Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kissa Number Ka

Kiran tagged me with this and well I needed something to get me writing again.

One in my last nerve...and you are getting to it if you have to exclaim "Oh but the baby is JUST like the father"..of course he is, Gman is the father, are you trying to hint something? In fact please dont for I realise it irritates me more when you joke "so at least we know who the dad is" or "Oh so its not the neighbour" (actually even if the spirit was willing it would have been quite the Mission Impossible as our neighbour at the time of Project Conception was a gay Anglican priest, ha ha). And for all those who ask in a concerned tone, "so does it bother you that the baby is nothing like you", well the baby has my sense of humour, dark and wicked, and its very obvious even at such a young age, and this is what I was praying for, so Im content with how the genes are playing out thank you very much.

It takes two to tango ...and to procreate...but it takes a whole village to raise the bub.

It took us nearly three months to get to a stage where we could take this pic...three hours of chasing after the cat and three weeks of getting around to download the pic of the FOUR of us together.

Ok so we look disheveled, and I know my mother will scream when she sees this as how I never make the bed properly, how Gman and me need a new wardrobe and a hair cut and a million other things you may find wrong but finally finally I have a shot of the FOUR of us together. Pesho and Baby Arhaan have finally made us a family. The number four has been pretty significant to me and mine (yup Kiran if you are reading this the similarities in your life and mine are spooky at times)..July 4 my birth date..Jan 4 the date I met Gman for the first time...Jan 31 the bub's birth date ...four the number of my niece and nephews (who rock my world) and well the list goes on.

Five rupees ...what I got as my first pocket money...not much even for those times but SO much and more if you knew the whole story to it. Good times Aneela Good Times.

The number that has figured in EVERY house/apartment Ive lived in...whether it is the house number, lane number, apartment block...Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bangkok (held true for two different apartments!!)Hanover, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Freaky!! Until I moved to our recent could be because its the start of a new life for me or there is a number 6 connection and I havent discovered it yet!!

The seventh month of the birth month...Yup, born on the Fourth of July...Im a Fire Cracker Girl...meant so much as a kid, random strangers on finding out would comment Aap Ko Tau Amreeka Ka Visa Aisey Hee Dey Deyngey and one would beam with pride. How things have changed. I miss a time when I didnt cringe with embarrassment on disclosing my birth date.

Eight years old...thats how old I was when my first essay was published and I caught on to the writing bug..I dont know if that is a good thing for all of you or not!!

Well thats how long a pregnancy should be...and should be spent with your feet up. Too late for me...silly silly Aneela spent it at the dentists nursing a wisdom tooth...renovating houses...teaching a crazy semester...finishing writing research projects no one was much interested in. Crying her eyes out over the nightmares visiting all the homes she has loved. Telling herself just this one project and then I will relax and catch up on my sleep and lie in for the 72 hour weekend all the baby books tell me about. And then the baby was here even before the ninth month had started. And now she goes around advising people who probably wont even dream of following it until they learn for themselves NINE MONTHS AINT ENOUGH!!

Ten years to the year Gman and me met we have received a ten-year anni present that rocks our world. Who knew eh?

Ummm who should I tag? The Karachi posse perhaps?
Jammie, Khizzy, kAy,'re it!!


  1. much obliged.
    been needing a kick start.
    kAy's book launch rocked.

  2. 6 also figures in the Devil's number ;)

  3. five rupees bought a samosa and coke from the canteen during school. Five rupees was the amount my grandma would give me if I found her glasses if she misplaced them. Sometimes I'd deliberately hide her glasses if I needed five rupees!

    and you have an unmistakable mommy glow in both pics with the baby

  4. khizzy: Yeahhhh...Im sure it was some evening. Wish I was there.
    D: Oh that explains the decor in some of the places! You will be glad to know that Im in a boring number 2
    Mayya: Oh I miss samosas soooo much, the "sabat aloo" kind which were nice and crispy. all I get now are sad soggy apologies for a samosa stuffed with peas and mashed aloo.
    P.S I dont think thats mommy glow, its just with the baby around we have a higher standard of hygeine and am washing my face more often.

  5. i was wondering where you had dissapeared! love this post!

  6. And btw, I love this template.

  7. Lovely, Aneela. Especially the family picture and accompanying reamarks!

  8. Lovely. Loved the four. Loved the nine. Loved all of them.

  9. love the pic...and your bed is nicely made. you should see mine :)

  10. Thats an awesome Cat- I mean a wonderful family too- and not in that order....


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