Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pesho Ko Ghussa Kiyoo Aata Hai

1) She is mad for she has been hearing talk about this new movie out "Marley & Me" that celebrates the love of a family for a dog..this young couple brings in a puppy and it basically chronicles their growth, life, love and tears over the years as the young couple grows into a family and how Marley 'ties' them all together.
Pesho thinks her kind has been doing ALL that and more over the years but they have not seen Hollywood acknowledging their contribution (and if any film studio is in production about her story Pesho wants Scarlett Johanssen to play her).

2) Pesho is bugged as her human (aneela) has had her wisdom tooth removed and has been mumbling instructions which is very disorienting...aneela has also been curled up on the sofa nursing her "war wounds" and the service has been verrryyy slow since then.

3)And that the humans have taken away the cordless phone since it was discovered that Pesho was jumping on it every time the phone rang while they were away, thus leading to major squabbles with their family "someone did answer the phone and kept quiet when they heard my voice..we know you are hiding there, OK"...and Aneela was left scratching her head as why everytime she and Gman were away the call history read as calls being made lasting EIGHT HOURS!!

Pesho also tried "befriending" our terracotta cat as it has been raining for the past week and she was at a loss for company...but soon realised that her new friend tasted eek when she tried grooming it.


  1. Pesho is right I support her cause. Cats have been doing a great job of spreading love purrrfectly all along, nobody appreciates them!

    Is she really trying to be friendly with the terracotta cat? My cat never does such stuff!!

  2. By the way, please support this plea to postpone Orissa Bandh on Christmas Day.

  3. I love the way you can read Pesho's mind. Wonderful!

  4. IHM: Well, her attempt of "befriending" the cat came out of a bout of sheer boredom..Im not playing because of the dentist drama..and it had been raining she turned her attention to other things around the house (and her size!)including the phone..Re: the petition Gman has signed up.
    D: Yup, I speak a number of languages..."cat" being one of them. But Pesho is a pretty expressive cat as well.

  5. There's an award waiting for you on my blog!

  6. Pesho is just lovely! Hope your dental wounds heal soon.
    Lovely post and gorgeous terra cotta cat, Aneela!


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