Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezaar in Thirteen Months with Arhaan....and let the fun and games begin.

I might live to regret writing this (but will you "regret a life you never led"?!!) making for a first class meal of Eat Your Own Words, but I seriously think children like wine improve with age..not that I didnt enjoy Arhaan in the first year of his life but I am really loving this whole having a baby around spiel since he started crawling and cruising (it might help that I dont have anything interesting for him to destroy in this house). See on a bad day when I dont want to pick him up I can continue with what Im doing and just tell him that its up to him to pick up his pace and follow me as Quick as You Can Crawl. You can also play hide-and-seek when he is bored or you want a break from him (!!), which was a very cruel game to play when he was just a squealing bundle.

Right now he will only walk when we are holding him by his hand. He does hoist himself up while holding on to us and then stands "hands free" for a minute or two flinging himself down on the cushions or mattress cackling quite like a maniac at himself. We should "encourage" him to do more than thsi free fall routine , but its just that he really gets a "high" doing this (look Ma ! no hands, he seems to scream out). Basically this is his bungee jumping and I dont want him to think of it as work. So every evening while I read or Gman works at his laptop he entertains us with his "hands free stand alone" circus and we just applaud like crazy. I still go through other people's blogs and Bringing Up Vasu to check how he is doing with milestones but frankly we just dont want to spoil Arhaan's fun by getting too worked up about it.

His vocabulary has expanded to include Ffffaannnn (Fan) and calling my mobile, glasses and laptop "Bayy-bee" (which is seriously cute!!) and when his father asks him Where Is Mama? he points to my room and goes "There" (sadly my Whereabouts are mostly Thereabouts and not Hereabouts enough for him...or it could be that the father times his query to guilt trip me out of being at the laptop).

For a long time when we lived in Melbourne meal times would be accompanied by reading as you can see here.

Arhaan and me now take advantage of the good weather we are ecurrently experiencing in Dhaka and sit out in the balcony and picnic lunch times...its pretty fun and yes at times I do worry about not teaching him decent table manners. But come to think of it growing up my mother was pretty strict about us only eating at the table, elbows off and all... and here I am happiest eating dinner off a tray in front of the TV!!

And now the same mother wants me to feed him lunch while skyping with her in Rawalpindi. She trains the camera over her spring garden of pansies and roses feeling bad as she does about him Growing Up In an Apartment. Meal times for Arhaan come with a view lately!!!

I have also realized that I have been being too controlling of him Not Damaging Pretty Things...the other day Gman asked him
So Whose Balloons Are These?
and he forlornly pointed towards me!

Arey, I only asked him to play with them carefully every time.

But I think mommy dearest has been a bit controlling about how Arhaan plays...and I guess that is why its important that one has the Yin and Yang of two parenting styles. When I fretted about Arhaan damaging a pop-up book, Gman reminded me that in the end it is his tomorrow he might ask us who tore his book and we can tell him
Sadly it was You.
And I remembered a Little Girl a long long time ago who was so careful with her things , always colouring within the lines and not pressing too hard on the color pencils. Many many afternoons later when her coloring days were over her niece discovered her box of Pentel oil pastels and started colouring away with gay abandon. The Little Girl who was now a Big Aunty called out

Be careful, dont finish them all up at once

and if my niece's glare could tell me in words what she felt right then it would say
Funny they didnt get over in three decades counting....

Lesson learnt and reminded by Gman!! Let Arhaan enjoy his books and balloons and I should Live More and Fret Less and let him touch my books too.
Dear Fashion Police, yes I had always hoped that Arhaan would be a little girl and frankly I have no shame of dressing him up in some of the purchases from a time when I was thinking of all things roses and cherries.

We have also discovered that Arhaan has quite the independent mind and wants to do some things his way. I watched him getting all worked up when I read from a particular book and finally concluded he has some "developmental problems brought about by particular colors/texture. Only to discover when I left the room (and he thought I was not looking) that he was "reading" said book out to himself and touching the pages the way I did. Nautanki na ho.

