Sunday, July 12, 2009

Im Leaving On a Jet Plane

Acha thoda exaggerate kiya...jet plane nahee but sada Virgin Blue ka plane and I do know when Im returning.. hopefully July 24th. We are all maha excited and apprehensive and excited some more. It is Baby's first plane journey and Im hoping all goes well and he doesn't become THAT baby in Seat J10 but hai is plane may chota bacha bhee tha as people walk by us at the end of the flight. Lets see. Crossing my fingers and toes. How baby behaves will go a long way in planning a conference trip later in the month.

This is a break I have been loooong looking forward to (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney) now and even if I dont do anything more significant than flick TV channels in the hotel room I will be one happy fact I think that is all I am planning on doing....yup, the rest of the family is welcome to traipse the beaches and gawk at the architectural wonders of the Australian east coast, I will not budge from Couch In Front of TV, perhaps will dip bub's toes in the water one day but nothhhhiiiiingggg else. Oh the joy of being away from gloomy Melbourne.

Acha, so what else has been happening other than counting down the days to Operation Getaway? The bub had a couple of trips to the hospital but considering I want to Forget All about It so no more mentioning something which could have been avoided. Just wanted to document it as it has been very important in the exercise of Mistakes That Made Me a Better Mum. My mom is in town so filling up on ghar ka khana...which means major tummy is like coming back from hostel all over again...there was my mother even boiling the water for the kichdi and wondering what she was doing wrong when all the questionable content of the dhaba ka khana didnt even cause a dent in my constitution at uni. A friend very kindly told me that my stomach could not take hygienic food any more and was fighting it as something foreign, thoda sweat and ghar ki mitti dalo and all will be well. My mother being around means that we have to clean up on our toilet humour as she doesn't approve of our dire need to update each other on our Bowel Diaries (aaj Late Arrival tha...aaj Thai Air ki flight, smooth as silk. Oho aaj phir PIA -Perhaps It Arrives). So when Gman asked me what was plaguing me I had to be very ingenious and announced I cant Get Closure (well perhaps this joke is not meant for you if I have to explain it for you dear reader). My mom didn' you are actually in good company if it went over your head.

I had my birthday but it was so so as everyone was stressed or "flu-ed" out...Ms Niece did bake a cake and the baby really enjoyed looking at it. I will make up for the Disastrous Day once I hit the golden sands...

We are trying out the nick Khokon for the somehow Gulsher isn't cutting it.

Exchange of the Week: Gman promising the baby as the baby does his 'shake my booty' dance.."Teree shadi Beyoncé sey karvaoonga, baby I will get you married to Beyoncé OK"

Me: You do know she is married don't you

Gman continues unfazed: Dobara karvaoonga

**My sister continues to remind me What You Can Love You Can Also Kill...I was listening to her over the phone telling me how proud she is of my nephew, how mature he is now, how helpful, how intelligent, how smart, how....all good except she kept on breaking off the conversation to tell him how she was going to murder him if he
messed up her room one more time.

Chalo, bye bye..pray for me as I pray for you and yours!!


  1. You will both do fine. And even if he screams all the way there, are you ever going to meet those people again?:)

    Have fun. Post pictures of your trip.

    Happy Belated Birthday ..itna low key? No announcement on the blog?

    I have to do a hindi conversation/words post that I had with my dh for you. you'll get a kick out of it

  2. have a fantabulous trip.......and post pictures! I am sure he'll be a well behaved as mama wants it kid inshallah!

  3. Ooooooh! Gold Coast and Sydney bring back wonderful memories of a lovely holiday! There's no way you can't enjoy there.

    And hey, belated Happy Birthday! Your first as a mum should have been grander than that, but if you're going to make up for it in the golden sands of Gold Coast, all is well :)

  4. I was missing you so!
    I hope all stays well, and you have a fabulous holiday- in my footsteps, after all!
    ( Have to show off,na).
    Khokon is a very Bong sounding pet name- are you sure you are willing to be a Khokon's mom?
    There are sociological ramifications to it which would not be prudent or politically correct to mention here.
    Have a great break, Aneela and Co.
    Yes, I often want to murder the people I love most in the world:)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday ..itna low key? No announcement on the blog

  6. travelling with kids gets more fun as they grow older. and i realize im in a minute percentage of mommies who say that. but it does. :)

  7. Are you back? I see you leaving comments so you should be able to update on the flight, ki nahi?


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