Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mullahs Gone Wild

My eyes.
So its not only young American grad students who get to enjoy spring break...eventually the Rhythm Will Get To Anyone.
Excuse me while I look for the link to the mujra the former Chair CBR subjected us to. I seriously want you to start voting on who would do it best in a potential dance-off.

Edited to Add:

you can watch the former Chairman Board of Revenue dance off at



  1. I have a stomach ache from laughing too much.

  2. Yes, I am pretty sure its part of a documentary "When Mullahs Go BAd" or "the secret life of mullahs"...they are giving emran hashmi a run for his money, eh.

  3. Emraan Hashmi is such a lafanga to look at, na though he may have a heart of gold.

    Tagged you.

  4. Oh-MY-God! *faints* this beats bald fat punjabi uncles attempting bhangra at mehendis


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