Monday, August 17, 2009

I blame Kiron Kher

and Nirupuma Roy...and to an extent Reema Lagoo. But mostly Kiron Kher, for the mother (interesting choice of words!)of all tantrums I threw Sunday night as my mother (and Ms Niece) bid us goodbye. Somehow Kiron Kher and her school of mothering has given us warped notions of what motherhood involves, , hovering over you dripping with gajar ka halwa, tight shight embraces, molly coddling you into a second childhood and happily installed in their maa ki laadli's living room. So when your own mother begs off claiming she cant take any more time off work and that she is missing her home, you feel cheated. Suffice to say I was not a pretty sight as I said my goodbyes and royally confused my guest coming at own leisure, leaving at host's pleasure sharp retort from my mother put an end to my poor me routine'haan tum ishq bhee karo, set up house, do the whole bacha kaam routine and have all your amazing life experiences, and we should just stay put and do nothing with our lives' . From the mouth of babes. Or moms.

In other news, I have decided to 'take a break' from my already 'reduced- working -hours- paid -work' life. I realised that before I write the script to the rest of my life, I need the words to it.
And finally, they were right when they wrote that children find pleasure in the simplest of things. Unloading the dishwasher and at a loss with what to with the Little Man, I propped him up between cushions and handed him a place mat and a tin mug. He latched on to it with a toothless grin and kind of sighed 'Finally someone figures out what I wanted'.

Less of Fischer Price and more of the Bombay Store please.


  1. Just wait till he starts crawling into your kitchen- the alu pyaaz and spoons and katoris will be his favourites. And the stuff on your dressing table:)

    A big hug for the lonely laadli:(

  2. I love moms who can click pictures between unloading the dishwasher and keeping an eye on the baby!

  3. Ha! Se, that's the thing about desi babies. Give them the coolest, most expensive toys, but all they REALLY wanna do is hit stuff.

  4. I know, what is it with these moms, huh? Why can't they just stay put and look after our kids while we run amok?
    Only thing is, I hope our kids internalize the fact that WE won't be available for granny duty once they have bubs of their own, so busy we will be living it up in our villa next to Lake Como.

  5. your mum said. my mum did.
    *thankfully my mil is still in kiron kher mode*

  6. :) I loved his pictures. and he's got good taste!

  7. dipali: well come visit me and deliver the hug in person.
    d: camera phone dahling
    ali: you said it!! however I hope he sticks to tin mugs and doesnt graduate to the Sheeda population
    parul: yes, you me and aap kay bhai Pierce B
    MiM: Yes, you had me green from day one...lucky lucky you
    NM: thankee...but who knows the recessive gene might kick in any time and his good taste will be talk of yore

  8. lol. i know the feeling, we expect so much from our parents.

  9. I had the same thing done when my mom left right on the dot after my 6th week after baby check-up.

    My kids loved played with the pressure cooler. and the broom.

  10. Hey whom can we throw tantrums with, if not our moms?? never mind the age, my motto is,'have mom,will regress'.. which is probably the reason my kids pretend to be so helpless even as teens...oh well!
    btw, without exception, all kids prefer things like boxes and tins and spoons... only the parents get thrilled with toys. speaking from personal experience!!!


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