Khair as Mira Sayal put it Life is Not All Hoohoo Haha, you do realize once kids start hitting the toddler years that there is some truth to the adage of getting up on the wrong side of the bed...Arhaan has turned into the little girl with the curl down her forehead, when he is good he is adorable, but when he wakes up bad he is a terrible little tyrant all day long.
and our black eyed peas sings I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night ...a good day indeed.

But we are surviving this and what is more important he is surviving me. My dark moods have gone since Ive adopted the routine of praying regularly and after every prayer giving five motee gaalis to Zaradri , Hafiz Saeed and their ilk. And for everything else there is a Jaadu Ki Jhappi from Arhaan.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jooth Bole Kauwa Kate

or you might come out of the closet...but more about that later.

Our story begins in an apartment in Dhaka where yours truly in an attempt to broaden Arhaan's mental horizons points out to the birds that come every morning to eat the bird food we scatter for them.
What are these big black birds? I ask of Arhaan.

Junglee kawwa (wild crows), pipes up the father helpfully.

As opposed to the more domesticated crow which has become a household pet, I note wryly. This wont do, it just wont do, if I were to kick the bucket untimely and it were left for the father to raise him ( channel Sunil Dutt in Dard Ka Rishta as he mournfully laments not knowing any lullabies and identifying the members of the animal kingdom in our case). So the good mother packs a bag for her and the baby and decides to accompany the husband on some work trips...all to educate him about the world outside the Box with Moving Pictures (she is not buying any of the dad's stories about How All this Was Outside My Bedroom Window in Guwahati every time she would stop at the rhino or elephant enclosure in the zoo).

So our first "file as attachment" road trip was to the small town of Saatkhira (claim to fame it borders the famous Sunderbands and the Indian border post ). We were put up in the Muzaffar Gardens, which can be best described as Government Rest House meets Mr Muzaffar's Vision of Hampton Court. "give me garden paths to walk through and water channels to look at. And sculptures. And a Zoo. And inspirational things to read" .
Arhaan wonders at the Attack of the Giant Stork

The result a menagerie and some very sad foxes and small animals in cages (I refused to look at them and hurriedly wheeled Arhaan's stroller to look at some goats and rabbits which had the run of the place).
But we did stop by to ponder the meaning of this in front of the zoo.

and this in front of the restaurant (what they lack in aesthetics they make up in a case of self humour eh?)

We had to stay indoors most of the day as it was the weekend and the Gardens open their gates to a paying public. Twenty five tourist buses, the boy who brought in Arhaan's kichdi to our room, declared. Into times fifty if you count the occupants. Screaming through the garden paths, posing with the giant sculptures, teasing the animals mercilessly. There is a small bazaar set up near the gates, selling all things plastic and popcorn. The plastic comes with squeaky horns and tinny music (Damn you China for coming up with the children's mobile phone that plays Nimbooda Nimbooda...Arhaan was gifted one. There is also the doll that borders on the Bride of Chucky) The visitors litter the water canals and encourage a generous use of loudspeakers and loud music. But this is their day out, and it is not that I have paid any taxes and can beg of the government to provide some other entertainment for them. But I feel bad for the Sunderband tiger, they say the tigers have grown mad drinking the salt water. I think its all the Pepsi, pop corn and plastic floating down the river and a steady diet of dhoom dhoom dhoom over the loudspeakers.

The trip to the border check post was a revelation ; as to understand why we need all the drama of changing of the guards, the moustache twirling and sloganeering at Wagah/Attari. For otherwise one will realize how much of a children's game of "tag, you are it" these crisscrossing lines come to. We looked at the silly little road over a man's land, the good soldier on this side of the border called it, we were allowed to walk across a bridge but only so far . Basically where the trees ended and his Indian counterpart was sitting and watching us (he is in the white building behind my shoulder).

