Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Madness

Dear ABR also known as GS,

I know that one day this too will fine morning I will not be (fingers crossed!) wiping your vomit off everything within your range (raise your hand, whoever thinks the constant assurance "making curd is a good sign" is only a conspiracy to make a harried mother less hassled about the sheer ickiness of it)..I will not be massaging your back and your tummy of whatever evil that lurks within your stomach. That I will no longer think dark thoughts of whether my life would have been less complicated if I had decided to raise you on formula and grown old never knowing what 'latching problems', 'let down', 'sudden cold triggering vasospasm' ever meant. Of every morning not being an obstacle race of expressing for Thursday, cleaning up after you, feeding, putting you to sleep, house keeping and catching up with what is happening in the world.

I am now convinced that the only thing you got from the Pakistani side of the family is the 'politician's disposition'...a fact that was drummed into us very recently when I realised that it is only a call from your grand mother in Rawalpindi cantt (where Rawalpindi Cantt also happens to be GHQ for the uninitiated) that shuts you up when you are throwing a tantrum. Sigh, as a generation of politicians before and after you have learnt, when Rawalpindi calls you better start toeing the line.

But amongst all this insanity there are moments which remind me of the power of the 'human will' ...when after a fortnight of my adamantly typing away with one finger while you chomped at my breast and wriggled in my lap I did manage to complete a journal article. Your smug smile while you snuggle into my shoulder (having broken me down into not putting you into the crib).

For the life of us we cannot fathom why you are OK shuttling between crib and cot during the day but will scream blue murder when we put you down in the cot at night, and how you will only sleep when you are in the bed with me (actually sleeping on top of me)...I dont know whether to believe the lobby "you cant spoil the kid before they are three months old" or those who are telling me that the baby's sleep habits are set from week one. And Im miserable that with all that is wrong with the world this is what should consume my you might become a night owl like me, if that is the extent of my 'legacy' , so be it.

Yesterday night Gman told me that if it makes arhaan happy sleeping with me, to allow him that, he will learn to sleep on his own some day...he doesnt know of any 50 year old who cant sleep on their own. Me, Im worried that I might be raising you into entering unsuitable relationships just because you are scared to go to bed alone.

On 'lighter' topics I have been tagged by Mimi to put up a picture from my I am putting it up:

This is 'technically' Gman's pic as he had used my laptop to download some pics from his camera...its of Geneva or as Europe is referred to in Parul's household @###ing Geneva. The reason for my ire? I find it bloody unfair that its me who has spent a lifetime consuming Yash Chopra and its the philistine Gman who gets to cavort in the vales of Switzerland every year...Ok wrong choice of words...for the life of me I cannot imagine Gman cavorting..angry furrowed brow as he plans the logistics of Sri Devi crossing the meadows, yes..we have tried so many times to get me to accompany him, but our plans are always jinxed. But I will persevere...Switzerland ki vaadiya may aa rahee hoon. I also hate Geneva for every time Gman is there something crazy happens...our home floods, land lord gives us moving orders, Pesho falls sick.

Ok Im going to cheat and put up the fourth pic from the fourth folder that has MY pics:

its one of me and my mom and arhaan (as site under construction) in gold coast last year...yup, a slice of Nepal in good ol' Oz.


  1. arhaan is totally alpha male. He's in control and get his way. Booyah!

  2. Please stop writing about Arhaan's sleepless nights, your vomit-wiping days, the breastfeeding pains and all that makes motherhood seem so difficult for someone who's trying very hard to make up her mind about having a baby!

    But it's your blog, Aneela, so I can't really stop you, can I?

    And that pic of you and your mum: nice! I refuse to believe you're carrying a baby there!

  3. i've been reading ur blog a while but i don't think i commented before. i read it because i enjoy your writing!!

    howeva, i gotta agree with D on this one. pliss not to scare us undecided souls. :D

    but aah it must be so nice having him sleep on yer stomach!!!! aint that blissful! :) i know u love it. :)))

  4. Ali: haan bhai they are all alpha males...even Zardari thought he was 'in control' ..however they all cower when it comes to Rawalpindi. So hopefully my Rawalpindi (arhaan's grandmother's ) call will bring this alpha male a notch as well. We have taken to putting her on speaker phone as she lets arhaan know who is the boss!!
    D and Roopscoop: Ohhh..bad bad aneela..I didnt know the 'chotha parivar' lobby will soon be paying me a commission for keeping the population of the Greater Lucknow area under control!!
    I realise that this post was a bit overwheming but I thought I did make a case for 'how there is sanity at the end of the tunnel' ...yes, babies can be overwhelming but as I wrote in an earlier post compared to all the other crisis 'befalling' me and mine they seem more manageable...I might be a bit flustered but then thats because of my particular situation, I decided to go back to work (well a 'semblance'of work) the 40th day...then my baby has my horrible genes of thinking sleeping to much can be a waste of time...I had actually told my husband that post lunch siestas was taboo amongst Pathans (and watching cricket!) sigh my mom corrected him pretty its just my karma coming and biting me in my butt.
    Re: 'making a decision' well I would always say when in doubt dont. I would always recommend couples to 'live their lives' before sharing it with another soul...much like deciding to get married, I wanted to 'know' me before I allowed someone else to know and share my life. ditto, project procreation. But as I keep on saying It could be me, and there might be others who dont need to go through this exercise. I dont buy the biological clock ticking, women becoming more selfish post a certain stage in their lives and the health risks fears...all a conspiracy to have women pushing out babies in their 20s.
    And if it makes you feel good, yesterday arhaan accompanied me to a book launch and he was a model of good behaviour, and he only woke up once through the night.

  5. Plus where I am its just me, Gman and the Im sure arhaan acts up because he is bored.

  6. oooo congrats on the baby. I know I'm more than a month late in wishing you. this just shows how long it's been since I visited your blog. I last remember congratulating you on your pregnancy and now the baby is already here :)

    I'm shit scared of having a baby. your post is driving me further away :(
    But I'm sure the joy of the little one makes up for all the late nights and vomit wipes and breast feeding woes :)

  7. ggrrrrrr......blogger ate up all my comments....

  8. all I said was at age five he will pick up blankie and go off to the next room, because "I is a big boy now. " So enjoy holding him while he sleeps now.


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