Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Woh Chaand Khila Woh Taare Hanse

As there has been significant 'public demand' for an update on the Partay please scroll down for some of the birthday pics.

By now I guess the whole world knows about my "blow hot blow cold" attitude towards the birthday extravaganza....but with a visiting mother-in-law reminding me of all the showsha I denied her when I insisted on a low key wedding and a 'defiantly happy' baby who has stuck through all my Dark Days, thoda adjust tau karna tha. Then MayG like the Fairy Godmother she is to Arhaan emailed the sweetest birthday invite and it seemed like a green signal from God.

Considering I dont do anything in half measures, there were a lot of Excel files, a lot of cake tasting (I can proudly say that I know all that is chocolate in Dhaka), and a caterer in the city has my pic on his dartboard after I came up with a put-me-down that even surprised me (Poll this: What A grade chicken? If a cook really knows his masalas well woh chappal sey bhee decent kabab banasakta hai).

How can you deny these puppy dog eyes a First Birthday Party? Mera number aayega na?

As my mantra of the year is to consume less and recycle more, I did not buy any vases for the party (even though the serviced apartment had none) , I used assorted baskets (this one is used to fish!!) with a mug of water inside to hold my center pieces (leaving me more money to buy my fav rajnigandha). I used earthen platters (that are usually put under flowerpots) to hold my floating candles.

We walked to the rooftop (where the party was held) to discover a full moon (totally unplanned) ...followed by fireworks as part of some celebrations in the neighbourhood !! This totally sets the bar HIGH for anything arhaan might plan for us in the future!!!

Considering most of the guests were people who didnt Love Arhaan From The Beginning and I just couldnt have that, I decided to bring them up to speed with his story. I decided to print a selection of pics from the past year...remember Nur Jehan exclaiming Hai Allah! Na na kardian wi solan ho gai nain (sixteen and counting even when I am being reticent) while listing her paramours , so even though I wanted a brief snapshot to the year so far I came up with 70!! In the end I decided to print them all, commissioned the clothesline and draped them with marigolds and some of the fairy lights used elsewhere. Im pretty sure I had seen this some place else, perhaps here

this sorry looking cat is Arhaan's fav Kit the Kat.

For a kid who was only given one new thing a month (and most of the times it was not a toy ...Ive even gifted him his bath tub, a feeding bowl and a hat) the sight of birthday presents (clearly some had a tough time understanding Your Presence is Present Enough) had him overwhelmed.

But alas he caught on quick ..by the time his actual birthday came along (the tamasha was on a Friday, on sunday when his actual birthday rolled around I kept the guest list restricted to the visiting grandmother , the father and me) he had sadly learnt to grab to identify and grab the moneybag. It was funny though at the time. We did stick to the Think Green theme as my MIL wanted to plant a sapling for his birthday, dont you just love these New Age Grandmas?

The cake was so yummy we had to have a repeat on the actual birthday!!

And soon he was dozing off...perhaps dreaming of a repeat performance next year.


  1. Oh! i so wish i could attend. Looks like you had GRAND celebrations. How did you have enough guests???? And may I just say, as my present, God Bless the absolutely adorable birthday boy. I so admire the way you are in a different place, and have settled in so so well.

    PS - May the sapling grow to be a healthy and strong tree.

  2. Aneela-Thank You!!And the boy looks as edible as ever!it sounds like a fab party..I had dreams of being there and telling him.."ohh baby..jab humne tumhe dekha tha toh tum kitne chote the.."hehehe..big kaala tika and kisses n cuddles to the little prince..And Kit the Kat,Seriously?

  3. Adorable little boy!

    Lurrrved the idea of the pics - will steal it for my baby's first birthday when I have her(I insist it be a girl!!!) The cake looks drool-worthy!

  4. A very happy birthday Arhaan! Super impressive Aneela...Can i eat ur little boy? Parul tells me, he is the sweetest little thing ever ;)

  5. What a lovely celebration. Well done, Aneela! And happy birthday once again, Arhaan, may the next one be even grander, even more special.

  6. Hey I thought I had missed his B'day when I last wrote to you. Now I have really missed it. God bless, Aarhan and lost of hugs and sloppy kisses. Aneela, party looks wonderful! why aren't you on skype. chatted with Sups and Abhir the other day.

  7. Nice blog ! LOVE reading it, its very interesting !
    I write for a fashion blog. You should follow me too-enrapturenow.blogspot.com
    adorable pictures , too!

  8. Awww.. bootiful! And Arhaan, hum kya bolen...usko "muddufy" karne ka man karta hai("muddufy" is konkani speak for "loving you like crazy"). I'm so glad The Captain had such a rollicking party. He's such a trooper, I'm in awe reading about his many voyages( to kya hua ki woh air se travel karta hai? "Voyage" sounds much more romantic and swashbuckling no?)

    And when I have a piddly garden to myself I'm gonna grow tuberoses till they reach the sky!!!

  9. I love your pictures idea. Very cool. ANd the cake..yum...

    Can I tell you, my 10.5 yr old is already planning her birthday, its going to be in May.. Sigh

  10. PG: thankyou for the prayers. And re: the guests well arhaan has quite the impressive Little Black Book
    Trish: Yes Kit the Cat continues to be a fav. You can channel the aunty avtar when you meet.
    d: sigh...I was pretty sure my body would eat up all the Y chromosomes as well, it was not to be. You can borrow all these ideas for the birthday and more...
    PHomes: Bows down her head...We are Not Worthy.
    Parul: We are retiring our party boots after this one. He can come up with his own entertainment in future!!
    Radhika: Just remember him in your prayers.
    Naina: will do
    Deepa: Glad to know that Arhaan is being prayed for in more than one language
    Sraikh: Ah Im sure you will deliver

  11. HE IS NOT ONE- wasnt he born like 5 minutes ago????????? ok im in true shock now :) i love th cake and i esp love the pic of you laughing. only moms laugh like that you know ;) rooftop parties rock :D why wasnt i invited?


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