No man's land he repeated to us, not India, not Bangladesh. Hmm, tau phir I declare it in the name of Pakistan no? Shades of Manto's Toba Tek Singh. I watched as a man wrapped up his bag and walked back home across the border. He works this side of the border during the day and then goes back home come sunset. Quite a pretty sight it was, him with his bag slung over the shoulder, a bamboo mat under his arm and the birds swirling over his head as they too returned to their nests.
Sadly there is also no truth-in-advertising, we did play dumb charades for a number of Shahrukh Khan  songs but no one called up All India Radio to play any of our requests.Damn you Aman Ki Asha.

The Sunderbands this side of the river were as pretty (and sadly as uneventful) as our river cruise through it when we were in West Bengal. Only this time we were in a fishing boat and stopped across at many of the small villages struck by Cyclone Ailia earlier. Arhaan behaved and made his own amusement so I could look around and "have my own thoughts". I am glad I had tagged along as I could see rural Bengal in all its beauty before shrimp farmers take over most of it with their aspirations towards modernity (and a lot marble and jaccuzzis). There were the little altars to the Forest Goddesses as our boat would turn a corner between the trees and pockets with such untamed beauty I just didnt want to jinx the day. Our next trip will hopefully be a "planned steamer trip" out of Khulna with relevant paperwork so we can venture further in the forest.
I am King of the World says Arhaan at the start of the cruise
and is sadly Sleeping Beauty by mid afternoon

The Ferry On Our Way Back

On our way back to civilization we took a detour to Bagherat, our driver breaks it down as Baag the Bengali tiger and Haat which is a shop. In the times of the British this was the "tiger bazaar" where they would auction tigers to the gora saheb and other contenders (sadly there was no Aircel so no one could blog, tweet or sms about this). There were no tigers today so we stopped to see the Sixty(and counting) Domed Mosque which was very pretty though they had cemented the inside pillars so to maintain as they say the original bricks. There were no guides available at the time and I was left wondering why the mosque faced another mosque (albeit one domed) 50 m across the road from it. Was there an argument when the one domed was built, and an angry member of the congregation stomped off in a fit of pique and decided to build a Bigger and Better one (phir tuadee chup kardee , dikha ditya na a true shut up call as the Punjabis would put it). I will never know.....

And this weekend Arhaan and me ventured out of Dhaka again and bummed around at a very interesting community farm- training venue structure run by Proshika. We both pottered around exploring tube wells and duck ponds and counting cabbages and papayas. I caught up on my reading in a pretty gazebo looking across some rice paddies while he crawled and followed ants and sadly stomped them with a pudgy figure (if the Soul chooses its Own Truth rather than inheriting how his parents speak to God, sadly we can rule out Jainism for Arhaan. It will also be difficult for him to be Buddhist after his Finger of Death road kill over the afternoon). I was sighing over the phone to my sister that it was ironic that I found true peace in a space our grandparents had run away from for a better life in the cities... here I was, crossing so many continents and time zones returning to a moment in time somewhat full circle. But it could be that we were doing Village Life Lite and the asal "picture" can be quite different from the trailor , no?

The training was sadly a bit stressful for Gman (which brings us to the "outing" comment earlier in the post) and one evening he returned to the room quite reeking of cigarette smoke.
Have you been smoking, asked the eagle eyed wife with the nose of a blood hound.
Nahee yara, beykaar may X moonh may phoonk raha tha ( translated as someone was blowing smoke down my throat for no reason at all)
I dont know what to worry for more..him sneaking a cigarette and lying so HORRIBLY to cover it up or perhaps quasi-coming out of the bi-sexual closet?!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

chain se hum ko kabhee, aap ne jeene naa diyaa

... has become the soundtrack to Arhaan's life this week. I realized his angst when I walked upon him and Saiguni shucking corn together (well she was doing most of it, he was just playing with the corn collecting in the bowl) and he turns his big eyes on me accusingly as if to say "so you have a problem with this as well? "

