Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is Easier the Second Time Around

As promised a top ten list of why I believe 'raising' Pesho "stands us in good stead" when it comes to bringing up the bub:

1) Your laptop has already suffered enough abuse, the screen has smudges of cat drool, you know the short cut keys to rotate the screen view (yes Pesho prefers viewing her applications at 130 degrees for some reason) and the Caps Lock key has not been working in a while.

If you are not giving me the laptop I am keeping the USB flash drive

2)You have been trained to take short showers unless you want a mad cat bringing down the shower screen.

3) You have gone through the "checkout aisle bargain" (when you convince yourself that you are buying a special treat Just This Time for the little darling)

4)You are familiar with the maxim "what goes in will come out and you will be scooping it up"

5)You can decipher facial expressions, know what each twitch means, conduct a full conversation even if the other party is not contributing much, and know when exactly to give a cuddle, HOWEVER

6) you will still be standing in your pyjamas staring bleary eyed at them at 3am begging them to tell you JUST WHAT DO THEY WANT (confession: its simpler with the cat she has to decide between Should I Go Out ? Stay In ? or Leave my Options Open?)

7)Someone has already suffered the ignominy of nicks like Ladoo, Gulab Jaman, Princess, Baby, My Sweet Heart, Precious, Mama's Jaan, Doll Face, Monkey

8)You have already witnessed how fickle grandparents can be in appointing new favourites...from Oh Doesnt Pesho Have a Pet Passport So She can Visit Me to Dont you think she needs to be put on a diet for our new baby looks scrawny compared to her to There Should be a Boarding School to Send Her.

9) The days of packing a bag and a spur of the moment weekend getaway is a thing of the past (unless you have a reliable cat sitter on speed dial)

10) You have already allowed your heart to "go walking around outside your body" ...SORRYYY Elizabeth Stone!!!!


  1. I actually know of a young couple who adopted a cat just to find out if they were ready to be parents!
    :)I have never ad any pets....now it makes me think maybe i should have!

  2. Thats one sweet cat.
    We have a 15lb Leo Licqorice Bolt- whom we call Guppy- and yes he runs our lives.

  3. ladooooooo is MY baby's name!!!
    i love this list. i must come up with a ladoo list.

  4. hmmm if i ever have a pet cat i will call her ," Gulabo" :).LOL i did nod through some of the similarities between a pet and a child.

  5. :) Either you've brought up your cat like your baby or you're bringing up your baby like a cat ;) It's the former, I know.

  6. makes a lot of sense! Good for the boy:)

  7. Lovely pictures, lovely post. I have raised both cats and babies and I agree completely.... one thing we felt with the baby growing was we used to ask, "Baby wants dinner?" or "Baby wants to go out?" and instantly realize that baby understands nothing :) This changed very fast, but our dachshund continued to think of the kids as younger than him :)
    Loved this post Aneela :)And we've called our cat Laddoo and Puddding, and my son was always apple pie :)

  8. LOL at the list! And she's beautiful.

  9. Kanwal A: smart people your friends...send me their contacts we should compare notes!!

    @lankr1ta: Guppy sounds adorable...do you have her pics up?

    Khizzy: I look forward to reading your list. I forgot that there is a Ladoo around. Chalo my boy will be Ladoo Junior.

    Huma: As Shakespeare said Gulabo or a cat by any name smells just as sweet

    D: both actually, there is many a time when we say Wasnt PEsho doing this by now?

    dipali:thanks for the vote of confidence
    IHM: glad to know that Im not alone with a 'sweet tooth'when it comes to pets!!

    Word Junkie: Yes isnt she a jaan, kala tikka moment!!

  10. Hey! We have two cats, and G and I often feel that the way we are with them is pretty close to how we'd be when we have kids. :)
    Specially, points 5 and 10. :)

  11. And, err... my cats be here: http://threedrinksahead.wordpress.com/category/the-critters/

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  13. Aneela, Guppy is a he, and a "big kitty" yes there is a picture on my blog, with my other boy.
    By the way I know of an acquantance who has a tom cat called Gopal, and Gopal is never called a "billi" always referred to as Gopal.

    By the way, do you find yourself taking excessive Cat Pictures, somehow our camera hardly has any of us around any more.

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