Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Notes on RS Swayamvar

In the words of Rakhi S thankoo Geejush, Ganpati Bappa for youtube..I managed to catch the first episode ONLINE, kiya show hai..the Bachelor/ette cant even be a patch on it. OK what I remember of the guys and their chances

Kripal....no no no no...the kind of voice which begs you to pour down some Harpic down his throat and achee tara brush marna so the blocked pipes open

Woh Canada Wala Gujju maybe...Kiyunki Dil Tau Hai NRI

The fitness trainer...maybe...for invoking the two gods, SRK and Ganpati

Manmohan Ganga Kinarey Waley...yes that is what the Hindi heartland needs, Rakhi Sawant to spice up the vegetarian thali

Athar...too weepy...but khair pashmina tau mil gaya.

Nix the jyotshi guy..and what a slutty portrait he came up with.

I think dost dost abhishek ka na raha athirak is pretty camp..queer eye for rakhi's guy. Ditto the Natraj

Manas, Ali and Luv...potential hai

The Jaipur wala...Taj Mahal? really? how original...NOT

Ashwin Chaudhry from Nagpur...I want this guy to be around till the end!! He is perfect for the Govinda withdrawal symptoms some of us have been experiencing

Aman from Haryana...yara it took so long for Rakhi to 'gentrify' her English...Saveet sa Present , Maansion Naat, it is back to Prof Higgins for her

Rishi...damn itni shudh Hindi na bolo

Aur woh "dressmaker"?

Nuggets: Shadi karney aaya hai ya waiter baney
Desh ki seva

Bacardi scene and Rakhi's power eyes....CLASSIC!!


  1. haha..! you actually watched it on youtube?! i just caught a glimpse of the show watched a few minutes, couldnt bear it.
    i think RS was best when she once came on koffee with karan. i swear i thought k-jo would pass out from laughing so much.

  2. Just never thought of watching it on You Tube!!! I think she is a very smart girl, she knows how to be successful and how to get free publicity...

    I also mean to blog about how I am being pressurized to watch it ;)

  3. *hehe*

    You're seriously into this swayamwar business arent you? You can totally orchestrate mine if you like! I shall be willing (and amused) participant!

  4. Caught up with your character assesments of the cast.

    I am majorly in loveshove with manmohan yaar. He is entertainment personified!

  5. I hate this show because Rakhi is so bad.

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