Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And We Have Touched Ground

What a fortnight it has been! Major planes, trains (albeit monorails) and automobiles part deux,miles of sun, sea and sand (thoda filmy hogaya).Throw in roof top Jacuzzis, a baby who would only boogie to Michael Jackson (AND HATES the Jodha Akbar soundtrack---AR Rahman if you are reading pliss to forgive) Kit the Cat being recited on a loop.Frankly the baby was the most well behaved amongst us...considering the posse included Gman, my mum, niece and the bub, you have some idea of what the road trip to end all road trips has been like. So What Did We Learn:

1) Every road trip needs a decent soundtrack...which should have been agreed upon before leaving home. Do inform your family that your musical interests veer more towards Emosional Atyachar in recent times. Will prevent major heartburn and angst when they refuse to play it. Frankly, it didnt matter as the bub thought now was the time to start his back seat riyaaz. Coming soon 'Baby does Saigol'.

2) All that drama of Aryans going forth and prospering is major bak bak...unless there is some Aryan kahani may gar bar regarding my family's DNA. Or if our ancestors took a lot of McDonald breaks. Brief Query: Why is it that you hunger for McD's when you are on a road trip but the moment you enter city limits the golden arches make you sick?
I repeat the baby was the only Well Behaved traveller (on ground or in the air).

3) Believe in yourself...this refers to an incident involving a lost mobile (mine) in Gold Coast. Said item had been placed in baby's pram (which has in the past couple of months reached the status of Safest Place to Deposit Valuables---hai dont I trust it to take care of my precious baby?) At the end of the excursion Gman could not find the mobile which had me in a fix as It Has Never Happened Before. Didnt hear the last of it from him, even though I repeated how I have kept house keys, mobile and wallet in the pram and they have never dropped out. Khair, towards the end of the trip as we are driving out of Sydney he turns to me in the backseat and says Aaj Ek Miracle Hogaya and how when he was putting in the pram the mobile dropped out. The pram had been folded up (and down) a couple of times since we left Gold Coast. He continued to wonder at the miracle that had visited our lives Really miracle hai miracle. I retorted that unless it involves the Virgin Mary there aint no miracles in my world. I also believe that every time a wife is vindicated an angel gets its wings.

4) I want a spa in my home....maybe it can be where the laundry is. I could visit that part of the house more often.

5) There is nothing more bitter sweet than to be seen off and greeted by a grumpy cat.

Trip pics to follow soon.


  1. Hai, Pesho ko lekar nahin gaye? Bechari....

  2. Welcome back!! you were sorely missed!!! lemme know when isa good time to talk!

  3. Welcome back! I don't quite like how you talked about the trip in this post without actually talking about the trip. Having said that I enjoyed the post thoroughly for what it was!

    Waiting to see the pics...

  4. We want more, Aneela, miracles and all:)

  5. uff major dil jaley "thoda batao thoda tadpao" moment..will tell all I promise.
    I dont think I was that step motherly to Pesho, one part-our magnamity and one part-her ability to open all doors she had the run of the whole house (not that our current abode is that big to compromise the state WHOLE HOUSE!!) so a compromise was had. And she had two cat sitters visiting off and on to cater to all her cat-needs. And we are sensitive enough not to rave too much about the trip when she is around, so major "uff shukar hai you stayed home, itna bore hotee"!!

  6. Did Pesho believe you, you fraud!


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