Monday, January 05, 2009

Lest I forget

I have been hogging on to these two awards for a while now.. and I do know good manners dictate that one passes them on ASAP rather than shamelessly hogging on to without much ado I announce * drum rolls please*
Some bloggers we agree with a little, some not at all and some whole heartedly.Some bloggers give us Hope. They are bloggers who care, for ALL THE CITIZENS of this World. These bloggers can see above the generalizations of Caste, Community, Religion, Language, Region, Race and National boundaries. They are the hope of our UNITY IN DIVERSITY. This Special Award, very close to my heart goes to
Individualland, Life of An Indian Home Maker, D, kAy, Jammie, Khizzy, Chandni, Another Kiran, Kiran M in all her avtaars-Ive chosen this particular link so if anyone is not aware of what her group has been doing, they should have no excuse now and Orange Jammies

And this trophy for:
Mina, Jammie's Fun Fearless Female avtaar, D's party diva avtaar, Dipali, Parul, MayG Design Diva avtaar

And finally I come to Notes to Self: Repeat to yourself matter how many 'seasons' of Sex and the City Gman has watched with you, or copies of Marie Claire you have pushed on to him, HE IS NOT EXACTLY A WOMAN, so he doesnt give a tiny rat's ass when you ask him whether tailors from Karachi are genetically programmed to cut a better shalwar compared to Rawalpindi will save you a lot of heart ache in the coming days.

Fingers crossed, the baby will , by the Grace of God (and Im hoping a capable OB) arrive on Feb 14th...I will resist all temptation to name him Prem Kumar, the jury is still out on " Mohabbat Man". Any nakhras, sleepless nights, or tantrums on the part of the baby and *insert evil laughter* we'll see who will be crying first day of school.

We will not compare the baby's ' milestones' with Pesho' in wasn't Pesho toilet trained by now? eating regularly? Responding to us? More demonstrative?

I will be adding to this list in the coming days.


  1. :)
    thank you.
    yes that did feel good :)

  2. Lol so what will you be naming baby Romeo or baby Ashique? I have some more lovable suggestions - baby Aziz, Love (as in Love-Kush), Sneh Singh ... what a lovely day to be born!!! My brother shares his birthday with baby not-Prem Kumar.

    About comparing your baby's milestones with a pet at home, we have often spoken to the first child like we talked to our Dog (and vice versa) but very soon, the child outgrew the need of a limited vocabulary but the dog didn't care, he was very clearly the older one and always treated the kids as kids.

    Cats are no better. The baby will forever be treated gently, like a kitten, if jealousy is avoided :)
    Any changes in her life style should be started now before the baby is seen as a rival... I remember getting our dachshund pup used to being cuddled a lot, and his his food being touched ... we even got him used to NOT sleeping on our bed, until the kids were older.
    Will love to read about more milestones comparisons!!

  3. ahmad suggests that in pak we call the baby mena khan and on the other side prem khan


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