Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aya Mausam Dosti Ka

My husband has just fixed a play date for me...the other day we played pass-the-parcel of who is more unsocial amongst us. I cant remember what brought about the conversation but it ended with him accusing me of lacking a desire to step out of my comfort zone and befriend people. What rubbish, I declared, giving him a long list of people I keep in touch with. He thinks that many in the list are people I only exchange emails with and perhaps thats the way I want to lead my life. I like telling myself that Im socially awkward and it takes me time to open up but Im a very loyal friend once that process is over. And he is a fine one to talk with his "my only good friends were those I made in school" philosophy. Khair, to prove me wrong or him right (hahahahha) he has arranged for me to have tea with a colleague of his who is having some girlfriends over. I hate the idea already. As I was telling someone its quite possible that at a certain stage in your life you just dont want to get out of the house, you finally have a space that is organized to suit you and your needs..perhaps its not that bad to be a recluse.
Arhaan, I have realised has none of our disease to shy away from people, he has become quite the performing monkey and was in his element at a wedding the other day. I have become one of the moms who draws perverse pleasure in dressing up her kid in ridiculous outfits!!

Babu Moshai!!
Wish me luck as I hum Mujh Sey Dostee Karogey
P.S: Ooohhh maaa! I was watching Zoom as i typed..the promos of Radio are on..after giving me one heart attack with an " urban urbane" Himmesh (Yes, its REALLY complicated!) did my ears just hear him being someone's eff buddy?!!!! Mujhey utha do bhagwan.


  1. is that a dhoti? What a cute idea. He's looking adorable.

  2. M is teaching Adi 'Mann ka radio'. Bekaar mein Baby Einstein DVDs par paise barbaad kare, this is his real education.

  3. aww... just so so cute he looks in that dhoti!

  4. He's looking so cute! How's the dosti scene? A baby is a great catalyst:)

  5. I've always been a wall-flower and mum used to push me to make friends. When I wouldn't budge, she'd actually go up to random-ish girls and ask them to play with me! Mortification, mom-style!

    But good luck with the tea party! Let us know how it goes :)

  6. I think its harder and harder to take the effort to make friends as one ages in life. (I am making you sound ancient,am I not)

    But you are so hilariously wicked that any one would fall over their feet to be your friend

    And whats a beautiful baby. Kala teeka

  7. MD: yes its a dhoti...when in rome and all.
    Parul: Well I have always maintained everything Ive learnt in life is courtesy Bollywood, so Im impressed with M's approach
    PG: Thanks! Will pass on your compliments.
    Dipali: Yes, didnt Lahiri write about the parallels of pregnancy and being a foreigner.
    M4: The tea party...hmmm. I felt like Alice at the Mad Hatter's
    Asaaan: You are much too kind and Im much too old.


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