Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes to Self

I know that even with the best of intentions (and my declaring to anyone who asks me what I expect of you is that I want a child at peace with himself and the world with no inclination to land in a rubber dinghy on any shore) there might be a day in the future when I will say something along the lines of

"I wish you would...." ..."Mama will love you if...."
or even a
" You made me so happy when you..."

So for all those days (though I am guarding myself against them) I want to remember this Friday...its week 34 and I was watching you all teary eyed on the ultrasound. As the doctor and the technician were going gaga over the eyelashes (the dad's-- I have four eye lashes, six before I started wearing contacts) I could only stare at the screen enraptured (the baby also has the dad's pakoda nose but we will love it anyway). clever clever baby nazar na lagey.

For a while I wanted to just stay in the moment, before an avalanche of EXPECTATIONS descend upon us..
isn't the baby born yet ...such delay doesn't bode well,
are you sure it can hold his head,
is he toilet trained,
ours was talking by now,
what about schools

so when one day I start scolding you to study harder, eat more greens, play more sports, listen to your parents I want you to remind me of this particular moment, when life was easier, simpler.. where just by ' sprouting' a decent set of eye lashes and poking your chubby finger in your nose (sigh!! yes that was embarrassing but SO cute at the same time) you could enrapture a room and make your mother so proud and so teary. Kisses little one, and I cant wait to meet you now.


  1. You saw and you could make out the baby's nose!!!! I never could!
    Just think how fast time flies ...
    we saw Priyanka like this, first her post on pregnancy, then baby's first pic ...
    You aren't the only one waiting to see him!!

    Love to little one and a huge hug to his mom, - IHM

  2. Awwww... I was wondering when the baby was due. The post just sent a warm feeling all over :) Take care. Love.

  3. IHM: Yes the miracles of 3-D images...Im still wondering if it is " right" to know so many details before the baby arrives, but am enjoying it nonetheless!! major mixed feelings..will it take away the 'element of surprise' for one?

    D: I guess you missed the post when I shared the date (Feb 14th)...and if the baby doesnt behave we are going to tell him that we have changed his name to Prem Kumar.

  4. awwwwwwww..if hearing your description wasnt cute enough,,this is cuteness overload..
    And IHM is are not theonly one waiting for the bub!!We are all here,rooting for you and waiting for the little one to make its appearance.

  5. Hey Aneela, Thanks for your comments on my post. Its great that you could figure out your baby's nose in the USound, I couldn't tell head from tail :) Its very exciting, enjoy this time when you can feel the baby inside you. I missed that feeling after Ash was born :)

  6. awwww you're expecting...congrats..looking forward to the baby pics when the little bundle is born

  7. I gave you a shout out on my latest blog post.

    Awwwww @ 34th week nose picking baby scan. Super cute.

    But wait until he is picking his nose and eating his boogers. We are still working on that one!

  8. It took me back to my pregnancy days. I used to count each day and wrote a post in my diary for each day till birth. Now mine is 4 years old and I plan to give her that diary when she gets married.

    They grow so fast. Inside and outside. Hugs to little peanut and you.

  9. Congratulations! would like to send you an invite to a google group for peace, where can i send it? thanks

  10. This actually brought a tiny tear to my eyes since I was yelling at my kids last night for taking too long to finish their homework :(

  11. pakoda nose is good...
    take wishes for the little one.

  12. awwww.. emotional kar diya yara and i echo the comment you 're not the only one waiting to meet the baby . I 'm also waiting for the day when the baby reads the blog

  13. :) prayers for you and the lil one....i hope the lil one never gets a chance to remind you of that moment!

  14. Thankyou all big and small for the good wishes...mucho appreciated


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