Sunday, March 08, 2009

This Week in (Aneela)Story

Recapping some of the highlights:

Shahbaz Sharif acknowledged that there is Something to What Bhabhi Kulsoom tells us from her English books...every (Governor's Rule) cloud does have a silver lining, better him than us to have botched up the security

Aneela predicts that 2009 is the year Gulli Danda will finally take off in Pakistan...its now or never baybeh, and there are a couple of guys who have killer arms and are out of action for a while CALL PCB NOW!!

Aneela tries to pacify all the conspiracy theorists (like Sardar Gabol)...OK lets have a compromise, perhaps the intention was local but the 'action' was outsourced to an Indian BPO, damn those competitive hourly rates.

And I wondered whether the Universe and the terrorists just wanted us to play more hockey.

In other news the mother left for Pakistan...she said I was managing OK and she felt kind of redundant here...since when did you start getting punished for being good at something?? And Gman left for his first work trip overseas since arrival of bub, and there were two days when it was just Arhaan, Pesho and me holding fort and we survived OK...there was a mild earthquake (4.7) and Pesho proved us wrong about animals "sixth sense" regarding earthquakes, she continued chasing possums as I ran about frantically for her.

And Arhaan bless his soul ROYALLY ignored my mom when he heard she was leaving us...any attempt by her to click a snap on her last day in Melbourne as a "memento" of them together was snubbed by him.


  1. hahaha,

    you are sure that the galli danda will finally end this year?

  2. Its ironic how it happened with SS not around, wonder how the blame game would've gone had he been around and things normal. And you have a cute kid, playing peek a boo already!

  3. Arhaan is friggin awesome. Boy's got attitude!

  4. Wohoo.....i love the lil mans attitude....!

  5. Does quite like the paparazzi, does he?!

    And hey, your mom (that's her in the pic, right?) looks lovely!

  6. Tazeen: Not get over...this is the year we rediscover the joys of kabaddi and gulli danda, NO MORE CRICKET for a while.

    Mayya: My feelings exactly!!

    Ali and Kanwal: Hey thanks for the vote of confidence...we aim to raise kids with great self esteem.

    D: Will convey the compliments to my Arhaan Im wondering whether he has caught on to the Jolie-Pitt and Cruise bidding wars for cash in return for baby smiles?!! If so, he aint saying cheese for free for long.

  7. Your mom is gorgeous!
    Arhaan is looking very cute- the tininess is all that one an see:)


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