a know it all and here I am..finding out how clueless Ive been about the 'real me'. I always thought I would be the kind of mom-to-be who would (and my sister joins me in this) indulge herself in activities to 'mentally stimulate' the baby and frankly "exploit" all that living in the 'free world' can bring to new moms.

To date, I have to confess Ive been busy struggling with deadlines, bawling my eyes out as I watch the news on TV, reading really mindless chick-lit and channeling Naomi Wolfe when it came to pregnancy literature. And other than you-tubing a smorgasbord of religious/spiritual stuff and playing it during 'meditation minute' sessions for the site-under-construction Ive been really bad. And well Gman and me had been busy playing real life Monopoly and handling work stuff to actually sit down and 'baby bond'. And yes there was a time when I wanted to influence the kid into loving Shahrukh Khan but there was no response and it was irritating me like hell that s/he would start kicking every time Akshay Kumar was on. Singh is Your King? SERIOUSLY, kiddo?

So this week I decided to get serious and get down to some of the things on my to-do-list ...shortlisting names (check)...attending antenatal workshop (done..criticizing the content--check)...basically now it was a matter of guilt-tripping Gman to have a 'conversation' with the baby and do his bit in his/her intellectual growth (I think Ive done my bit. The baby was around during my classes right, so what if it like most of my students slept through them as I droned on about doing development work in the South, and I do expose it to BBC News and s/he should be listening to me as I talk about my politics).

Khair, Gman was conducive to a baby-bonding and "lets get you intelligent session" yesterday he clears his throat and goes Baby...Pesho troops in at that moment with a "yes you called for me, and it better be good" expression. Which reminds me that we have to come up with some new terms of endearment for the bub, at the moment Pesho is called Baby, Dollface, Princess, Cupcake, Aneela's Jaan, Munni, Sweetheart....and a terse Pesho Singh (courtesy Gman) when she is naughty.

Pesho tries her "Im Your Baby?" look.

Ok, confusion cleared, cat leaves in a huff...and we are back to business. Gman mumbles some more...I jump in "You are going to talk to the kid in English? No judgements, just curious"..he tries again, but then gets flustered and says "Well I will try Assamese but just cant..Im forgetting the words". He is still lost and asks me for ideas...I reply airily "Oh I chat with the baby ALL the time, about politics, my research, my op/ed from the other day and just mommy-baby stuff" ...I suggest telling the baby about his work "Naah too boring"

"Well say ANYTHING, it should get used to your voice".

So he decides to read it suburb profiles for the area we are moving to "Its important for you to know about your new home".

I think the baby has given up on the parents already. I seriously thought disillusionment would set in when the teens hit him or when she got introduced to Marx..."how bourgeoisie ARE you Mama"...but well we kind of brought up that date.

But in true aneela fashion i am not giving up on us YET..we will be cool parents, though have NO idea how...any ideas?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Heart Rajo Devi

Well as the rest of the world questions Ms Devi (and her doctor)regarding the ethics of her exercise, and though I do have some questions of the couple's family who at the moment are pretty vocal about being close knit enough to raise the little girl ("They should not worry about bringing up their daughter; we have a joint family and there are countless people to take care of her.") but well perhaps were not as charitable earlier in the story (hence the parents thinking they were 'cursed' not to have anyone taking care of them in their old age) and Im still wondering why Messrs Bala Ram didnt question his own plumbing when he remained without child even after remarrying....but but but I have to say a BIG THANKYOU to Ms Devi at this stage of my life. Thanks to the good lady Ive been saved a couple of 'uncharitable' remarks about procreating in my old age...yup thank the Good Lord I will not be the oldest mom in the playground after all, yeaaaahh.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

And Life Goes On

So this weekend, Gman decided (for me) that it was time I stopped being (what some assume) selfish and cheer up...I realise that most of the advice that I should cheer up for the sake of the bub to arrive does come from a 'good place' and not because my collegial and family/friend's network are tired of my moaning. But it has been a difficult time of my life...its ironic that when people ask me if Ive been having a good pregnancy I am in two minds of how to respond (OK this usually comes later in the conversation...their first observation is "Are You Sure"? and Im like well if Im not then that is some massive 'fraud operation' the Melbourne medical establishment is stringing me through. Of course they quickly compose themselves and remark "Oh its just that you dont look XYZ months" and Ive taken to responding to this by "The baby is South Asian and the first thing we do is "thoda adjust kartey hain in cramped quarters", as it is Im not a very large person so perhaps the baby is reducing the growth spurt and contorting itself into a human pretzel to fit in ...khair)...Ok so coming to how "good" things have or have not been for me...not that my part of the world was any time on the shortlist for a place to search for Nirvana and/or your inner Zen, but somehow in the last year I feel that my life and my compatriots has been spiraling out of control.

