Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aur Waha Ka Mausam Kaisa Hai?

So Parul I am taking you up on your request to put up pics of "how the weather" is in my part of the world...well sort of...I have chosen to put up some images of how Im living this surreal "living in two worlds" life. The weather is Islamabad winter afternoons, when the sun is out but as they say "garmee nahee hai us mey" so its crisp clear afternoons and I walk the streets of my suburb nostalgic for post-lunch kinoo orange sessions. I was never one for oranges and would get irritated every time someone would point out dekho dekho Vitamin C from the oranges, Vitamin D from the sun, as it was the first time someone made the connection. But I miss that now. It drives me crazy how the air smells Pindi/Islamabad, at times conjuring all the depression of a Pindi day ending and so many deadlines pending, at times the anticipation of a lovely Islamabad drive under a canopy of red leaves but I can see none of the people I share that with...imagine walking the lanes of a town which seem so familiar but there are none of the landmarks, sights and sounds of what makes it so dear and then my mind starts playing this trick with me that if I push the stroller fast enough and turn the corner I might run into all whom I miss frequenting the same streets.
Thursday afternoons I take the train to work and once again there is a familiar chatter of students in my ears and I wish I could step off the platform for Caulfield and get on to a Borivali Fast. So this is the weather in my part of the town..thoda wishful sa.

Friday night and not a sign of the producers strike getting over (which means no new release which means no new DVD) we decide to forage for all the movies that were bought borrowed stolen but never watched ....first stop Hello (based on Bhagat's One Night at A Call Centre)...the movie starts with Salman Khan doing what he does best and Gman questions Yeh Gaana Tha Kiya Book May? damn Im in for a long night....


  1. That's the weather or the nostalgia? :)Beautiful post.

  2. Lovely, I am linking this post to mine on the weather.

  3. Aneela, I am an occasional lurker. I had to comment today because this post encapsulates the away-from-home feelings of my heart and the un/familiar naggings of life so perfectly. I am nostalgic for Islamabad too, every day. Hope you're doing well.

  4. Hi Dr. Aneela,

    Good Day!!!

    I got to know about golkamra from my brand new friend …. You might be guessing who is that???? Hmmmm … he is Gautam ...lolz!!! I am sure you have heard about him :). Being an active blogger myself ( I like the myriad ways of writing and today I have read quite a number of your posts written by you. The best one I liked was "Sleeping with the 'enemy', and none the worse for it". Let me tell you that you have an awesome sense of imagination and artistry in writing.

    Since I am a fellow Bayswater-ian too...why don’t you guys drop in one day in our abode? My wife and I can surely do the necessary khatir dari for celebrities like you and gautam. My 6yo son will be too excited to see the little angel too.

    For last couple of weeks I am trying to coax Gautam to speak in our meetup group ( but bare sahib bahot busy hain, he is zipping around Australia. Well he has promised me that his highness will speak in our meetup one day.. As I strongly believe that birds of same feather flocks together so I am confident you are an exceptional speaker too and can motivate the hungry minds with words of wisdom. The same invitation to speak in our meetup group goes for you as well.


  5. i could call him and ask him to speak to your group but you have to get his name right (unless you know some gautam)

  6. D : a little bit of both...actually I am a sucker for fall and no place does it better than Islamabad
    Parul: thanks!! for suggesting this post and for putting it up.
    azka: im glad i could put some balm on an achy breaky islamabad heart.


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