Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream A Little

They say that having a child is akin to going through your own childhood and ‘ticking’ all the rights , ‘crossing out’ all the wrongs (or words to that effect).. basically to relive all your highs and lows, all the while cautious that you are not living out YOUR life through your child fulfilling your own unfulfilled hopes and I find myself looking forward to ‘revisiting’ the dreams of my childhood. Is it a coincidence that the outside world is also giving me indicators of ‘dreaming again’?

For an Aneela who had laid her dreams down (and had them tread on) by a Bhutto et Zardari and Gandhi Jr earlier..who like many little girls dreamt of fairy tale romances every time she watched the Diana-Charles wedding video (yes I come from a generation where we actually watched videos of Top of the Pops and Royal Family weddings) and had her heart broken by all the revelations later.. who got a little kick every time someone would comment after learning her birth date “Hey, Born on the Fourth of July, eh” (rather than the sense of mortification now), could sing Yankee Doodle and dream American Dreams without cringing....the current occupants of the White House have me (in Obama’s words) exploring the ‘audacity of hope’...yes I shuddered a bit at Michelle’s gown but with a husband who had eyes only for her and Beyonce crooning in the background, it seemed a bit silly to fixate on that. Sigh! Hopefully the guy doesn’t take a penchant to smoking cigars or fantasizing about being Camilla’s tampon (worst sexual fantasy EVER).

And that he ushers in a kinder world...and the United States of our childhood dreams, delusional though the dreans might have been.

We have been disillusioned before...but as February and all that it promises to deliver rolls around, I hope that the young dreamer to come (AND ME) can hope a little, dream a little and not live to regret it!!


  1. Now what did Kajol's mom tell her in that cult movie DDLJ? You can dream as long as you don't put conditions on your dreams to come true!

  2. I believe in dreaming and wishing and I have seen when we really want something we are motivated to work towards achieving them ...

    To be honest Aneela, I am superstitious, I have read Secret and found it is true that you can wish for anything, and it will come true.... so dream on ...

    I am an ardent Obama fan because he feels the same way. He won't perform miracles but he will make a difference.

  3. amen!!!

    All the best girl....may all dreams come true :)

  4. will be poppy-anupam kher of ddlj to my kid saying "jaa ab meri jawaani jee ke aa" :-)

  5. I dont have a movie reference. I have this to say though..Parenthood/Motherhood is not only made up of dreams..most of them are nightmares.
    insert evil laugh..

    Told you I would get back for the "opening a creche comment"

  6. as long as you arent the "shaadi apni marzay say karay ga toh samaaj mein meri naak kutt jayee gee" ttype moms- i think ALL is well :)

  7. I agree with Kay. Thats the epitomy of mom from hell!!


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