Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Weeks and counting

No more pics until you speak to my agent.

So what have we learnt....some fun facts.

We held our breath (in horror) as Arhaan wriggled off the weighing scales, had I given birth to some horrible mutant? To be told by the health worker that babies are born with an instinct to wriggle and step –which they lose at some stage and have to learn all over again...major kabhee bhoola kabhee yaad kiya..actually if I had given birth with not a soul in sight and collapsed from the effort and blood loss-- nature has arranged for the baby to wriggle to my chest for nourishment (and the hormones released would contract my uterus, revive me and have me back on my feet). Impressive eh?

Of course being the crazy parents that we are...though none of us have mentioned it to the other.. but considering the Pathan genes in him (and his Gul Sher avatar) the dad does fear the baby wriggling to the knives drawer if the quality of the room service goes downhill he has started treating the boy wonder with new founded respect and trying not to do anything to antagonize him.

My mom has confessed that she has been surprised by our 'parenting skills' especially mine ...I guess the rest of my family particularly the aunty brigade had serious misgivings how the Mommy Project would turn out...I think a lot goes to the bub's credit, he has been seriously low maintenance..It is not that I developed Earth Mother skills all of a sudden.

And I guess it made a lot of difference that I waited and waited some more before deciding to spread my gene have seen more of the world, realised what SERIOUS deprivation is about (rather than being just deprived of sleep) and what real life can demand of you, but then that is just me...I'm sure there are many incredible young women out there who have figured out life and their place in the world in their early twenties...for me I have been incredibly blessed that the Good Lord has given me a kid with good health and an incredibly sweet nature...and I'm content in the knowledge that all my baby needs to be pacified is to be fed, burped or have his diaper changed.. He is not putting me through the moral dilemma of bringing Shariah to the Greater Melbourne region before he stops crying, or submit a hundred word abstract of the significance and innovation of my breast feeding skills before I venture to feed him... to revise my budget before deciding what brand of pampers to use.

More later, I'm still teary eyed over the incredible journey of Slum Dog as it unfolds at the Oscars...


  1. I am so glad that you are focussed on just enjoying him. These days pass much too soon.

    More pictures! More pictures!

  2. lol- it's funny reading such mommyness come out of you aneela :P
    bless him he is such a cutie!

    i saw ur comment abt rehman in dis above blog.. bt he mentioned his wife name.. " in life i have always 2 choices, love n hate, i choose love thts y im here... " this is his acceptance speech..

  4. I'm loving these Arhaan-featuring posts :D. Keep them coming, and all the best to you both!

  5. Hey, it is heartening to know that I am developing a major fan brigade....or rather the bub is (for me). Please remember us in your prayers.
    Annon: yup, I heard his acceptance speech as well and was hoping that the above lines were a 'veiled reference' to the wife (rather than fluctuating public opinion about him)...Im sure all is well in the household, it was just random ranting on my part.

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  7. Love the name Arhaan, its so different. What does it mean? and mashAllah, your baby is absolutely gorgeous

  8. very cute mashalla.
    love the post.. you really have gone with the flow haven't you ;)

  9. I left a comment on your last post too but am fairly certain blogger ate it up. Anyway, it was just a lot of gushing because this baby deserves it! He looks great and you say that he is low-maintenance, aur kya chahiye? I hope everything else is kushal-mangal too? Take loads of care of yourself :) Hugs to both of you!

  10. wow. and to think you thought you were an antimmommy. :) you sound like a pro and a happy pro at that. Lots of love and duas and i must say now that you have the hang of it, i feel quite useless, no more SOS mails. normally i dont think id like being made redundant, but in this case, ill let you get away with it. keep having fun, love. they grow too fast.

  11. For someone who's expected to be contemplating mommyhood, your post is very encouraging :)

  12. Gosh what I remember most clearly of this stage is a desperate wish to be able to sleep :)

    Each little phase is so cherish able ... have fun :) That's an adorable photograph and is somebody copying Manoj Kumar ??


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