Sunday, June 21, 2009


Golkamra key karamfarmao ko T20 ki khushiyan mubarak

And I add to this my prayers of Thanksgiving...there is hope yet...perhaps the young are not jaded of the @### our generation made of see a determined 13 year old (Ms Niece is visiting) avidly watching the proceedings and giving updates to her dozing aunt and uncle (in my defence I thought the fact I was nodding off was GOOD for the team...refer to earlier posts of black tongues and cricket matches), to see her all perky and bright eyed post-the witching hour (bear in mind the match started at midnight for us), of a group hug and baby Arhaan getting squashed in the exuberance, of a little girl feeling so proud of the green and white after a fortnight of "comparisions" with the green and gold...thankyou thankyou thankyou.
And shayed picturo kee tarah The End tak hum sab ka bhee sab kuch theek hojayega, Ameen
p.s: Now the ex-jiyalee in me would have said something about it being a birthday gift to BB, the spirit of BB steering the ball and all...hee heee..


  1.'s slipped me by of course like much else of life in the last two months but congrats!


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