I realized that it was some time this year when I returned to Melbourne in tears as BB and the cities I have known lay dying....and as the months passed the evil amongst us drew on a never ending reservoir of hate to wreck havoc upon all that we have have loved and held dear. The other day a friend gently reminded me of how I shouldn't find it unfair (the general disappearing of all the markers of my life)as our grandparents and their generation feel a similar nostalgia of all things past..and I tried to explain that perhaps at that age you have the 'emotional vocabulary' to express that, process that. I don't. And it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to summon up the energy to spin fairy tales and happily ever-afters and fantasies for the new audience that will be here soon.

But I am trying...and I will as Jammie advises me try to 'bubble' my existence..the other day someone said that the temperament I have right now, right here, is what the bub will inherit and couldn't I be less morose and I was left questioning whether any future progeny should be the Ha Ha Hee Hee type or someone who has some empathy...I know I have to find a balance, and pretty soon.

Anyways Gman said that at this stage, other than my usual rants and raves and the op/eds I try to churn Is There Anything My Funk Can Achieve. And though he realises that its tough for me to process the "accusatory" tones in the email fwds I get, and the content of the media, it is equally tough for him to wrestle with mortgage decisions and job deadlines and housework while I go through my private demons. So well this Saturday we both vowed to 'get on'...and well through a private ritual of consuming "cutting chai" and my attempt at a Bombay sandwich, we attempted to do just that.

The housing crisis is still there but we are trying to get a handle on 'real life challenge' is thinking of a name for the site under construction...I dont know what we are having (but everyone else does...long story) this stage Ive more or less reconciled to it being a boy (this as my mother and everyone else knowing how gung ho I was on daughters and my emphatically declaring one day that my body can only MAKE a little girl and it will chomp on the Y chromosomes...have been telling me that I should ask for good health and wholeness and well being and not be so preoccupied with little girls, so perhaps this is a big get prepared call on their behalf..oh well perhaps some days my insides werent that hungry for the Y after all)..but yes as parents around me worry over sick babies, I am praying to the Good Lord for forgiveness and good health and temperament for the baby to come...and that it never decides to take a rubber dinghy to arrive on any shore.

Ok coming to the 'naming' bit, funny thing Ive discovered about myself...all my growing up years I wrestled with the 'behenji' name I had been given and always thought that any kids would have some 'hatke' know unusual..perhaps not as unusual as Apple , but well I was DEFINITELY planning to give those Hollywood and Bollywood moms some serious competition. But now that I am in that situation, I am trying to channel names that translate into 'will listen to parents...especially Mommy Dearest...diligent student, go to school, go straight to school, do not pass shopping mall, do not develop attitude' know the kind who sits quietly in class, will win Sword of Honour, or do a 'steady' job, Gman hopes paediatrician...anyways though Gman shares similar hopes as me, the name that he has suggested conjures a hell raiser in school, career in rock and roll, women and masti magic. NO NO win some votes he shared it with Ms Niece and my sister over the phone , and when I grabbed the phone I could hear them giggling and oohing and aahing (and the Younger Musketeer saying something along the lines of I Like the Names this Man Suggests, definitely not Khalajee' recent contribution has been Jawaad and Gul Sher...definitely not the kind of kids a teacher should suspect of being up to any mischief, right?) and then my sister shushed up Ms Niece as she whispered, Oh I can just imagine him being a teenager and we will put spikes in his hair, to which I said all suspicious "What did your daughter say?" and my sister covers up "No no she is just saying how he will grow up and say all his namaz".Hmmmphhh.

More on this and other things that are bothering me coming up soon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The George Bush Presidential Library Coming Soon

GWB Library to Open in 2009

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages.
The Library will include:

- The Hurricane Katrina Room, which is still under construction.

- The Alberto Gonzales Room, where you won't be able to remember anything.

- The Texas Air National Guard Room, where you don't even have to show up.

- The Walter Reed Hospital Room, where they don't let you in.

- The Guantanamo Bay Room, where they don't let you out.

- The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room, which no one has been able to find.

- The National Debt room which is huge and has no ceiling.

- The 'Tax Cut' Room with entry only to the wealthy.

- The 'Economy Room' which is in the toilet.

- The Iraq War Room. After you complete your first tour, they make you to
go back for a second, third, fourth, and sometimes fifth tour.

- The Dick Cheney Room, in the famous undisclosed location, complete with
shotgun gallery.

- The Environmental Conservation Room, still empty.

- The Supreme Court's Gift Shop, where you can buy an election.

- The Airport Men's Room, where you can meet some of your favorite
Republican Senators.

- The 'Decider Room' complete with dart board, magic 8-ball, Ouija board,
dice, coins, and straws.

The museum will also have an electron microscope to help you locate the
President's accomplishments