Monday, February 15, 2010

chain se hum ko kabhee, aap ne jeene naa diyaa

... has become the soundtrack to Arhaan's life this week. I realized his angst when I walked upon him and Saiguni shucking corn together (well she was doing most of it, he was just playing with the corn collecting in the bowl) and he turns his big eyes on me accusingly as if to say "so you have a problem with this as well? "

I really dont know but I guess he has been listening to a lot of No Arhaan No and watching me wag my finger in his face. I really dont know whether he is badly behaved, tis a fine line between "just being a kid" and "THAT kid" and I guess I am just paranoid about nipping bad behaviour in the bud and all. But there is so much of hair pulling, biting, and tantrums I could take. Gman and I thought maybe he was overwhelmed with all the attention courtesy the visiting grandmother, some noisy toys (whats with all the musical buses? why does knowledge have to be so noisy?) that have entered his life after the birthday party (though I have been Mean Mommy and appropriated most of the way when did Mehsud die and appoint my son his heir apparent? what is it with all the tanks and gunships people?) there also has been more evening TV than is usual as award season is upon us , a fact that was rudely brought to our notice when Arhaan on catching a glimpse of Katrina was barely able to swallow his drool. He latched himself to the TV screaming Kitkitkit (and this coming from a baby who is yet to say Baba and only cries Mamama when he is missing me). I am also debating whether co-sleeping has made him "over confident"? anyways his grandmother left yesterday and we also decided to "detoxify" his life though I hardly think its any solution as he is not going to lead his life in a bubble and there will be problematic toys courtesy friends and he will be meeting people who are louder than us...and we have to start setting some ground rules...but then I realized that all he was hearing from me were reprimands over one thing or the other so the HATE STARE incident was followed by him turning around one evening and just waving his finger and yelling baby babble at me in frustration (a major Ghalib
ya rab! woh na samjhe haiN na samjhengay miri baat
de aur dil unko, jo na de mujh ko zabaaN aur
translated as Dude! either have a change of heart or try to understand where Im going with this)

My sister has repeated her golden words of Learning To Choose My Battles which brings me to a major Poll This! moment as in whether I should discipline him when he pulls hair, bites me, tries to pull the plugs, play shuffle the DVDs, screams, refuses know the list. I did try the Super Nanny one minute on naughty stool (corresponding to him being one year old) when he insisted in sticking his fingers down the bathtub plug but other than it leading to a Photo Is Our Motto moment , I dont think he really gets it.

..Im trying Power Eyes now, chalo as Scarlett O'Hara says Tomorrow Is Another Day.

We had stopped going for our evening walks lately so we decided yesterday that rather than waiting for the driver to take us to the park to just strap Arhaan in his stroller and walk on the rooftop (in an attempt towards the evening air perhaps killing naughtiness germs) ...and it had been a while since Gman and me talked about anything other than What To Do With Arhaan? Gman has been travelling and he told me about this INCREDIBLE movie (his words) he watched recently.
Acha which one?
Wanted. It was sooo good, how come you never got it?
Thus proving that post-Arhaan watching anything uninterrupted seems like a stellar performance.
But I didnt want to be Mean Mommy all over again and one should encourage the man for carrying on a conversation on cinema.
OK so tell me what was the story?
Oh it was so funny.Umm so there are these guys and they become the underworld king and then Salman Khan keeps on beating people and beating people (A case of Reel life inspiring Real Life?) and then he becomes the underworld king and then.....struggles hard to remember, plane bund hogaya (literally translated as The Plane Closed). Sigh! when it comes to telling me a film's plot Gman is as articulate as a three year old.

I dont think I am going to get a DVD of Wanted in a hurry...Im waiting for a decent print of Ishqiya to come out(had crossed my fingers and toes that the moral police in post-MNIK times would let it release and not object to the very Pakistani Salman Shahid on screen and Rahat Fateh offscreen) I really wish Tabu had been in it...can you imagine they didnt have Tabu in Paa (havent watched it but would have if she was in it) as the film makers thought the audience might have a problem her playing Amitabh's mom after playing his love interest. Aisa bhee kiya?
So Im counting down the days till her Tau Baat Pakki comes out...and Karthik Calling Karthik , it seems like a fun plot and perhaps Deepika Cant Act Padukone will only be flashing her dimples and dancing along to an awesome soundtrack and not have much scope to ruin the story hmmm.

Im killing my Baby Blues in cinema. and what have you all been up to?


  1. I have always been deeply suspicious of the loyalties of friends who gifted Ayaan the noisy toys...

  2. :D I have a 7 month old, and he has suddenly developed a fascination for all sorts of stringy things, whether a "salwar ka nara" or electrical wire...anything long ,thin and dangling within crawling range will do. He lunges forward at it, only to hear loud "NO BABY NO!!! DONT YOU" and then turns around , grins innocently at mamma and carries on till such time as said mamma can physically separate him from the dangling temptations. And the hair pulling !! Oh, how well I understand the look on your son's face in the photo!

  3. Killing my Baby Blues in FOOD. Which is much, much worse trust me. Maybe I'll go watch Wanted.

  4. OMG!!!!! He looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute sitting on that little stool time out awwwwwwwww, meeean mommy punishing such an angel ;))

  5. Dude, how you can bear to put said child in timeout.

    Your sister is a genuis, listen to her. Chose your battles. This will apply moreso when he is older and decides wearing his Superman PJs and his bunny slippers is the right outfit to the playgroup with the kids looking like mini Jcrew dudes.

    The other thing, I would say is instead of saying NO, make it positice. Instead of saying DONT RUN! or NO RUNNING, whisper in nice voice, Arhaan beta walk please.

    Instead of screaming EAT SOME ROTI. You say, you want roti or rice darling...
    Always give options. Dont give open ended questions. Like for eg, if you want him to eat breakfast, ask him, Waffles or Toast. Somehow, by letting them chose,they will feel more powerful and in control and will do the activity instead of throwin a tantrum.

    You can send me an email thanking me later.

  6. Awwwwwwwwww..he is soooo sweet...look at his Gussa!! can you punish him!!how??:D
    And i am so with Sraikh..about giving them the option bit!!They totally dig it!!

  7. i LOVE his pout. How DID you resist that?!


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