Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting to a Month

In the spirit of Arhaan reaching the one month mark in the next couple of days I will hold my tongue regarding the Zardari-Sharif fracas.

My parents are nuts...thank God for me, I will break them into 'grownup hood' yet.

So we are getting to four weeks of Arhaan/Gul Sher joining our crazy household. With the exception of Pesho who has flashes of sanity, I am fast realizing that the youngest occupant of the house is the only ‘rational’ voice. At some stage I cant blame everything on ‘baby brain’ , especially as now they say women become more intelligent after having a baby , something along the lines of losing some grey cells during pregnancy and then nature overcompensating you later in the year. I want those grey cells back!! And if I have a choice where they can be directed, could it go to the part of my brain that does ‘proof reading’...I cringe and die a thousand deaths when I go through some of the posts in the past year. I can (NOT) walk English, talk English any more.

So in the past couple of weeks we have been blundering about and as I keep on telling anyone who cares to listen, the only reason we give the impression of cruising along smoothly is because of the baby (Ab usko nazar na lagey)...well behaved enough to encourage Gman to leave for Malaysia this week. My mom is here but she leaves soon..there will be two days when I will have to depend on Arhaan to ‘hold the fort’...I am fast realizing that what I feel for Arhaan is not so much maternal rather than this feeling that I have discovered an incredibly good pal to hang out with ..and its friendship in places unexpected. I know Im incredibly blessed and I am ever so grateful for this incredible little boy.

Some of the things that we have heard around the house in the past couple of weeks.

***Even before Arhaan, I would always confess to Gman that I would be so ‘fixated’ when it came to my babies that I would not be able to sleep at night lest something bad befell them...I would spend all night just watching them sleep and perhaps he could take the morning shift? If I was not worried about being the one woman who laughed so hard that her stitches burst open, I would tell you what I think of that statement now.

***Gman all flustered as he packs our hospital bags, the flowers and presents in the car...”everything has fit in, just let me prepare some space in the boot for the baby” (Please dont report us to social services, we do have a car seat for him!!)

***My mom as she pores over Arhaan (who is more Barack than Babar after a bath, all tight curls and coffee colored)
So perhaps he will be the first non-white Aussie PM one day and make history

to which I say

So indigenous Australia can say
phir hum naa hi samjhey...ab yeh desi bhee agaya?


  1. And all we blogger will come for his swearing in ceremony to Australia :D I think it sounds like a nice plan! Jai ho.

  2. Congratulations! And it's been a month already! He certainly sounds like a fun kid - enjoy!


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