Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting on the Program

To this day I surprise myself...I swear. Sounds tragic, considering my "other job" is to be a know it all and here I am..finding out how clueless Ive been about the 'real me'. I always thought I would be the kind of mom-to-be who would (and my sister joins me in this) indulge herself in activities to 'mentally stimulate' the baby and frankly "exploit" all that living in the 'free world' can bring to new moms.

To date, I have to confess Ive been busy struggling with deadlines, bawling my eyes out as I watch the news on TV, reading really mindless chick-lit and channeling Naomi Wolfe when it came to pregnancy literature. And other than you-tubing a smorgasbord of religious/spiritual stuff and playing it during 'meditation minute' sessions for the site-under-construction Ive been really bad. And well Gman and me had been busy playing real life Monopoly and handling work stuff to actually sit down and 'baby bond'. And yes there was a time when I wanted to influence the kid into loving Shahrukh Khan but there was no response and it was irritating me like hell that s/he would start kicking every time Akshay Kumar was on. Singh is Your King? SERIOUSLY, kiddo?

So this week I decided to get serious and get down to some of the things on my to-do-list ...shortlisting names (check)...attending antenatal workshop (done..criticizing the content--check)...basically now it was a matter of guilt-tripping Gman to have a 'conversation' with the baby and do his bit in his/her intellectual growth (I think Ive done my bit. The baby was around during my classes right, so what if it like most of my students slept through them as I droned on about doing development work in the South, and I do expose it to BBC News and s/he should be listening to me as I talk about my politics).

Khair, Gman was conducive to a baby-bonding and "lets get you intelligent session" yesterday he clears his throat and goes Baby...Pesho troops in at that moment with a "yes you called for me, and it better be good" expression. Which reminds me that we have to come up with some new terms of endearment for the bub, at the moment Pesho is called Baby, Dollface, Princess, Cupcake, Aneela's Jaan, Munni, Sweetheart....and a terse Pesho Singh (courtesy Gman) when she is naughty.

Pesho tries her "Im Your Baby?" look.

Ok, confusion cleared, cat leaves in a huff...and we are back to business. Gman mumbles some more...I jump in "You are going to talk to the kid in English? No judgements, just curious"..he tries again, but then gets flustered and says "Well I will try Assamese but just cant..Im forgetting the words". He is still lost and asks me for ideas...I reply airily "Oh I chat with the baby ALL the time, about politics, my research, my op/ed from the other day and just mommy-baby stuff" ...I suggest telling the baby about his work "Naah too boring"

"Well say ANYTHING, it should get used to your voice".

So he decides to read it suburb profiles for the area we are moving to "Its important for you to know about your new home".

I think the baby has given up on the parents already. I seriously thought disillusionment would set in when the teens hit him or when she got introduced to Marx..."how bourgeoisie ARE you Mama"...but well we kind of brought up that date.

But in true aneela fashion i am not giving up on us YET..we will be cool parents, though have NO idea how...any ideas?


  1. Good show!!

    I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse. http://luscious69.blogs

  2. I used to sit patiently and listen to a friend play Tanpura, daughter has NO love for Tanpura, prefers Guitar and Drums.
    My cat and dog look up when they hear any terms of affection too. This little Princess is going to be most puzzled to see another little baby at home :)

  3. Just the way you are makes you look like "cool parents" to me!

  4. cool parents hmm- i think thats an oxymoron. you can try but sooner or later you do end up sounding/feeling/acting like your own mom- and you tell me if thats cool hahahah :)

  5. IHM: seriously, no love for music? Hmm, well this means we can afford to slack off.
    D: Nahee yara, there are layers of serious "dorkiness"
    Jammie: Well actually in my case my mother is cooler than me...but yes I do see that Im seriously chanelling her when it comes to "discipline".


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