Saturday, January 23, 2010

Namak Ishq Ka

In the past week after having been subjected to one mozzy bite too many...and all the King (Mosquito) horses (coils and sprays) failing on us, we took to killing the flying pests in the classic Nana Patekar style. Yesterday I contemplated on the icky mystery of a bloodied corpse on my hand on and off(clearly the winged pests had been feasting and so) but the absence of any evidence on our bodies (particularly Arhaan as for obvious reasons all mosquitoes make a bee line to the sweetest soul amongst us).
To which Gman replied "Im sure the mosquito must have muttered Saar, mey namak aap ka khata hoon par khoon kisi aur ka". ..I have eaten your salt, so how can I feast on your blood. Hmm!it sounded much funnier in my mind.


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