Friday, May 08, 2009

Three Is A Magic Number

Hey little wizard,
Three things I learnt to love about you this month:

1) Your gift of introducing me to taking naps. Anyone who knows me can vouch that I am a single person army ranting against the post-lunch siesta. I have written tomes trying to prove how it is unpatriotic, a death knell for industry and progress. Gman was told in the first week of marriage that it was unPashtun and my mother wont stand for it (this and cricket...sadly my mother came a visiting and put a stop to that). Ok, now all this was before my precious baby have introduced me to the joys of curling up and just dozing off...and its all because of you, my perfect nap partner. Remember the episode in Friends where Joey and Ross get addicted to taking naps together, that is me and bub. I take the best naps ever if you are curled up next to me...delicious. Reading in the afternoon be damned.

2) Your fascination for music...yes the Swat Taleban may have you on their list...but you have an ear for it. Which is good for me, as I can switch on your mobile and do important things like go pee. Frankly, I never knew how important planning the mad dash to the bathroom would be for moms...I have been chatting with Parul and most of her and her sis's baby acquisitions are structured around this particular activity. Yup, we have a need...a need to s(pee)d and Fischer Price is making its millions courtesy moms who now plan their trip to the restroom as military commanders would plan their next tactical engagement. Pet Peeve: coming across someone in deep thought.."So whatcha thinking?"
"Hmm soch raha hoo bathroom jaoo kay nahee"...some people have all the luck.

3)Your chuckle. Bless you bless you bless you. It works against me some days..I wag my finger sternly and say No Baby No in the firm tone the health worker taught me but you can still see through my 'fake anger' and chuckle merrily. You find humour in the strangest things and continue to inspire me every day to keep on smiling. Yesterday when you had your first hair cut (yes I had to finally succumb...the way I saw it, the sooner he gets his locks shorn, the quicker some hungry guys in Frontier Constabulary get their goat meat) I was bawling my eyes brave little boy were a brave little trooper and continued to gurgle through the whole session.

All my love,
Your Adey


  1. ohhh...he's growing up so quickly

  2. Awwww! Afternoon naps with a tiny one next to you/on top of you- my youngest would inevitably poop! Still a fond memory:)

  3. He gets better and better! At the ripe old age of three months, he is delectable :)

  4. Yes, thank the Lord he is growing...he had me worried for a while and I feared his Pashtun cousins ganging up on him. He is still as goofy as ever.
    Dipali: well he doesnt poop but he does posset after a while, but its OK as he is good natured about it and if he isnt crying why should I?

  5. Awwwww. he's lovely!! This post brings back such memories.


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