Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Shoe-bomber Lives On

The past two days I have been walking around the house humming "Joota Laga" (to the tune of Kaanta Laga) and frankly marvelling at Georgie Boy's reflexes...when he smirked a couple of minutes later in the press conference was he thinking, Oye yeh tau roz hota hai ghar may (this is an every day story at home)...a lifetime of dodging Laura Bush's sandals?

This morning I received the following in the email...and it was too good not to share pronto.

Read onnnnnn...

Preliminary investigations: shoe tossed by Iraqi journalist at George Bush has been linked to Pakistan. It is said to have been made in a factory in Lahore.

Preliminary denial ; Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore ( Lahore's Large-Hearted) have no hand in manufacturing the shoe,or it would not have missed the TARGET.

President Zardari legislates that all future Press Conferences will be held inside the mosque at the Presidency, since shoes cannot be worn or carried inside mosques


  1. Good ones ha ha ha

  2. The "Joota laga" wali tune must have been quite amusing...lol
    I got almost the same mail... check out the details here

  3. Hahahahaha! Love this one :D.

    You've heard the one about Bush and the three brazilian soldiers killed in Iraq, right?

  4. Hi ANeela

    Was reading some of your old posts. This one is not just funny...it is HILARIOUS....




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