Monday, December 28, 2009

zindagee imtihan leytee hai

and if not life, then you start watching your baby like a hawk once you approach Month Eleven with Bub. Arhaan turns eleven months day after, and though we had decided we were parents who would not get into the Milestones Melee but there is something about him being nearly an year old that gets you in a frenzy.

***The other day we met this baby who is the same age as Arhaan and the grown ups did not fail from reminding us how he has started speaking. I asked Gman later what the mother does
" She is in the police".
We laughed till we literally cried. Sure their baby can talk, ve haff ways of making you talk. Im surprised the baby has not confessed to the Great Train Robbery by now.

***I am very confused regarding Arhaan and milestones. I wish Babycenter and all could make their markers-- well more contemporary, so we know if we are on the mark. Now if they were to write that by month eleven your baby will be able to unlock your mobile phone and take the battery out we will know we are getting somewhere. Or that babies are now able to distinguish the bum remote from the good one, and that they look at you with disdain when you fling a remote on the floor to distract them from the laptop. May aaj bhi phenka hua paisa aur remote nahee uthatha. They should also write something about babies being now able to have favourite jingles and abandoning important tasks such as flinging food across the room, chewing on their toes and pulling their parents' hair to watch the TV screen with avid attention.

Arhaan has learnt how to clap which makes us feel really good as now he has something for his resume. He can now be put to work as " appreciative audience", " enthu qawwal humnawa" and "mosquito killer".

He can also order in food.

***This year the Islamic New Year and 2010 overlap by a fortnight or so. Salam Ma'al Hijrah to you and yours. I shouldn't complain as the past year saw the Good Lord blessing me with gifts beyond my imagination, however it has not been the best of times for our part of the world. Anyways here is hoping that we get out of these "interesting times" as soon as possible.

I am not that big on grand resolutions...Waadey aksar toot jaate hain, Koshish kaamyaab ho jati hain' and all but I hope that I can write more in the coming year. I was complaining to Gman how Arhaan is a major chipkoo and how it is about time he becomes more "emotionally independent" and let me be. Well the other day, arhaan just started playing on his own and then napped till noon (I of course spent that time surfing the net and watching TV--it just wont do to spend it constructively will it?). I'm wondering whether Arhaan heard us ala Shakti? as long as it doesn't end on a runway one evening, a little bit of eavesdropping on the part of the child does wonders for child behaviour modification.
If nothing else, I hope I post my travel notes from last month, some enthu cutlet has hers up from just a fortnight ago and it JUST WONT DO to be caught napping.

***We also watched 24---yes we are a bunch of Late Latifs this way, somehow I was very anti the conspiracy theory type programs for a while, and finally succumbed. So we watched Season 7 over the long weekend, and were blown away. We have applied some of our new found knowledge to pamper duty. Agent R we have a situation developing. We were also really embarrassed by our cavalier attitude towards how time is speeding by. Yara, Jack Bauer does so much in his day---it is about time I get out of my rut. So what have you done today? Acha if nothing else can you guess which movie this (amended) dialogue is from

(Me sleep in the travel cot?) Good joke, second joke.


  1. Arhaan is zimbly adorable!
    I want to meet his gorgeous child, and his rather stunning mom too. ASAP!

  2. i'm a lurker, i just wanted to say that your son is truly what is called an 'old soul'. That look in his eyes like he is gently poking fun at everyone and everything, while keeping a straight face.

    I hope I am not creeping you out deeply here because I have no such intention, but something in his eyes reminds me of my great grandfather who died a couple of years back. The same wodehousian expression. :)

  3. dipali ji: please cross the river and come over na.
    spaz kumari: Was your great grand father toilet trained? If he was, I quite welcome the Second Coming.

  4. if he was toilet trained, the last three years of his life did not know it. :D


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