I really dont know but I guess he has been listening to a lot of No Arhaan No and watching me wag my finger in his face. I really dont know whether he is badly behaved, tis a fine line between "just being a kid" and "THAT kid" and I guess I am just paranoid about nipping bad behaviour in the bud and all. But there is so much of hair pulling, biting, and tantrums I could take. Gman and I thought maybe he was overwhelmed with all the attention courtesy the visiting grandmother, some noisy toys (whats with all the musical buses? why does knowledge have to be so noisy?) that have entered his life after the birthday party (though I have been Mean Mommy and appropriated most of the way when did Mehsud die and appoint my son his heir apparent? what is it with all the tanks and gunships people?) there also has been more evening TV than is usual as award season is upon us , a fact that was rudely brought to our notice when Arhaan on catching a glimpse of Katrina was barely able to swallow his drool. He latched himself to the TV screaming Kitkitkit (and this coming from a baby who is yet to say Baba and only cries Mamama when he is missing me). I am also debating whether co-sleeping has made him "over confident"? anyways his grandmother left yesterday and we also decided to "detoxify" his life though I hardly think its any solution as he is not going to lead his life in a bubble and there will be problematic toys courtesy friends and he will be meeting people who are louder than us...and we have to start setting some ground rules...but then I realized that all he was hearing from me were reprimands over one thing or the other so the HATE STARE incident was followed by him turning around one evening and just waving his finger and yelling baby babble at me in frustration (a major Ghalib
ya rab! woh na samjhe haiN na samjhengay miri baat
de aur dil unko, jo na de mujh ko zabaaN aur
translated as Dude! either have a change of heart or try to understand where Im going with this)

My sister has repeated her golden words of Learning To Choose My Battles which brings me to a major Poll This! moment as in whether I should discipline him when he pulls hair, bites me, tries to pull the plugs, play shuffle the DVDs, screams, refuses know the list. I did try the Super Nanny one minute on naughty stool (corresponding to him being one year old) when he insisted in sticking his fingers down the bathtub plug but other than it leading to a Photo Is Our Motto moment , I dont think he really gets it.

..Im trying Power Eyes now, chalo as Scarlett O'Hara says Tomorrow Is Another Day.

We had stopped going for our evening walks lately so we decided yesterday that rather than waiting for the driver to take us to the park to just strap Arhaan in his stroller and walk on the rooftop (in an attempt towards the evening air perhaps killing naughtiness germs) ...and it had been a while since Gman and me talked about anything other than What To Do With Arhaan? Gman has been travelling and he told me about this INCREDIBLE movie (his words) he watched recently.
Acha which one?
Wanted. It was sooo good, how come you never got it?
Thus proving that post-Arhaan watching anything uninterrupted seems like a stellar performance.
But I didnt want to be Mean Mommy all over again and one should encourage the man for carrying on a conversation on cinema.
OK so tell me what was the story?
Oh it was so funny.Umm so there are these guys and they become the underworld king and then Salman Khan keeps on beating people and beating people (A case of Reel life inspiring Real Life?) and then he becomes the underworld king and then.....struggles hard to remember, plane bund hogaya (literally translated as The Plane Closed). Sigh! when it comes to telling me a film's plot Gman is as articulate as a three year old.

I dont think I am going to get a DVD of Wanted in a hurry...Im waiting for a decent print of Ishqiya to come out(had crossed my fingers and toes that the moral police in post-MNIK times would let it release and not object to the very Pakistani Salman Shahid on screen and Rahat Fateh offscreen) I really wish Tabu had been in it...can you imagine they didnt have Tabu in Paa (havent watched it but would have if she was in it) as the film makers thought the audience might have a problem her playing Amitabh's mom after playing his love interest. Aisa bhee kiya?
So Im counting down the days till her Tau Baat Pakki comes out...and Karthik Calling Karthik , it seems like a fun plot and perhaps Deepika Cant Act Padukone will only be flashing her dimples and dancing along to an awesome soundtrack and not have much scope to ruin the story hmmm.

