Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ARB Stocks Go Public

There can be two ways of writing this the short, sweet telegram of and baby doing well, dad very proud. Or we could do it my might not be as coherent as I planned, trust me I have been drafting this post the past five days as I sat in a hospital room WITHOUT ACCESS TO the internet...HOW CRUEL CAN THIS BE, I thought the spinal block was supposed to make my stay painless, ha! So I would sit and fret and try to check my email through my mobile phone, but not as much fun.
Ok so the story begins Saturday morning,well Friday night to be precise when I decided to order in pizza (to emulate some of the mommy bloggers I have grown to know and “channel”over the past year) I had read about most of them eating pizza and having happy babies. One aberration...Nepalese momos, good friend GS who has known and looked out for me since 1998 (across two continents) came over with my fav dish EVER as she knew I had missed out on the " pamper mom to be package" because of all that had been happening (I was supposed to have a surprise baby shower this weekend I hear!!). So it was a “happy family”reunion with GS and her family, Aman and Sups...the local AIT chapter was ready to farewell me in style!!
It was a crazy night as I lay fasting and trying to figure out if the baby was OK or not and quizzing Pipette's Mom and my sis about all that could or could not go wrong...the morning of Saturday was an “interesting”experience for Gman and me...a nice, bright day, happy people everywhere, you know the kind of day when you get ready for an exam and resent the fact that the rest of the world is enjoying a weekend of uninterrupted fun and frolic!!
So checked in at 9...was shown my room and the prelim round of questions , tests began. The anaesthetist came in and told me the details of his role in the procedure and asked us for our choice of music so it could be played in the theatre...considering it took us nearly an year to decide on the name of the kid, we could hardly decide on the choice of music to be played in half an hour!! I suggested something that would inspire them to work better and then considering I would need Gman's help in the coming days put up Deep Purple....Gman said he wouldnt mind Bollywood...(later on I heard Neil Diamond on the theatre system, I guess its the surgeons who decide)
Now Im afraid the rest of the update (as in details of) has to wait till a later day as Ive just looked at the watch and its close to 1 am and the baby will be wheeled in from the night nursery any time now for his feed.
So HIGHLIGHTS: the operation...I was prepped by a gentleman who had been at Monash ten years ago, I was discussing the current social revolution in Pakistan nad how I read it as “Marxim for the Taleban” and feel a nice tingling warmth in my legs which spread to my waist and all...I asked what it was and found out they had already administered the spinal, wow such a delicious feeling...will so not judge people on drugs any more.So at this stage the anaesthetist turns around and says they have to test whether the block works or not and the best “check” was that they had already started the procedure, YIKES! Had instructed Gman a hundred times to record the C-section procedure, apparently the hospital has a policy of no video recording (and no they were not making their own copy and selling it out to us) , gman wasn’t keen on actually clicking the “first cut” after a couple of minutes they ask him to come and click the bub being taken out...i hear a wail and a little Hobbit is being dangled in front of me bawling his lungs out...very very surreal. Minor scrub up, gman snips the umbilical cord and the hobbit is wrapped in a towel and put on my chest..there was a very funny light in the theatre and i can only remember my saying an awkward Khushaaal ussa (stay happy) to the baby..and then as things go the baby and team plus gman were off to the nursery... my mom arrived some time in the night and she left with gman for home..and I was one happy daughter and mommy.
The next day was kind of a blur...Monday i requested mom and gman to visit me for a set time every day as I wanted to be comfortable in my own groove and find out if i could cope on my own, many a haw hai from the rest of the world but I persevered...Arhaan also known as Gul Sher has been a sweetheart and has tolerated all our craziness with good humour. And I tried to channel my obsessive compulsive disorder towards meeting Research Office's guidelines towards my recovery , but frankly it has been a LOVeLY experience,,,the C section not that traumatic and I would have another baby in this hospital just for the spinal block!!
And im proud to say I went off the “take it easy Aneela program” only once... that is woke up one morning to write a section of a proposal, there were many a raised eyebrow when I opened my laptop in my hospital’s room but I soldiered perhaps “fingers crossed” it can all work out.

There have been other happenings and non-happenings..but what does not kill you (like my horrible liver condition ) can literally MAKE you a happier will sign of now with the promise to write about them as soon as possible.
Just an interesting observation for D (who had done a post a while ago for signs) Gman and me walked to the Delivery Suite (yup you actually walk towards the knives) a man passed us by wearing a Beer Chang Tshirt (Chang for the uninitiated is a Thai brand...Thailand having played some role in Jab We Met) ...I told the mid wife walking us down about it and she was pretty impressed and was looking for a “spiritual”angle..I told her it was a sad day when God decided to use alcohol advertising to “send me a sign”...and observation number 2...our room number was Room 27 (27 being the house number of the house I lived in and where my mother still lives) also the room number of my first “flat”...INTERSTING NA!!
P.S: its Thursday afternoon now, Im back home...Pesho my sweetheart has GROWN and Im afraid my mom's dire predictions of putting her on a diet some time soon may come true...she looks like the sarkari hospital cat I thought I had left behind in Pakistan. She is too busy chasing possums to take any interest in her " baby brother" as yet. I hope there is no " sibling" rivalry...once everyone settles down I will have a pic of all of us. There can be no " happy family" until Pesho is ready.
And as the post title explains it has been Day 6 of our darling boy being "launched " to the outside world...yes like the erratic stock market we are monitoring the ups and downs of ABR's jaundice levls, weight and feed intake...hope ours is a happier story compared to the rest of the world...but as I keep on repeating God has been kind, Im flattered with all the good will I have encountered and as ever we all need your prayers.


  1. OMG - Congratulations!

    Can't believe the baby is here - thought it wouldn't be here for another few weeks!

    Hope baby and u are doing well :)

  2. yayyyy!! for proud mommy and adorable baby :D
    take care..

    much love and hugs for the two of you :D

    pics please?

  3. OMG!
    Congratulations Aneela! Big, Big, Big, hug!
    It's the eight wonder of the world that you've emerged with your humour intact - the first few months of motherhood completely dumbed me down, I had nothing cooler to say, than, mum, please watch him, I need some sleep!

  4. I have been waiting for this post since last Saturday. Finally, Aneela, congratulations! Lots & lots of love to you and to the li'l baby (and some of it to Gman too, since he's Dad and all!).

    And I so love you for remembering my post 6 days after you've delivered a baby! Take care, and keep posting!

  5. Dear all big and small,
    thanks a mill for all your prayers and goodwill...mucho appreciated!!
    pics will be online soon...its just that we had moved house ten days before bub's arrival and am desperately searching for the camera and mobile cables for downloading.
    more later, aneela

  6. Congrats congrats congrats...triple congrats....

  7. Congratulations on the new baby :) It'll be the most amazing journey of your life.

  8. Lovely getting a post from you so soon, Aneela, but don't overdo it!
    God bless you all, and may Pesho be a good sibling cat:)


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