Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Postcard from Suburbia

So this Sunday we moved to the suburbs, cat, baby in production and all....it seemed a pretty daunting task…but somehow all the talk about Obama and Bush moving house in what do they say 20 minutes (?) of each other had me impressed, " I am pretty sure we have less boxes than them" ... I told the packers. So Yes We Can!! And we did, somewhat…

I do have some misgivings about all that talk about the two President's stuff being moved on the day of the Inauguration, pretty sure there might be SOME glitches over the years. What do you think are the odds of our man George in Texas calling up Barack OH " woh aap kee bhabi keh rahee hain kai unki ek kali sandal reh gayee hai" (the wife is missing a pair of black sandals)….and Laura B saying something like "Oho Malia Sasha ka school bag has come in our boxes".

Anyways….so Monday night (our first day in the new house) my real LIFELINE the internet was plugged in…interesting observation here, all day Monday I had not felt the baby move but didn't want to stress the man too much and thought I would wait a day…anyways as we finally got connected (after 6 calls to tech support which was some call centre in Philippines) I felt the baby stir, DEFINITE movements once the browser loaded, so I told my husband Guess what

he was pretty blasé and said " Bacha kis ka hai…I wouldn't have expected any less" So what do you think? Is my baby Wifi connected?!!


  1. hey there! Glad that the move went ok and nothing was broken or damaged lol :)

    In this age and technology, and the love we have for all things blogging I wouldn't expect anything less from your baby either!! :P

  2. knowing you he probably is Wifi connected.
    but unfortunately you won't be able to shit him down when he cried endlessly at nights during the first month! :)
    congrats on the move :)

  3. Oh, babies are definitely fitted with wi-fi sensors. How else do you think Abhimanyu got the hang of the chakravyuh?

  4. Kay and Silvara: Well the baby's father has been muttering to have his own blog, if nothing else to post better pics of himself (!!) Im sure the bub would be raring to go as well to get across "his side of the story" and all the craziness I have exposed him to.
    Kay: Well the first month screaming is an "occupational hazard"...I will make it up to him in the coming years everytime he wants to do something like attend school NA JAOO WAHHHHHHH.
    D: yup, as long as we take a page out of Sharukh (Om Prakash Makhija) Khan's book and let him know "Story/picture abhee bakee hai" dont go running away with half-baked info!!!

  5. Rofl a wifi baby. So 2-3 weeks more. So exciting...

  6. hahahaha..def a wifi baby!!! cant wait to see you and your suburban home sunday!


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