Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Way You (MJ) Made Me Feel

In death MJ (the King of pop) reminds me of BB (who aspired to be the Queen of Our Hearts)...well in what he meant for my generation ..their "reign" if you may call it overlapped with my generation getting into our tweens...not yet teenagers but on the threshold of what we hoped were Good Things Waiting to Happen To Us. MJ's music formed the soundtrack to our youthful enthusiasm. Both BB and MJ were the Great Black And White (and Red Black Green) Hope after a dour Zia era (and am I the only one to wonder if they used the same stylist...think the oversized shoulder pads, penchant for satin jackets, raccoon kohl eyes and red lipsticks and the days they gave us Anorexic Androgynous Attitude). Over the years there were high points and low in our love affair with them , all culminating with a What The?And as I wrote earlier, our disillusionment of them towards the end perhaps coincided with our generation reaching an age when the world asked of us to be more pragmatic and to forget the romanticism of our youth.

But this is a requiem for MJ and let me not take away the spotlight from the King. So here is listing how MJ influenced my world.

1) My first foray into the world of MJ..I forget whether it was a Times or a Newsweek profile on him...I was somewhere between the stage when you can read the words but not actually "do the math" when I read that he was a virgin and did not take alcohol and red meat, I thought that being vegetarian was part of being now everyone knows what kept me good (and green) and the cows safe in the Land Of The Pure!!
2) Of the hope he gave to all the "chichora tapori" types...finally someone out of the US of the A whom they could emulate...they had the hair, white socks and the Bata black shoes, Zainab Market in Karachi and Landa Markets elsewhere provided the shiny jackets aur Dangerous attitude tau tha hee. After years of blue eyed blonde haired hero types finally A Man Of Our Time (And Means!)
3) Moondancing...Breakdancing..That Step Where You Moved Against An Invisible Glass Wall...long after they were deemed fashionable PTV subjected us to it every time they wanted to show someone Maa-rden!!
4) The stand up routine around MJ taking out Brooke Shields (if there was any other black man dating the white virginal princess). We might have laughed then but it was a powerful statement on race and color in golden Hollywood.
5)The image of him dangling his baby off the balcony...during a week when I blamed myself for being a Bad Parent bless you MJ for making me feel that I was not That Bad!!

So farewell Sweet Prince...would I have let my son spend a day with my childhood hero, probably not...but I will share the music, the joy , the dreams and the Way He Made Me Feel every single day.

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