Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meree Saath Wali Seat Ho

and Brosnan ji aa kay bhet jaye (oh to have PB share a seat on a flight with me)...frankly tell me how many of you have not had a similar fantasy..chalo it might not be Brosnan, but growing up all of us (and in my case even in my doddering old age) have had our share of daydreaming about Someone Special sharing that spare seat beside us, of being quickly charmed by our witty repartee, and sigh! walking off from the airport hand in hand stars in our eyes (airport pickup waiting for me in the arrival lounge be damned).

But for Real Life to be more beautiful than my fantasy. I never dreamed it could be possible. Well it has turned out so for me. Last weekend as we took a flight to Perth, I looked across the aisle and saw the two men of my life engrossed in an inflight magazine. Lump in my throat, tummy turning somersaults and all moment. May they always be as happy in each other's company as they were then!!

So it makes the pain of not having watched a movie in the theatre for six months go away a bit...this for a person who would not not even wait for Shahrukh Khan to wash off the greasepaint and run breathlessly to the cinema for advance booking. Last weekend found me sighing that I now knew the true meaning of Faiz's
Mujh Sey Pehlee See Muhabbat Merey Mehboob Na Mang
Ask Not (My Cine Love) for the way I Loved You Before

I am a teeny weeny bit glad that Im not missing much on the silver screen. Love Aaj Kal came (and went) with disappointing reviews ...another friend , perhaps not to upset me, said he was not THAT impressed with the new Harry Potter, my mother just went uff tauba when I asked her how her trip to the cinema had been. So I guess I can bide the cinema drought for a while .

Acha ab thoda middle class woes...please let me know if you think I am being unreasonable. I think I am. Readers of this blog know how I am pretty upfront about my middle class values (and mediocrity!). Middle class as in
Hai, what lovely soaps let me save them for the guests
Of course we can finish the leftovers tonight, tomorrow, over the weekend

and not middle class as in Gauri Khan IS SUCH A MIDDLE CLASS DELHI GIRL (thus spoke SRK and KJo)
oh ya sure bring on the Louis Vuitton, bling, and Jimmy Choos.

See, when I think back to my childhood I remember chocolates would translate as 'manna from Uncle Aunty from abraad visiting, Cadbury bar being rationed' or the 5 rupee Jubilee bar that one saved for. So when I see the bub's first exposure to chocs (actually solids) being something he stole off my plate in a Lindt Café , I feel pretty guilty. So I hurry home and stew the apples and enforce a sirf ghar ka khaana and kichdi regime. Shouldnt he earn his stripes like the rest of us?
At the same time I dont want to 'resent' him having a more comfortable childhood than mine and all the good food (!!) and trappings it might involve. I am a strict mother. I know that. I am criticized for making the baby wear hand-me-downs, and making everyone wait out a month before I give him a new toy (one item for his 'turning a month older' birthday) and something has to be given away before anything new enters his cupboard. However, there are also days when there is such a STRONG temptation to just go out and indulge (hence spending obscene amount of hours on the Posh Tot website, fingers inching towards the credit card). Oh the spirit is so willing some days even if the flesh is weak.
And that is tragedy of my life.

And On The Sixth Day He Said Let There Be Lindt Cake

What did you do when it came to indulging your kids..nephews...nieces?


  1. I gave my 9 yr a $100 handheld Nintendo game. Is that bad?:)

  2. We've been strict and indulgent at the same time:)
    And of course middle class kids live in more affluent times generally. But yes, not indulging kids blindly seems to work. My girls still remember the one Amul Cheese tin I bought each month- it could be eaten in a few days or several, it was the only tin for that month!
    Indulge as per your own comfort level- that's what's important.

  3. PS- the boys look great together!
    And I love the little fella eyeing the cake:)


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