Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mummy Ko Nahee Hai Pata

mummy sey na kehna....

I should be taking a nap right now, but there are times when a toddler just has to get into the driver's seat (which I actually did yesterday evening, my mom was tut tutting from the back seat but I got to explore the car, press the horn and the button that sprays water and went vroom vroom with the steering wheel, its really fun and I thoroughly recommend it). Ok getting back to why Im writing this month, well some things cannot be left to the Mater. You might have noted, kind reader, that there has been no fourteen month letter to me and Month 15 fast approaches. And there is another reason, my parents have been very lax with my learning the Queen's English and it has led to some embarrassing situations for yours truly. The only English I get to hear is when they sing nursery rhymes to me and the very emphatic NO Arhaan NO. So the other day I had accompanied the Mater as she caught up with a friend over coffee. The Mater and Uncle Ifti were prattling about paying NO attention to me. Oh and I so wanted to be part of the conversation but how could her friend understand me...and at fourteen and a half months I learnt the bitter lesson "Language Is Power" (note kiya jayee, you heard it here first). So I burst out into the Where Is Thumb song (along with fingers being waggled in the air). They found it very funny and I have been ribbed endlessly about it. Hence, this exercise in Written English.

So what has been happening in the past month, well I adopted the many hats of Babu, Kleine Mann, Nino and Bambino. And I think I did very well. I now have a European fan club, more power to me I say. I wish I had stayed back, I returned to Dhaka to encounter Operation Weaning, and a detox from TV and computer, bye bye Youtube, sob, sob. There are also major power cuts and I had what was probably a horrible horrible viral infection (the jury is still out on that) for at one stage they thought it was something else and I was given antibiotic shots.

The No More TV and Computer Zone started one evening when my father was supposed to be minding me, my mom entered the room to see my dad snoring away and my having switched on the TV and enjoying Desi Girl. One look at my mom turning red in her face and I had to wake up my dad "Wake up, Boy's Night Out Is Sadly Over". I wish my TV watching could have ended after my dilemma very much like the Royal Challenger saga was over (like the team I cannot decide whether I like Katrina Aunty better or Deepika Aunty...Katrina Aunty has seen me through so many meal times but sigh I really like Deepika in the Karthik Calling Karthik song, what to do, what to do) well the plug has been pulled on that project and the world will never know, sigh. The Pater did tell me that he wishes I had waited till the IPL season was over before I pulled my recent stunt.

At home there have been times when I get bored chasing the ball and break into a jig. My mother remarked A boy who does not want to field and would rather dance...mera beta zaroor cricketer baney ga. (My child has a bright future as a cricketer).

This evening I accompanied my parents to what they thought was yoga in the park mom discovered as she did her third stretch that it was Art of Living, she could not remember whether she approved of this group and their philosophies or not, but as she was out of the house and I was behaving she decided not to look a gift horse (or guru) in the mouth and continued stretching. I went to sleep in my pram and woke up to see two aunties smiling at me, I enjoyed being entertained by them until I saw my parents and remembered that yes actually I came in with another set of grown ups..well all part of spreading the love.

There is more happening with me but all in good time. A big hug to all big and small. I do want to keep on writing for you, it all depends on when I can dodge my mom and get some uninterrupted access to the computer. What with her breathing down my neck and no power it is getting really tough, but I will not give up hope.
I will give it my best shot for I did learn before they pulled the plug on the tele Vaadey Aksar Toot Jatey Hain, Koshsishey Kamyab Hojatee Hai (There is many a promise that gets broken, but our best efforts prevail).


  1. Hi cutie pie. You nap in your pram? How awesome is that? Could you maybe have a chat with Baby T about this, coz she seems to believe that Mama's shoulder is the only viable place for naps...

  2. That picture is just too cute for words. He's grown up so much since Bombay :(

  3. What a beautiful little boy!! (nagar naa lag jayee!!)

    You certainly have been busy! And do let us know the result of the debate between Katrina and Deepika...the jury here in Kolkata is still out on that!

  4. Awww!!! Somebody's looking all grown up!
    LOl@ the Where is thumb song and the realisation that Language is power! :)

    TV and Comp detox sounds tough :)

  5. Your blog is great. I'll definitely be checking back.

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  6. So good to hear from you, little guy!
    You are looking even more gorgeous in that picture. Now, how do we get you across the border into West Bengal and Kolkata?

  7. Ooh you li'l smartie pie you! You sing nursery rhymes! Why don't you have a word with Nikki here eh? All SHE sings is that blasted song from Singh is King and that too with all the chest thumping. Drop her a line won't you? And while you're at it, do give your ma the dodge more often so we can hear from you!


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