Monday, June 29, 2009

Hum Paanch!!

As the mater is busy youtubing for Rakhi S Swayamvar ( agar aap mey hai woh baat tau le jaye mera haath) it comes upon me to give you some of the highlights of Month Four of my life...yup baby will soon be turning Five Months!!

1) This was the month I got my "four months shots"...not that pleasant, I dont know how my Ayesha mausi tattoos herself for pleasure every now and then, perhaps she takes something much potent than Baby Panadol to dull the pain eh?
2) My big cousin Sakeena has come down to visit is FUNNNNNN...she knows the lyrics to all of the songs, and doesnt hum two lines and then go scurrying to google the rest like the parents, she also has a IPod and has been very generous in allowing me to give inputs regarding the play list. I now know how to shake some baby booty (courtesy Cousin Sakeena again), I love to grab to anyone who volunteers their fingers and bring myself up. I also love the Fly Fly Aeroplane game (again courtesy the big sis)...cant tell you the freedom as my mother idea of fun was to plonk me on my back and put on the baby mobile or give me a bath.
3) My fav bed time story is Kit the Cat...I can listen to it any number of times and I love following the pictures of the naughty cat, the silly fish and the brave dog. I love it best when my mother reads it to me, she goes through the extended ten minutes version unlike the pater and cuz who skim through it. The pater actually was quite traumatised when the storyline sunk in for him, I could hear him asking my mum in dismay "Yeh Kit the Cat tau villain niklee"
4) I also got a chance to watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham on was kind of difficult to follow the story over my mother's tears and her hugging me tight every ten minutes...there was one bit when my dad announced that I would go to Oxford "parampara hai parampara " and my mom squeezed me and said "and his mom will stay with him". The two argued a bit. I think Im being home schooled now.
5) My mom says that her fav memory of the month is Cousin Sakeena singing "Summer of 69" to me and my head banging to the lines "Those Were the best days of my life".
Yup my life is good.

I will soon share some of my mom's fav pics of me from this month...she has been crying so much over the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham episode, my learning to pull myself up (my baby! my baby is growing up) and some MJ guy (whom I could never go on a play date with actually) that I let her stick bows over me and grin and put up with the dresses.

Rapping with my Cuz

Cuz gave me a Lolly but My Mom was Quick to Take It Away DRATTT


  1. cutie pie. quite talkative ;)

    The head banging part had me in splits!

  2. You get cooler every day, little guy.

  3. Thanks for the smashing post, little guy.
    Keep up all the good work:)

  4. awww....hes adorable most tempted to steal this idea of your post!

  5. OMG!! he is super cute!!And the post is very cool!


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