Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forty days counting

So last week I was reminded of the "40 days post baby" milepost (lest we forget our pagan past)...I had not forgotten, having made arrangements with mom regarding sadqa for the Bajaur refugees. And cajoling Gman to visit the Ganapati site in our area (could not forget how exactly an year ago I was doing the Amar, Akbar, Anthony trek in Mumbai).
But what was the true "deal breaker" when it comes to matters spiritual was realising that 40 days of bub coincided with my first day back at work (well I am going Thursdays for three hours in the evening)...thus taking a page out of SRK's book "Work should be developed as the new religion"...and now that all my gods are happy (!!), I can rest easy....and it was really sweet amongst all the nay sayers to have a great-aunt tell my mom how lucky Arhaan was to see a university so early in his young life when so many like her were speen sar (white in the hair) when they visited one. Happy faces everyone!!!
And there is a rumbling in Arhaan's pamper (the poor soul has inherited my problematic bowel so any poop is marked with congratulatory calls from friends and family) and a roar in the streets of Pakistan...lets see how the day develops for me and mine.


  1. LOL @ the celebratory calls and roars :)))

    Love the humour in this post!

    ... and glad Bub is going to the university at 40 :)

  2. :) may there be be just enough to celebrate here and there.
    Congrats on the 40-days period anniversary, and one gentle hug to Arhaan. What a lovely name!

  3. IHM: yes im glad the bub's and pakistan's`(legal) constipation got resolved in one day!!!
    Nino's Mum: His daak naam is Gul Sher which fits him better...

  4. awwww.touchwood.
    BTW,you have been tagged.

  5. All the best as a going out to work mom, Aneela.
    May Gul Sher enjoy his trips to the Uni too!


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