Im killing my Baby Blues in cinema. and what have you all been up to?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Woh Chaand Khila Woh Taare Hanse

As there has been significant 'public demand' for an update on the Partay please scroll down for some of the birthday pics.

By now I guess the whole world knows about my "blow hot blow cold" attitude towards the birthday extravaganza....but with a visiting mother-in-law reminding me of all the showsha I denied her when I insisted on a low key wedding and a 'defiantly happy' baby who has stuck through all my Dark Days, thoda adjust tau karna tha. Then MayG like the Fairy Godmother she is to Arhaan emailed the sweetest birthday invite and it seemed like a green signal from God.

Considering I dont do anything in half measures, there were a lot of Excel files, a lot of cake tasting (I can proudly say that I know all that is chocolate in Dhaka), and a caterer in the city has my pic on his dartboard after I came up with a put-me-down that even surprised me (Poll this: What A grade chicken? If a cook really knows his masalas well woh chappal sey bhee decent kabab banasakta hai).

How can you deny these puppy dog eyes a First Birthday Party? Mera number aayega na?

As my mantra of the year is to consume less and recycle more, I did not buy any vases for the party (even though the serviced apartment had none) , I used assorted baskets (this one is used to fish!!) with a mug of water inside to hold my center pieces (leaving me more money to buy my fav rajnigandha). I used earthen platters (that are usually put under flowerpots) to hold my floating candles.

We walked to the rooftop (where the party was held) to discover a full moon (totally unplanned) ...followed by fireworks as part of some celebrations in the neighbourhood !! This totally sets the bar HIGH for anything arhaan might plan for us in the future!!!

Considering most of the guests were people who didnt Love Arhaan From The Beginning and I just couldnt have that, I decided to bring them up to speed with his story. I decided to print a selection of pics from the past year...remember Nur Jehan exclaiming Hai Allah! Na na kardian wi solan ho gai nain (sixteen and counting even when I am being reticent) while listing her paramours , so even though I wanted a brief snapshot to the year so far I came up with 70!! In the end I decided to print them all, commissioned the clothesline and draped them with marigolds and some of the fairy lights used elsewhere. Im pretty sure I had seen this some place else, perhaps here

this sorry looking cat is Arhaan's fav Kit the Kat.

For a kid who was only given one new thing a month (and most of the times it was not a toy ...Ive even gifted him his bath tub, a feeding bowl and a hat) the sight of birthday presents (clearly some had a tough time understanding Your Presence is Present Enough) had him overwhelmed.

But alas he caught on quick the time his actual birthday came along (the tamasha was on a Friday, on sunday when his actual birthday rolled around I kept the guest list restricted to the visiting grandmother , the father and me) he had sadly learnt to grab to identify and grab the moneybag. It was funny though at the time. We did stick to the Think Green theme as my MIL wanted to plant a sapling for his birthday, dont you just love these New Age Grandmas?

The cake was so yummy we had to have a repeat on the actual birthday!!

And soon he was dozing off...perhaps dreaming of a repeat performance next year.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hum tum ek jungle se guzre. Aur sher aa jaaye

sher khaak aayega...the probability of you and me passing through any jungle and encountering a tiger are pretty slim. Sad, sad, sad...Arhaan and any future love interest will have zero chance to profess undying love and offer their own life to save the other from said tiger . Even if it was an empty promise.....

Please, please visit ...this is a cause to be taken up by ALL of us no matter where we live and not restricted to India alone. I have returned to Dhaka from a very sorry Sunderband excursion and we all know the horror stories about big cats in Pakistan. So what can one do?

