Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezaar in Thirteen Months with Arhaan....and let the fun and games begin.

I might live to regret writing this (but will you "regret a life you never led"?!!) making for a first class meal of Eat Your Own Words, but I seriously think children like wine improve with age..not that I didnt enjoy Arhaan in the first year of his life but I am really loving this whole having a baby around spiel since he started crawling and cruising (it might help that I dont have anything interesting for him to destroy in this house). See on a bad day when I dont want to pick him up I can continue with what Im doing and just tell him that its up to him to pick up his pace and follow me as Quick as You Can Crawl. You can also play hide-and-seek when he is bored or you want a break from him (!!), which was a very cruel game to play when he was just a squealing bundle.

Right now he will only walk when we are holding him by his hand. He does hoist himself up while holding on to us and then stands "hands free" for a minute or two flinging himself down on the cushions or mattress cackling quite like a maniac at himself. We should "encourage" him to do more than thsi free fall routine , but its just that he really gets a "high" doing this (look Ma ! no hands, he seems to scream out). Basically this is his bungee jumping and I dont want him to think of it as work. So every evening while I read or Gman works at his laptop he entertains us with his "hands free stand alone" circus and we just applaud like crazy. I still go through other people's blogs and Bringing Up Vasu to check how he is doing with milestones but frankly we just dont want to spoil Arhaan's fun by getting too worked up about it.

His vocabulary has expanded to include Ffffaannnn (Fan) and calling my mobile, glasses and laptop "Bayy-bee" (which is seriously cute!!) and when his father asks him Where Is Mama? he points to my room and goes "There" (sadly my Whereabouts are mostly Thereabouts and not Hereabouts enough for him...or it could be that the father times his query to guilt trip me out of being at the laptop).

For a long time when we lived in Melbourne meal times would be accompanied by reading as you can see here.

Arhaan and me now take advantage of the good weather we are ecurrently experiencing in Dhaka and sit out in the balcony and picnic lunch times...its pretty fun and yes at times I do worry about not teaching him decent table manners. But come to think of it growing up my mother was pretty strict about us only eating at the table, elbows off and all... and here I am happiest eating dinner off a tray in front of the TV!!

And now the same mother wants me to feed him lunch while skyping with her in Rawalpindi. She trains the camera over her spring garden of pansies and roses feeling bad as she does about him Growing Up In an Apartment. Meal times for Arhaan come with a view lately!!!

I have also realized that I have been being too controlling of him Not Damaging Pretty Things...the other day Gman asked him
So Whose Balloons Are These?
and he forlornly pointed towards me!

Arey, I only asked him to play with them carefully every time.

But I think mommy dearest has been a bit controlling about how Arhaan plays...and I guess that is why its important that one has the Yin and Yang of two parenting styles. When I fretted about Arhaan damaging a pop-up book, Gman reminded me that in the end it is his tomorrow he might ask us who tore his book and we can tell him
Sadly it was You.
And I remembered a Little Girl a long long time ago who was so careful with her things , always colouring within the lines and not pressing too hard on the color pencils. Many many afternoons later when her coloring days were over her niece discovered her box of Pentel oil pastels and started colouring away with gay abandon. The Little Girl who was now a Big Aunty called out

Be careful, dont finish them all up at once

and if my niece's glare could tell me in words what she felt right then it would say
Funny they didnt get over in three decades counting....

Lesson learnt and reminded by Gman!! Let Arhaan enjoy his books and balloons and I should Live More and Fret Less and let him touch my books too.
Dear Fashion Police, yes I had always hoped that Arhaan would be a little girl and frankly I have no shame of dressing him up in some of the purchases from a time when I was thinking of all things roses and cherries.

We have also discovered that Arhaan has quite the independent mind and wants to do some things his way. I watched him getting all worked up when I read from a particular book and finally concluded he has some "developmental problems brought about by particular colors/texture. Only to discover when I left the room (and he thought I was not looking) that he was "reading" said book out to himself and touching the pages the way I did. Nautanki na ho.

Khair as Mira Sayal put it Life is Not All Hoohoo Haha, you do realize once kids start hitting the toddler years that there is some truth to the adage of getting up on the wrong side of the bed...Arhaan has turned into the little girl with the curl down her forehead, when he is good he is adorable, but when he wakes up bad he is a terrible little tyrant all day long.
and our black eyed peas sings I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night ...a good day indeed.

But we are surviving this and what is more important he is surviving me. My dark moods have gone since Ive adopted the routine of praying regularly and after every prayer giving five motee gaalis to Zaradri , Hafiz Saeed and their ilk. And for everything else there is a Jaadu Ki Jhappi from Arhaan.


  1. It's been a while since I've told you this, but that little boy of yours is scrumptious! And this phase is adorably cute, in fact, you'll want to freeze-frame it forever when the Terrible Two's and Tyrannical Three's (oh yes, they do exist!) come! Just a heads-up my friend! Hugs :-)

  2. Such a gorgeous child! Enjoy him:)

  3. We are great fans of hide-n-seek in these parts too. Glad you've decided not to get worked up about the milestones. Now if only you could pass on some good sense (sorely lacking) here. Have been freaking out about the not walking by first birthday for some weird reason even tho the good doc assures me and I KNOW its perfectly ok. Doesn't help that I'm surrounded by smug mums with progeny who started skydiving as soon as they wuz born, hmph. *Buzzes off muttering to herself, all in good time, all in good time*

  4. *Does the hands around the wee child's head and cracks knuckles against my forehead*

  5. Ufff I have read this post 3 times..and havent been able to know why?
    Coz,everytime I scroll down,Aadi scolds me..Mumma,I am looking at my friend Arhaan..he is reading..dont move!!
    OMG!!he is adorable!! Its so much fun to play catch na..LOL!! and they develop a mind of their own evenbefore we can blink..only they show us,who isthe real boss..once ina while.


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