Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dus Bahane Kar Ke

khair not actually ten months...ten and a half to be precise , however my repertoire of all things Bolly has failed to come up with anything that will mark the "half" milestone.

What will stay with me from the past six weeks?

Your gift of companionship as we explored cities.. some familiar, some new. And your sigh of relief as you finally had your beloved steamed apple after one breakfast too many of hash browns and beans.

You are finally moving..not exactly crawling in the classic sense, but swimming. It is quite funny to see you moving both arms in perfect synchronization and gliding your torso along. But whatever gets you moving baby. We discovered that we were doing it all wrong when we would ask you to move towards Baba or your mother sitting on either ends of the bed. Clearly what gets you moving is the TV remote. Michael Phelps meets Speedy Gonzales. We have something brand new to amuse us every evening, moving the remote and watching a flash of onesies making a bolt across the room. Our own "reality" TV show, literally making our own entertainment.

Your quizzical smile and the look in your eyes as you would tilt your head to a side, you sure about that, as I abandoned spoons to feed you with my hand at times, made you take your bath in a sink , stripping you down to your pampers when the mercury hit 42. Were we such creatures of habits, sweetheart? had your young life already become one of routine? I am making amends, precious.

You have gifted me new friends sweetheart. If it were possible to "genetically design" a good friend, and my meetings (and staying over ) with my blog friends are anything to go by, well the future of smart design and its likes looks good !! I have been shy in the past of discussing my "blog friends" meet ups, at the risk of it sounding like cyber world tourism meets tabloid voyeurism. But I think I am getting to a point when I can write about them in a manner that is not On the Fifth Day we Saw the Natives execute traditional Rain Making rituals. What will stay with me is how Parul, the Mad Momma, Kiran and their lovely families are a community of Do-ers. As in when they see something that irks them they actually roll up their sleeves and get into it. Whether its home renovation and Project Beautification, water conservation, energy saving, public service or Bringing Up the Well Behaved Child. I know that a lot goes on in the world and our lives that irks Gman and me, but to date we have believed thinking it aloud
Man, those glaciers are melting fast

or just telling each other
Do you think Arhaan's head is a tad flat

was enough. Biiiiingggg, Ghalat Jawab..we are the weakest link and we need to clean up our act.

And we meet friends old (Trishna) and new (Unmana). Lovely lovely people all. And proof that there is truth in advertising. As they write so they are.

Tony Bennett might have left his heart in San Francisco, but I dont know where I left my charger during my travels. So even though the Barjatyas have taught us dosti ka ek asool hai no sorry no thankyou (No minding of our Ps and Qs when it comes to friendship)I am sending out a biiigg soorry to all whom I didnt call back and a bigger thank you to Doha, Sydney, Brisbane, Delhi, Singapore, Bombay, Jaipur and its denizens for hospitality and love beyond the call of duty!!!

We are back in Dhaka now, the Baba is back to his I Cant Believe Its Not the Weekend, Mujhey Bilkul Saturday Lag Raha Hai routine. Between his Do I Have to Go to Work and my I Dont Want to Go Out, Im really wondering how we will ever get you to go to school. I have broached the idea of home schooling with many people wise and experienced but have not had any positive feed back. I did hear one of the Nobel Laureates (Physics) from this year speaking about being home schooled and there was some talk of lumber jacks as well, but for the moment we are enjoying you swim (literally) through the wading pool of life.

Yesterday was Victory Day in Bangladesh, and the Pakistani-Indians decided to do their bit by adding to the city's GNP and shopping for plants. We were accosted by a sea of green and red, as the whole city proudly wore their national colours. With the green and red of the holiday season it is a merry time of the year indeed. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has thrown out the NRO, Geo TV is playing Yeh Kiya Hua as Zardari and his stooges look pensively, the good Saiguni has fried some hot bhaji without even being told(I thank the Good Lord for Gman, you and her EVERY DAY!), and a Christmas tree you had been gifted during your travels is up and twinkling.

Happy Happy Ten and a Half Months Sweet Heart and thankyou for all the happiness you bring us.
Your loving Adey


  1. the only thing i dislike about your blog is the infrequent posting. uff!
    p.s: do you follow the sartorialist? he was in melbourne. check out the second post on the blog:

  2. When, when, oh when are you coming to Kolkata? You can do Delhi, Bombay and Jaipur and you can't do Kolkata? Living in Dhaka?

    And A's front crawl sounds zippety-doo-dah! Hope you've got it on tape :-)

  3. Wish I could have met you too. It was just a really bad day with the baby refusing to co-operate with any plans of mine :(

  4. ditto M4- all this gallivanting across the countryside when you are virtually next door.
    Kolkata ne kya paap kiya hai?
    We want to see you guys too.

  5. Young lady, you were much missed....mashallah 10 and a half months already....we are celebrating our 9 month mark today....much love to the lil stud! And keep posting!

  6. PS: I did get the air ripple mattress.

  7. M4 said what I delurked to say -- Dhaka is closer to Cal than all those places you visited, you know?

    Come, come, while Arhaan is still swimming. No fun having them other women gush about how cute he is when I don't meet him myself.

    Of course, I want to meet you too. I think. :)

  8. dear dipali, M4 and sue,
    i loved kolkata even when it was calcutta, and had taken a visa for visiting it this year..its just that my hosts for Calcutta were in delhi in dec, I had read about your mother dipali so was not sure whether you were up for meeting me, and arhaan had had a pretty hectic month...on hindsight it seems pretty silly (considering we are living in the times of HEadley and stricter visa regimes) but I guess it was just not to be. My mission now is to get you Westerners to come East!!

  9. sra: oh yes i do...and was pretty chuffed!!
    kanwal: and a hug to the princess
    rohini: hamara milan hoga


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