Spread the Word
Let everyone know that our tigers are on the brink of extinction and that they need us. Now. You can start by joining the Save Our Tigers movement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and spreading the word wherever you go – online or offline.
A short message can go a long way to help save our tigers. Let all your friends know about the movement through SMS – just type in your message and ask them to visit to join the roar.
Write to Editors
Write a letter or an email to editors of popular newspapers and magazines, asking them to support the cause and highlight the urgency to save our tigers. The more people we can reach and inform, the louder our roar will be.
Organizations such as WWF and The Corbett Foundation work for tiger conservation and need our active support. If possible, you can chip in with funds, volunteer for work or donate clothes, etc. for the forest guards by tying up with such organizations.
Volunteer for Our Tigers
Your time is the most important contribution for our tigers. If you think you have the skills or the commitment to help the tigers on-site, do contact an NGO working for tiger conservation to volunteer for our tigers.
Preserve our Natural Resources
Loss of habitat is one of our tigers’ biggest problems. We can reduce pressure on forests by avoiding unnecessary use of forest-derived products, such as paper and timber.
Be a Responsible Tourist
Visit tiger sanctuaries and national parks and discover our country’s natural heritage. But please remember that the wilderness is to be experienced, not to be polluted by packets of chips, etc.

Rishi Kapoor ki patli kamar and Dimple's mini skirt seem like one for the history books, please please do not relegate the tigers to a sepia page in albums as well .

Saturday, February 06, 2010

aaj ki raat.....

stardust awards...
a significant reason behind my mona lisa smile on moving to south asia was to finally watch all the award shows LIVE and at a decent more searching for clips on youtube or waiting for secondhand DVD darshan. but alas, my happiness has been shortlived. yeh kiya "**@@@ dikhatey hain. Im tired of watching Bollywood Xfiles, yahan hero heroine ney thumka lagaya hi naheen and the camera zooms to ^^six degrees of separation^^ . Bus na. Im bored looking at Kareena scowl, Vivek smirking , and Ash growing another plastic layer.

And thumka is stretching it a bit...its actually an exhibition of how much muscle power the male dancer has, see the dancer swing Katrina over his head, Katrina up, Katrina down, Katrina raise your hands in the air. Then Kareena in harem pants, Kareena smile, Kareena frown and dance to Mauja Mauja Its Rockin for the hundredth time. .. see i was reared on a diet of sri devi tying her dupatta kas key around her waist and breaking into a tandav, ab yeh vegetarian lip synching to a medley of your hits cant be digested. Now Sridevi sits botoxed, Madhuri is saat samunder paar and Rekhaji is all Kanjeevaram making Killer Eyes at the Bachchans (or so the camera has us believe when the Big B is on stage) . I want some drama shrama tonight OK.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jag Main Rah Jayenge Pyarey Terey Bol...

Even though the following is part of a contest entry (thankyou thankyou Parul for forwarding me the tag!!) I do not think its a break in continuity from my earlier "write some honest stuff about yourself" post (shameless attempt to justify not writing part 2 just yet). As loyal readers of this blog might have discovered over the past year , EVERYTHING I have learnt in life is courtesy Bollywood, for the uninitiated I recycle a confession made earlier:

>>The only reason I finished the Phd was to prove to mom and disapproving relatives that a lifetime >>of watching Bollywood and TV does AMOUNT to something (Ive sneaked that somewhere in the acknowledgments ) proudest moment: when an aunt finally sidled up and asked me "how did I do it" know "the academic achievements" so which I smugly said Oh EVERYTHING I have learnt in life was courtesy Bollywood, only topped by said aunt lining up her grand children in front of the tele "now go memorize John Abraham's filmography".* I am the one who googles for every little bit of film trivia...when Goldie Behl inferred that Karisma and Kareena were his cousins at the Drona premiere...that was me googling for the precise connection. I also have a "standing" agreement with my sister that we can wake each other up at ANY time of the night for the niggling questions of (film related) life (Neeley Neeley Amber Par is the soundtrack to ?, who went "Pallo" in a movie and ruined three years of a good crush, which one was Anita Raj and which one Amrita Singh) know the drill...what is remarkable about the "pact" is that it has survived the "great sister wars" as well...yup three weeks of ignoring each other and you can call up at 2am and get an answer to the Baazigar catchphrase.* When someone asks me whether I want a boy or a girl...or whether I want my 'prospective children' to think of themselves as South Asians first or Aussies, all I have to say is "I wish they are healthy and really LOVE Bollywood...and yes good-mannered". They can streak their hair blonde, tattoo themselves silly and support the Aus cricket team but I will be heart broken if they shrug their shoulders and say "we really dont know what the big deal about SRK is"..

