Friday, January 02, 2009

Post Script

Lest we forget the year 2008 for me was classified as the year of NOT EXACTLY's

when a 'black man' (but not EXACTLY black) made it to the Oval Office...but isnt it exciting that we are even raising this question? As political commentators pointed out a couple of years ago even a 'drop of black blood' was enough to label you 'black'...and the idea of 'hybridity' was redundant.

A 'man' (but not EXACTLY a man) gives birth to a baby girl (and is preggers again)...interesting questions about reading the body and 'gendered expectations' eh.

And two women were part of the bid for a room with a view in the White House (but not EXACTLY good news for feminists any where).

and well it was the year that I could watch the fireworks and hold my tongue (as in not draw parallels with young families in the Gaza strip who would also be watching the sky light up for them)...but NOT EXACTLY... as two days later I am still thinking and writing about it.


  1. when a 'black man' (but not EXACTLY black) made it to the Oval Office...

    I have seen such a comment in a blog post innumerate times within last 2-3 days.
    So it was great to see a "black" win presidential post of USA.
    For me it sounds racial, racially supporting a person for a political post without checking his credentials on the grounds of political philosophy and accountability.
    Anyways, it doesn't affect me.
    A person who is so willing to hurt the Individual Liberty with the axe of Socialized education and Socialized healthcare, doesn't deserve my support or enthusiasm, he be black or white or a brown like some Indian.
    A man supporting the irrational "Bail-Outs" and Ridiculous "Compulsory tax-increments" doesn't deserve my chearing.
    Anyways, there was nothing in the last US elections to vote for.
    I wonder if Americans think that Voting is their Fundamental Right, it cannot be a fundamental right, voting doesn't certify Liberty..

    The news of man/not really a man being preggie again was jolly. Anyways, I wonder what the fairy of roman catholic church will say about it, In the Christmas message though, papa Benedict criticized homosexuals abruptly.

    About the two women failing to get in white house, I wonder if there is even a slight difference between democrats and republicans. In fact I find almost no difference between the politicians all round the world, they are similar. Here is my observation about it, Similarities between Indian and American politicians. Although I know Raun paul was different amongst all the politicians. Alas! he never had a chance.
    And anyways, feminists cannot get any good news anywhere because of their socialistic irrationality they are weighing upon, demanding government to make irrational women's rights bill, discriminating laws and harassing Individual Liberty.
    I am happy that being a female I can say I am not a part of all this Marxist feminism, and I am proud to so that I am an I-feminist (Objectivist/Anarcho-capitalist/Libertarian). Individualism comes first.

    Anyways, watching the fireworks and the colorful lights covering whole sky on the eve of new year itself is a great experience.

    Wishing you a very happy new year! Rock the life with bouts of happiness:)

    Have a nice time!

  2. Life in all its shades of grey!
    Hope 2009 brings you loads of joy, and a safe and comfortable delivery and a beautiful bundle of joy.
    (Award for you on my blog, as soon as I post).

  3. UDiva: *Nodding my head* at your observations...EXCEPT your dig at Marxist feminists :-) me not likee!! but its always good to get another perspective.
    dipali: thanks for your good wishes, yes now its getting more and more real and I realize this is something I cant 'sub contract' to a BPO in Bangalore!! please continue praying for me.
    will come and collect the award AND NOT PROCRASTINATE in fwding it to others. Ive been displaying my latest for a while now and have not shown the good manners to pass them on!!

  4. Great Post! Loved the 'Not EXACLTY's that you have listed. Wish you a very Happy New Year!


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