Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shehron Mein Se Shehar Suna Tha And Bambai Sey Aaya Mera Dost

actually aaya nahee gaya dost (to Delhi and Mumbai neé Bambai) but that came after a brief Singapore Sling.

What plans I had for Singapore..that i would research the "built anthropology" of the city. About how ethnicity defines class defines space. But what did I do in the end? Lounged around in the balcony of our host's apartment reading and looking out at the rain and miles and miles of green, I did nip out one afternoon to Orchard Road and Dempsey but mostly it was just a lot of (and I emphasize a LOT of) good food and chilling out (though its kind of an oxymoron as it was very very humid). Arhaan got exposed to his first big big TV and Cbeebies and the father went to sleep sometime after breakfast the day we landed until it was time for him to catch his flight back to Dhaka. One evening we guiltily thought of expanding his mental horizons (arhaan's not Gman!) and decided to take arhaan to the night safari. Well, half an hour into our excursion I remembered what someone had told me in school about preferring the harsh cold of winters over sultry summers (One can layer up in winters, even go around with a blanket wrapped around you. In summers ek hud tak uttar saktey hain ..there is a limit to which you can strip). Well Arhaan very soon sang dheerey dheerey a very slow pace...hud sey guzar jaana..was to cross that limit. And we had a very glum baby who wasnt that keen to view animals. Add to that some loser types who refused to turn off their videocams and using the flash function and the guide who would have to admonish them after every ten minutes (note to the authorities why dont they just impound the cameras as we get on the tram) and sadly we were ready to run back to our Room with a View in Arcadia Road.

Badey badey shehro may aisee chothee chothee baatey... aur badey badey bag hotey hain. Cant tell you for how long I wanted to say that!!!

The next day Gman left for Dhaka and Arhaan and me continued with our watch TV read books program, sloth and sloth in training that we are. After a day and a half of that we were on our plane to Delhi. The plane journey was uneventful, Arhaan had lucked out as we had been seated next to a toddler with a laptop that had The Night Garden playing on a loop. "Yoonhi kat jaayega safar" he babbled. Our landing was pretty scary as we touched ground only to take off immediately, something about Air Traffic not getting our request for landing. Add to that a colour blind driver picking us up (Im wearing an orange turban when I couldnt spot him or his sign..30 minutes of hit and miss to discover him wearing a SHOCKING PINK turban holding a scrap of paper sigh!). We were staying in a B&B establishment that promised a homely atmosphere (Note to self: Always ask Who's Home? And Who Is Not)
anyways it was a crazy rush of attending a wedding, and shielding Arhaan from the Punjab Dey Puttar Tantrums (Arhaan does have flashbacks and there are days when he emulates the Mummmyyyy Ballloooon Chahi-da head banging).

We do scrub up well I must say

Onwards ho! Mumbai and Casa Sharma-Ramanathan. Many before me (and in words more eloquent than mine ) have expressed their admiration for the lovely couple and their beautiful beautiful abode. What can I add to that but the fact that even though I had promised Arhaan all the city's cultural and spiritual sights in the end I decided to take a page out of Ganesha's "navigated the whole world" book and parked myself at the Mother-to-be's feet never leaving the Bandra suburb. Except for a maid who channels Meena Kumari there is not a cloud to blight that sight or whatever the phrase is. Lucky lucky Parul. And there was no need to go meet the world as my world and all the cool bloggers came over to see me. Yipeee!
A note of thanks to The Little Diva's Mimi who took this pic of The Women in Black Collective

Parul has written about our milan here and from her description of it and my words here perhaps my days there read like a Seinfeld episode.. a show about nothing at all as they profess but soo sooo great in execution. Those days were kinda like that. I left her house really refreshed, the "old noggin give a few splutters and recharge the batteries" as she writes elsewhere.

My reel life real life parallel continued as we returned to Delhi and caught up with the Mad Momma one evening. Gman by now was back in town for work and a weekend getaway we had planned. Arhaan is happier that we have ditched the "homely atmosphere" of our earlier Delhi Darshan to something more to his fancy, read thoda sheher ki bijlian. If I referred to Seinfeld before, the evening with Mad Momma was like a re-run of all your fav episodes from a much loved sitcom. Note to her trolls: everything she blogs about and you jest as un-real does actually happen. I guess that is what I mean when I refer to rerun. On an earlier visit I discovered that she does actually encounter rude kids on an evening excursion with Brat's pram (She has shifted blogs so sadly I cannot link to the actual posts) which was very much like The One with Brat in The Pram and the Obnoxious Kid. This time I was reminded of The One Where Random Bloggers Drop In as both Unmana and me turned up at her place at the same. I got to see her beautiful tree (from The One with The Tree and Handmade Ornaments) , there was a mini-jam session as some rocker types came over to crash at her place (from The One with All the Guitar Playing) there was a lot of good food, gup shup and an evening out with our men and babies. The Brat and Bean are each other's best friends as the pic below will tell.

Next stop Jaipur.

Arhaan decides to pull a rocker act...The One Where The Brat and Bratlet (The Bean) Really Are The Bestest of Siblings...and Where The Brat Walks Alone.


  1. this post made an awesome read! And I love the picture of you guys at the wedding

  2. Awww awesome!!!Itni dino ki gupshup ki kasar nikal gayi!
    You guys look very nice at the wedding!

  3. Where was the humungous bag?
    'Travels with Arhaan' sounds like a best seller!
    You guys look very glam at the wedding!
    I want to meet Parul too.
    And it's been ages since I last met the Mad One and her family:(
    Hop across to Kolkata and we promise we'll be nice to you:)

  4. Wow what fun! Arhaan is a total rock star! He's a born traveler isn't he?

  5. @ everyone: thankee for all the prayers and goodwill
    Dipaliji: we can be equally nicer this side of the river, please please cruise by (this goes for the rest of you as well)

  6. This is the funniest thing I have read in ages. Balloon chahida indeed. Thank you.


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