Now coming to the Great Bong 10 Dialogue Kitab Win (or Dus Bahane Kar Ke Leygaye Dil Sorry Book) contest...

The rules as stipulated by Mr Ray.

1. On your blog, provide a link to this page. ( Embedding the above picture in your blog would be nice but not needed.

2. Then write down your top 10 Hindi movie lines or top 10 English movie lines (You can do both if you want. Only one set is required for the contest). If you cannot think of top 10, make it top 5. Cannot think of even 5? Make it top 3. No problem. Only restriction: no two lines from same movie. This done to make it fair for other movies so that they dont get swamped by Gunda or Loha or Sholay.

3. Tag five friends to do the same.

4. Come over to the comment-space of this post and post your blog’s link so I can go and read it.

Remember: Before starting the tag, paste points 1 and 4 on your blog so that the rules are available to anyone who wishes to pick the tag up from your blog.

To list my top ten Hindi dialogues which will stay with us long after we are gone (read post title again!!)

1) Long before I read up on Foucault's "nurture/nature" question I had been introduced to the debate courtesy Awaara (1951): "sharifo ki aulad hamesha sharif hotee hai aur chor daakuo ki aulad hamesha chor daaku"". Or is it?

2) On not succumbing to the "disease to please" courtesy Har Dil Jo Piyar Kareyga (2000): "Zindagee may jitna bhee karo saala kum parh ji jaata hai"

3) The hypocricy of moral policing, on shifting the gaze courtesy Rocky (1981) "Gandagee na naach may hain, na naachney waley may. Gandagee naach dekhney waaley may hai". Nazar ka purdah, eh

4) On letting a good thing be courtesy Dil Chahta Hai (2001) Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna bahut mushkil hai

5) On the perils of being overheard, for life can turn out quite messy on an airport runway one night. Would Shakti (1982) have ended differently if Vijay had not overheard Ashwini "Maar dalo usse, kar dalo uska khun' " Kumar over the phone with K.D. Narang?

6) On Friendship, through thick and thin "Dosti ki hai nibhanee tau hogee" Maine Piyar Kiya (1989)

7) On finding my USP "Mein woh bala hu jo shishe se pathar todta hoon" Souten (1983)

8) And once I have found my USP, to protect it at all costs, Pakeezah (1972) Aapke paon dekhe, bahut haseen hai. Inhe zameen par mat utariyega, maile ho jayenge

9) On taking the road less taken , Baazigar (1993) Kabhi kabhi jeetney ke liye, kuch harna bhi parta hain. Aur haarkar jeetney wale ko,baazigar kehte hain

10) And for all the izhar bhee mushqil please read between the lines moments we had Qayamat Sey Qayamat Tak (1988) "Dettol wali koee chot nahee"

The Great Bong has restricted entries to 10 Hindi and/or English dialogues so I cannot enter one of my fav dialogue from the Pakistani movie Madam Bavary. Chalo kabhi kabhar film festival may 'not in running for contest' entry bhee hotee hai.
*****For honour among thieves "Hum Kanjar Hain Beyghairat Nahee" Madam Bavary (1988)***

I tag

1) Kiran
2) Xeb
3)Maid In Malaysia
5)Parul (Im sure she is working on her entry as I write)