Monday, October 05, 2009

Month Eight And Counting

Kind of ironic that I have to get "blog writer block" at a time when sigh so much is happening. And even after drinking Bengal ka paani? I had been thinking all along that there was something in the water responsible for the Bengali mafia out there when it comes to men and women of literature but alas. Chalo Tagore ki Gitanjali na sahee but koee decent blog post tau likho.
So what did we do this month? The question is what did we NOT do? We travelled. After transiting through Bangkok where alas a rendezvous with Jammie was not to be, we landed in Dhaka. Toto, something tells me we are not in Kansas any more, we are not in Rawalpindi either. You do the math. Blurry eyed, hot and sticky, we do Sophie's Choice Part Deux between two apartments minutes upon arrival. Errr, hot pink chocolate kitchen or the one with suspicious smell? Pink kitchen apartment it is. Thus proving smell before sight (if ever there is a slug fest between the five senses). The apartment is where the owners of the place Parul recently bought might have felt very comfortable. Showcases where teeny toony lights never go off. Tartan print cushions. Smugglers wala bed, all it needs is Raj Kumar ka Jaani dressing gown. Bathroom may tabahee , uff what killer marble. And kitchen jalwa you already know about. Spent the first day floundering about and very Jealous of Pesho who we heard through a volley of SMSes was quite Queen of the Castle (where castle is not Technicolour like ours).
Escaped to India for work and some Rest and Recreation the next day. Guwahati was fun for you. I mostly slept and tut tutted how the city was changing. Gman held his tongue about what a little hypocrite I was turning into as I had bemoaned the lack of " something happening" in Dhaka only 48 hours ago. Phir it was Delhi's turn to be subject to Mom and Bub while Baba did what Babas do. Even that city has changed, so many changes to adjust to sweet heart. Kajol is peaches and cream courtesy Olay, Delhi has Select City, Emporio and a cool airport.
I met MM and Parul and was struck by how we could pick up from where we left off on a blog post. And how incredibly cute their kids are.
And then back to Dhaka it was this weekend. Baba had returned to Bangladesh two days ago, and though I left for the airport with great trepidation you were a little trooper and muItalicch better behaved than your mother who ranted and raved as Jet Air was delayed by two hours.
On return the apartment did not look that bad. My sister said it is because slowly my aesthetic sense is disappearing. Oh well at least my olfactory nerves are safe. I dont think they would have survived an year in the Apartment from Smell Hell.
We have a maid who cleans ( where we is the operative word, she works in all of the homes of the organization that is employing Gman, so we are either very fortunate to bag her or horribly unlucky as the days unfold) Chaaya Madam too is yet to make up her mind regarding what she thinks of us. There are days when she comes in cheerily and tries to make cooing sounds towards us, other days she comes nose in air and will not even make eye contact.
You have become chipkoo numero uno. We cant even break eye contact with you lest the famous lower lip starts trembling. I am waiting for a day in the future when you will be all gel in hair, dressed up tashan sey, friends waiting at the door and I swear I am going to cling to you crying Dont Goooo, Im going out with you too, You ALWAYS leave me , bawwwlllll.
Just You Wait,


  1. Avoiding smell hell sounds sensible!
    Hope Dhaka is good to you guys. We're a very short flight away- hop over when you can.

  2. I missed your last post and while reading this one I thought you're probably in Bangladesh for a short halt. And then I went back and read the older post and realised that you've actually shifted base. And now I'm really curious to know what work brings a person from Melbourne to Dhaka! Of course, I can't know :)

    But I hope you have a good stay in B'desh. We'll miss Pesho!

  3. Did you get my email? I keep trying to leave comments and keep failing. Am hoping this one goes through

  4. Ohh..I am sure,wherever you go,you'll make that house beautiful,with your little touches here and there..:)
    BTW,did you ever get the book?Can I check on it,somewhere?

  5. vat naansense. dont make up stuff about the boy just because he's only 8 months. there's a maashi here who will tell him he lay for long spells of time playing on the carpet. and stayed with her and his mesho while his mommy took a long bath...

    gah. defamation of character ho gaya yeh toh

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  7. Good call on the apartment choice!

    And listen, I hope you know we are literally next-door neighbours! Do come to Kolkata sometime and we'll have a BLAST! I promise you :)

  8. Delurking finally :)

    What's a hot pink chocolate kitchen? Wouldn't a chocolate kitchen be chocolate brown? Or a hot pink kitchen be girly :p

    Blogrolling you :)

  9. @everyone: thankee for all the good wishes, and visit me in dhaka (thoda reverse traffic ho...arent there enough ppl this side of the river in your city anyway?!!!)

    @ the mad momma: the child will only be happy if he has meesho, mausi and half a dozen cousins , kakas, jethais fawning over him. Sooraj Barjatya's Hum Saath Saath Hain indeed.

    @SMM: clearly someone who did not grow up in the '80s and is not well versed with the nail enamel Hot Pink Chocolate!! its a particualr shade of pink that was all the rage, this and Summer in the Afternoon.

  10. This post reminds me of my days in Dhaka..... what an eye opener it was! The sight of brand new toyotas zipping past me, expensive Monno Ceramics, swanky service apartments in Gulshan area...... and that big mall (forgot the name)..... You got to see it to believe it...

    Dhaka brings you face to face with a great divide... There are people whose lifestyle can give some sort of complex to rich and famous living elsewhere and then there are many more who can't even manage two square meals.....the start disparity stares in your face!

    Good thing is that it is Dhaka only which has shown the way to eradicate poverty to grassroots level through micro finance......

    I also loved the sight of big names of the western fashion world stashed inside jutebags on Elephant road..... truly a dark side of capitalism as people who sew those clothes get nothing but peanuts while owners make a killing! Still, something is better than nothing....

    Enjoy your stay and all the best to you and your family!

  11. Sorry for typos!

    Read "start" as "stark" and "poverty to" as "poverty at"

  12. First time here.
    And what were you doing in Ghy??that plcce is my hometown..:-)..don't hear too many ppl going am surprisd :-)

  13. Aneela- there are more of us to love out here!
    Just let us know when you need a break from BD.


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