Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Heart Rajo Devi

Well as the rest of the world questions Ms Devi (and her doctor)regarding the ethics of her exercise, and though I do have some questions of the couple's family who at the moment are pretty vocal about being close knit enough to raise the little girl ("They should not worry about bringing up their daughter; we have a joint family and there are countless people to take care of her.") but well perhaps were not as charitable earlier in the story (hence the parents thinking they were 'cursed' not to have anyone taking care of them in their old age) and Im still wondering why Messrs Bala Ram didnt question his own plumbing when he remained without child even after remarrying....but but but I have to say a BIG THANKYOU to Ms Devi at this stage of my life. Thanks to the good lady Ive been saved a couple of 'uncharitable' remarks about procreating in my old age...yup thank the Good Lord I will not be the oldest mom in the playground after all, yeaaaahh.


  1. LOL :))) My grandmother had her last surviving child, I think it was the thirteenth one, when the first one was 23. So she must have been at least 40 (17+23 =40) when she had my youngest bua :)
    And she was absolutely fine and all her kids are hail and hearty.

  2. hehehe.. You are funny.
    And not sure, but I think congratulations and huggies of both types for you.

  3. okie.. just went on to read the previous post so Congratulations once again..

  4. IHM: My grandmother was the other side of 30 when she had her first (yes women in my family are notoriously lazy when it comes to procreating--thank the Lord the world is not counting on us to populate greater South Asia).
    Spontaneous Mini: thanks for the good wishes...and sigh I wish we had a lifetime supply of Huggies? do you think Rajo Devi might have been offered free baby supplies? should I have waited for a couple more years?


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