Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Lucknow " Scam"!!

Disclaimer: The title of the post is not meant to cast any aspersions on, or degrade persons (living or dead), business groups or social organizations in UP or the greater Lucknow area. It is only used in good humour and in the spirit of the text of the post.

The lovely "D" from Lucknow has in the spirit of the season of giving and good cheer bestowed on this blog the award of PROXIMITY (more on this, my acceptance speech, my never ending gratitude to D and the "charming blogs" of my life tomorrow). It has to wait for the news of this award generated a maha interesting exchange at Casa Flinders Street which JUST could not be overshadowed by any acceptance speech.

So I log into my email account and receive news of my " blog award"...excitedly I call out to Gman and share my good news with him.

" Yeaahhh, my blog has just received an award, isn't that great news?"

" You didn't give them our bank account details did you?" he replies, visibly worried.

" Huh? Come again."

" You didn't give them your bank information yara, you dont know these scam artists" he repeats.

" Arey, its a blog a 'badge of honour' given by your collegial networks in the blog world" I tick him off.

" Nahee baba, you don't know...this is all a Nigerian conspiracy"...ever the voice of caution. " Acha, tell me the website address"...some five minutes later he emerges a trifle embarrassed, but even then I could hear mutterings of " one can never be too careful in today's times" and even a " Yeh Chandni tau number 1 hai in the list, you try harder next time OK".Sorrrryyy Chandni!!


Thanks a million "D" might never have thought of all the intrigues et conspiracies generated in the minds of mere mortals when you first thought of sending this award my way!!


  1. aaarrgh..that's chandni btw

  2. Lol Lol Lol!!!
    I just can't stop laughing. This is hilarious.

    And pls tell Gman that the award is equally relevant for the first and the last on the list!

  3. This is so funny, I am in splits :)

    Thanks for sharing. and by the way Congratulations :)
    (laughing some more)

    I also get massive offers of sharing of wealth from many Nigerian citizens, they really do make such offers :)

  4. Almost thought karachi sey log apno mein eid manane andrune mulk( mein lucknow) jaa rahe hain :-)

  5. IHM, D and Chandni: Yes, I havent stopped laughing since then...I wish I had whipped out a camera and caught his "self righteous" look...I will be walking down the street and the memory has me in chuckles, he has stopped asking me what is so funny.
    Aslam P: Yup between Chand Nawab and my husband it has been a laugh-a-minute week for me!!

  6. This was just so funny! Loved it:)


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