Saturday, February 06, 2010

aaj ki raat.....

stardust awards...
a significant reason behind my mona lisa smile on moving to south asia was to finally watch all the award shows LIVE and at a decent more searching for clips on youtube or waiting for secondhand DVD darshan. but alas, my happiness has been shortlived. yeh kiya "**@@@ dikhatey hain. Im tired of watching Bollywood Xfiles, yahan hero heroine ney thumka lagaya hi naheen and the camera zooms to ^^six degrees of separation^^ . Bus na. Im bored looking at Kareena scowl, Vivek smirking , and Ash growing another plastic layer.

And thumka is stretching it a bit...its actually an exhibition of how much muscle power the male dancer has, see the dancer swing Katrina over his head, Katrina up, Katrina down, Katrina raise your hands in the air. Then Kareena in harem pants, Kareena smile, Kareena frown and dance to Mauja Mauja Its Rockin for the hundredth time. .. see i was reared on a diet of sri devi tying her dupatta kas key around her waist and breaking into a tandav, ab yeh vegetarian lip synching to a medley of your hits cant be digested. Now Sridevi sits botoxed, Madhuri is saat samunder paar and Rekhaji is all Kanjeevaram making Killer Eyes at the Bachchans (or so the camera has us believe when the Big B is on stage) . I want some drama shrama tonight OK.


  1. LOL! Hope you had fun watching it Aneela. :)

  2. Aneela you are my one true friend. Manila is still muddled up. Have the confirmation viva via telephone on WED, Mohit is in Bhutan and I wonder mein kyun apni "normal" zindagi ko itna complicated kar deti hoon. Its like deja vu in a bad way. I was doing exactly this "settling in" at this time last year. Hopefully this shall pass. I wouldn't say it to any one but you--inspite of having continued strong loyalties to Mumbai I miss Delhi terribly. There is no place quite like "apna mulk".. I think I have missed Aarhan's b'day hopefully he will be generous and forgive him. But god's choicest blessings with lots of hugs to him.Will write in detail soon. Miss you

  3. passionate goof: nahee they lost me when they chose vivek to host.
    R: tauba tauba behen thackerays ney parh liya that Delhi is apna mulk?!!! marathi manoos and all.

  4. aaj ki raat....TERE NAM!

  5. LOL!! Aneela,this one had me in stitches! how was the show really???
    And please do that burday post,woman!!
    @Radhika- are you and the boys?


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