Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna

This is just a big shout out to all my fans from the last post and a particular nod to one of the comments (from somethingstrangeandrich)

My mom telling my dad "my heart is breaking i know its good for me but i cant go yet ok i have my phone and its on and I will call you when I get there do you think its a good idea for me to go when he is still so small i should wait till he is older how can i go my baby my baby i miss him already you keep calling me" all this while my father gently pushes her towards the door.

The next door maid at this point respectfully asks our maid in hushed tones

" Madam is leaving for Hajj the pilgrimage"

" No no the beauty parlour" says the maid equally reverentially.

My father thinks we should be extra careful around my mother nowadays as she is having a tough time what with this Love Jihaad business and Muslim academics as the new villains that allegedly stealth about in the dark.

We are in Sydney today. Its 42 degrees. Stick a fork in me baby for Im DONEEEE.

Love ya, arhaan


  1. Arhaan baba, tell mamma to take a chill pill! Isn't she looking pretty-pretty now and feeling that way too?

    And 42 degrees? Hmmmm...looks like you could do with some 'chilling' too, of a different kind, of course! How about ice-creams and inflatable pools in the garden?

  2. Back in Australia are you? Enjoy!! 42 is it? Superrrrrr.

  3. Hello Aneela, first time here and I can relate to this totally. But, kaisi maa hoon mai, jo apni beti ko CHAR DIN ke liye chod kar chali gayi. I am surely going to hell!
    Do take a peak at my page when you get a chance.

  4. Loved your mom's monologue!
    Haffun, you guys:)

  5. awww Arhaan.. you know what a cutie you are right?
    And tell that mother of yours,to remember her salah to Trish Masi..?
    and remind her to take you to the beach..looking forward to seeing you guys!

  6. Eh, what about updates??????

  7. That temperature would have made Douglas Adams proud!


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