Thursday, October 15, 2009

nazar and all

This morning Arhaan laughed in his was not a giggle, not even the smiling in his sleep followed by a content sigh combo we have been observing for a while. It was a full-on Ha! Ha! Wasnt That So Hilarious chuckle. There have also been times in the past fortnight when he has babbled in his sleep, sleeping burh-burh as they called it in some movie (now if someone could tell me which movie its from..I think its Maine Piyar Kiya) . Which can only mean one thing...he is becoming a he will not be The Mouth at the other end of the spoon, or Someone who Has To Be Watched lest he rolls off the bed/couch/lap or That Wail From The Corner that has to be minded forever. Its interesting, I will be laughing at something I am reading and I look down at my lap and there are these two dancing eyes with a question So Tell Me Tell Me Whats So Funny. He is also now somewhere at the borderline of empathy, so if Im crying watching television (and frankly there is a lot of crying if you are watching the news lately) he will have a quizzical expression followed by a nervous laugh. Less TV for me Im afraid until I learn how to control my reactions. But Im nervous as soon he will be asking me questions about the world I have brought him into and I better have some good answers.
In other news I was nursing a sore throat for a while, which thanks to the fertile air around here has turned into a pretty interesting cough. Arhaan beychaara bhi kab tak bachta..he ran fever last Sunday which went away after a dose of paracetamol and this morning he has been coughing like a seal. Paediatricians visited and all. Of course if some people are to be believed its the evil nazar and at the doctor's this morning Arhaan seemed pretty conspicuous being the only kid with no big fat kala teeka on his forehead. He had been gifted the ubiquitous black gold bead nazar, and my sister asks me every other day if I am doing the red chilly ka nazar. Now Im pretty good with saying the necessary prayers now and then in the evening. But I have to admit Im pretty lax about putting on the bracelets and well the chillies that were bought are floating in my daal (lentil) curry . I have asked Gman whether we should be doing any of the warding off of the evil nazar, and he just shrugged his shoulders but I bet he was thinking Actually I would rather you were not giving the baby your germs honey. Khair, what to do. The baby would do Sooraj Barjatya proud with his Hum Saath Saath Hain mantra towards life. I tried sleeping in another room but he was visibly distressed and would keep on waking up. And the other night when I returned to bed after my nocturnal internet world darshan, he just looked at both his parents, took a big contented sigh and smiled and went back to sleep. So shweeet what to do?!!!


  1. I've been reading you for sometime now & enjoy your posts. Couldn't resist asking this -- is everyone you know back home ok? Tough times & the news makes it all the more distressing. Hope the mayhem stops & closer to home, your little one gets well soon :)

  2. Mera shortcut wala nazar utaro method
    Take mustard seeds and salt in fist, ghoomau from the feet to top of head of afflicted child 7 times, pretend to spit in said fist, throw the entire mustard seeds/salt in water(I normally just dump it in the toilet) As the salt dissolves, the nazar als gets utaro.

    Go ahead and laugh at me. I know you want to Aneela.

    And The sleeping part, the 3 yr old thinks my bed is his bedroom and I am have yet to shift him in his bhaiya's room. If this thing doesnt post, phir am not coming back to read and comment EVER

  3. The news does sound quite bad - hang in there and take care, best as you can.

    On another note, "That Wail From The Corner that has to be minded forever" reminded me of "minding the class" - something I've neither said nor heard since school. Fun memories, those :).

  4. The news is unhappy making- I hope all is well with your people back home.
    I hope the little person recovers soon.
    Sab buri nazar waalon ka munh kaala!
    You take care.

  5. Hopeyou guys are better now-get well wishes to the little guy..and hope the news gets happier too..if not happy,atleast neutral.

  6. Here's another nazar utaro method. Get his father/ grandmother/ aunt (basically anyone otherthan the mother who also loves him alot)his litle left finger hard :P

    Anyway get well soon :)

  7. Shivani: yes nazar na lagey ;-( they are all Ok..right now its a daily routine of Im Ok Are you OK until the next blast.
    Sraikh: Hai Asaaan dont dersert me the comment if it doesnt show.
    suki: major Purani Jeans Aur Guitar moment right.
    Dipali: Keep me in your prayers
    Trish: Haan neutral hi sahi
    SMM: Oh if we could get someone to bite the collective finger for Pakistan.

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful sight! I can just imagine the tenderness of it all!

    And you know what, the 'nazar uttaro' thing never hurt anyone. My kids always had a small black teeka behind their ears...but even then, visits to the paediatrician took place at regular intervals.


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